My Workcover nightmare – Story


Although the following workcover story was submitted anonymously as a “Guest Post“, we have tagged it under “Your Stories” as it involves a desperate injured worker sharing his/her– all too common– workcover nightmare and who is seeking help.

My Workcover nightmare – Injured worker’s story

 By an anonymous injured worker “HAD ENOUGH”| Submitted on 28 Oct 2014

I have been on this hell of a ride called workcover for over a year now and just wanted to vent about a certain insurer and the way they operate.

I have a back injury caused at work (employer negligence). Even though I have “IME” reports by 5 separate examiners (which the insurer sent me to) stating in the reports that— yes— my injury is in fact genuine, they sent me to a fourth IME, in which this IME, who saw me for all of 5 minutes (if that), states in his/her report that “there is nothing wrong with me and that I am fit for work” ? So my (work) hours go up for the 3rd time and, again, I fail to cope!

case-manager2My case manager goes out of his/her way to call my treating doctor and abuses them, telling them they are not to sign any more Certificates of Capacity. My treating GP is actually one of their own hired guns I have been seeing for the last 12 months or so, and s/he actually told my case manager that s/he doesn’t want to deal with me anymore… So I went to see another GP (which accepted to treat me after I told him/her all the cr*p I am going through), and now my workcover insurer case manager is telling me I am non-compliant because I changed GP’s!

Not only am I sore as hell day in, day out… but the lack of “pretend duties” which my employer tells everyone that I am doing (watching ants walk up the wall every day), coupled with my severe clinical depression (I am seeing a psychiatrist and on medication), as well as the constant abuse and attitude from my trainee case manager (yes, trainee) it has driven me to the grave!

I am getting a weekly payment from my workcover insurer which is only 35% of my PIAWE;  my family is in dept up to the eyeballs because of this damn injury, sometimes I think I am better off dead!

I would rather pick up a blunt object, walk into the workcover  insurer’s office and maim as many of them as I can and go to jail, I believe I will be treated a lot better in there than I currently am.

I welcome any comments as I am seriously confused and don’t see any way out of this hell.


Anonymous Injured Worker ‘HAD ENOUGH’

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11 Responses to “My Workcover nightmare – Story”

  1. @Terry, we are actively setting up a support network to assist injured workers. Info can be collated by them and by us. If we are going to raise some class action or group movement we need people to be aware of the issues and support the collation of material. It can be done anonymously or not at all. People have the choice to sit around and whinge or to get together and do something about a VERY broken system.

    • @Marina aka Daz, why do you keep saying “we” and “us” as if there is a group of you when there is only YOU????
      If your trying to convince people that there is a group of you behind the thing, its not working. We know its you and you alone. There is only you behind your crusade, no one else. Just say so.

  2. @Daz (Marina), sorry but I think you’re out of order asking people to ‘bcc’ you in on their correspondence with workcover.

  3. I’ve felt like taking a Baseball bat to some of these case managers and IME’s I’ve had in the past, as someone with a permanent injury we do feel like and being treated like a criminal. We are limited to what we can do and where we can go most of the time and when we do go outside we could be followed and filmed by one of the insurers preferred surveillance Cretan’s.

    How long does the insurer have to reimburse travel in Victoria? I thought it was 28 days.

    • @Jo, Reimbursements should only take approx 7-10 working days. If any longer put it in writing as in an email with a priority and “read receipt” and tell them to confirm reimbursement into ur account within that time frame or failure to recive that payment by that date will be “deemed a refusal” and on the 10th day file for Conciliation AND make a formal complaint in writing to the VWA and make them give you a complaint no. You must do this and not let them talk u out of it bc they get remunerated and rewarded if their stats are low. MAKE LOTS OF COMPLAINTS and make each of them separate and in writing asking for a complaint no, investigation and written response. Anyone is welcome to “bcc” a copy of their complaint and we will start collating data on what is really happening, or more particularly NOT happening at the VWA and their cronies.
      On a lighter note, it might comfort you to know that someone took an axe and smashed their way into one of the WorkCover Agents places of business. LOL, would have loved to have seen that! Also note a comment above by Bobby about people sending poop to their not-so-favourite people in places of Authority AND another story we heard is that someone was told in therapy it was good to role-play things to vent anger and the like. The patient said the worst words they knew, like F and C words and said they would feel better by calling the person inflicting hardship those words. So the therapist suggested doing the role play. So the patient grabbed their mobile and called their Case Manager and let rip ……’re nothing but a scum sucking low- life f-ing C___ ! …….The patient felt better and the therapist felt their work was done! The catch…….the therapist didn’t realise that the patient “actually dialled” the Case Manager. There is a happy ending though, at least the patient had blocked their mobile number. LOL what a happy ending!!!

