Doctors don’t have confidence that workcover insurers are genuinely interested in injured workers rehab


Figures provided by the WorkSafe Victoria suggest that many treating doctors (GPs) don’t have confidence that workcover insurance companies and injured worker’s employers are genuinely interested in rehabilitating injured workers.

Doctors don’t have confidence that workcover insurers are genuinely interested in injured workers rehab


Figures released on the WorkSafe website, including a WorkSafe week 2014 presentation entitled ‘Changes begin with a single action‘ (snapshot above) indicate that only 41% of GPs surveyed believe that their injured workers’ employer(s) wants their injured worker(s) to return to the work place.

Even more troubling, only 22% of the GPs surveyed have confidence in the employer’s Return to Work Coordinator, who is responsible for ensuring the safe return of injured workers.

We all know that when you have suffered an injury or illness at work which keeps you from working, you can often be pressurised by your employer or your employer’s insurance company (the workcover insurer/vase manager/ rehabber etc) to return to work at an early stage, often at a premature stage.

We believe it is important that you (continue) to  liaise with your treating doctor(s) and specialist(s) and ensure that you are both (doctor and you) comfortable with all of the duties and tasks contained or outlines in any proposed return to work plan.

As indicated in the WorkSafe presentation, the figures also show that only 27% of GPs surveyed believe that employers will stick to the work restrictions outlined on the Certificate of Capacity. Nothing knew to us, seriously injured sods, but there you go.

It is important that, when you return to work after an injury, you really stick to your rehabilitation and return to work plan.

The worst possible outcome would be to suffer further injury after attempting to return to normal duties too quickly or by being forced to undertake unsuitable duties or tasks. And, sadly, it happens more often than you think… I am perhaps a (still) living example of such return to work ‘mess’.


You can read a tad more about Return to Work plans on  our RTW section (under Resource Centre)  as well as under our ‘Tangled workcover processes‘ (under Meet the System).


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Maybe its because the Doctors see and hear first hand what the Insurers and rehabilitation(employment) places get up to! I personally am yet to find one decent job rehab place out of the four I’ve been to see; I’m sure if I told them I liked ‘Willi wonkas Chocolate factory’ film they would try to find a job for me in the Chocolate industry? I don’t know how these places actually find people jobs?