Does your workers comp lawyer pass the nose test?


Many injured workers ask us for a good workers compensation lawyer, or ask our opinion on what makes a good workers comp lawyer. In order to suss out whether your (potential) lawyer is decent, we urge all injured workers to think whether or not the lawyer(s) they are talking to pass the “nose or smell test”.

Does your workers comp lawyer pass the nose test?

Whilst every injured worker has different standards about what doesn’t seem right in a lawyer, just as, I guess, many of you would have different standards about what food to eat or what car to drive, here are some things we think of when we ‘assess’ a lawyer… If the lawyer has any of the below smelly traits then to us they simply smell and we wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

The workers comp lawyer “smell” test:

  • Is the lawyer over eager to get you to sign up with him/her/their firm?
  • Does the lawyer seem just a little too slick?
  • Is their office very expensive looking? Are they dressed (over) expensively? (expect huge bills!)
  • Or is the lawyer’s personal hygiene awful? i.e unshaven, messy hair etc. (who would hire such a lawyer?)
  • Will the lawyer not answer any of your questions?
  • Can the lawyer not give a concrete example of a similar case they’ve handled?
  • Is the lawyer doing other things while talking to you, for example: checking e-mail, taking phone calls, etc.?
  • Does it look like they are trying to bullsh*t you? Example:  promising huge compensation payout…
  • How is the lawyer’s demeanor? Is s/he yelling at you when supposed to talk to you?
  • Does it take days or even weeks for the lawyer to call you back or respond to an e-mail you sent?
  • How does the lawyer interact with his/her staff such as secretary? Does s/he make the secretary call him/her Mr or Mrs? Does the lawyer use the secretary to make calls to injured workers (clients) or even other lawyers? I.e ‘Please hold, Mr. Lawyer (not real name) would like to speak with you’…Whilst that wouldn’t necessarily bother some people, but to us, veterans, it screams, “I think I’m better than you and my time is more valuable than yours.”  A sign of an as*hole really!

Case in point:  if the workers compsmell-test1 lawyer doesn’t pass the nose or smell test, just don’t hire him/her/them. There are plenty of other decent lawyers out there.  Keep looking until you find the right one for you!