      • @Jo, IME’s are pre-warned about not keeping things that could be used as weapons in their waiting rooms……..BAHAHAHAHA, I LUV it! All us looney crazy workcover victims unleashed with baseball bats…….BAHAHAHAHAHA, crying with laughter……….

        This is what one IME writes “In anticipation of potential difficulties it is useful to do an audit of your office and waiting room to remove objects that could be potential weapons.

        Be wary about leaving the office unattended with a claimant present. On one occasion I briefly left my office and the claimant ran away with my notes!

        BAHAHAHAHAHAHA, what an idiot 😀

        Dying with laughter November 5, 2014 at 8:06 pm
      • @Marina, I don’t see how you can think this is funny.

        “On a lighter note, it might comfort you to know that someone took an axe and smashed their way into one of the WorkCover Agents places of business. LOL, would have loved to have seen that!”

        There is nothing entertaining about either a violent crazy f##ker terrorizing people or a worker that must have been so severely distressed and unwell that they need immediate medical help, not how they expressed their acute distress being laughed at as entertainment. Either way there is nothing funny about it. Just as it would have absolutely terrifying for the people that worked in that office.

        @Marina, you’re obviously different, but personally I don’t find other people’s acute state psychiatric distress funny or see it as entertainment.

  4. @Had Enough, it would help if you could tell us in what state you reside. There are different laws in each state, also re treating doctors ( NSW you need a Nominated treating doctor, whereas in Vic you’re free to choose and change). Also re your PIAWE, has it been calculated properly? How much you get depends again on what state you reside, your 12 months average earnings before your injury and other benefits you may have received.Re the IME report and your increased hours, again you may be able to appeal this (ie Vic -> conciliation).
    It’s good to see you are having counselling. It is no wonder you too are getting more and more depressed.

  5. I hear your anger and frustration and it is justified.

    My view is as follows:

    1. Get a Lawyer now. Ring WIRO for assistance with this. If you have a lawyer and they aren’t doing anything get a new one;

    2. Complain to WorkCover … repeatedly;

    3. Record conversations with the Trainee … transcribe them. They are not admissible in court but you can play them back to their manager if the manager argues they didn’t do it … or even better, the WorkCover complaints officer;

    4. Keep good notes of all that goes on and that is said;

    5. Complain to WIRO as well. Don’t tell them WorkCover is on it.

    6. Talk to your superannuation company about (a) access to super for medical/financial hardship and (b) Total and Permanent Disability.

    In short … fight back!

    When you fight … deal with the paperwork and put it aside and don’t think about it till you have to return to it again. It helps preserve mental health.

    • Hi Had Enough,
      I’m sorry to hear you are getting a bad time of it, you are able to have your choice of Doctor and as for your so called Doctor shopping, as hard as it is try and not listen to those who seem intent of making your life more hellish than it is all ready. keep records of who contacts you in relation to your injury with dates and times, get yourself a solicitor and have the Insurance Company whoever they may be to be in direct contact with Him/Her. This can give you some peace, if your required to attend any appointments or any requests from insurer, always have it put in writing not just via phone. You can also request to be driven by hire car to any appointments you are to attend. If its too difficult, causes you further pain with travel on public transport (as I do), have your GP put into writing to your insurer all of this and state you are only able to attend appointments via private transport. keep a copy for yourself and pass one onto your Solicitor, your Solicitor may not always have copies of correspondence you have been sent eg: reports or any correspondence or information relating to your claim. If unsure if He/Her has relevant information contact your Solicitors Secretary she can be very helpful in this area. keep all your tests you have had done related to your injury Xrays, CT’s, MRI’s etc only give copies of written reports to insurer etc. You can claim all travel you are required to do related to your injury whether its to Specialists appointments, your GP even just to the chemist once you have requested reimbursement for expenses you have incurred out of your own pocket the insurer must refund you all that in owing within 10 working days. I hope this can help you in some way and I haven’t overwhelmed you too much.