Injured workers harbour a great deal of anger and resentment


Again, following a series of rather rude and inappropriate comments posted by  injured workers to fellow injured workers, it is more than clear that many injured workers harbour a great deal of anger and resentment.

While they can yell at/and or take it out on their workcover case manager or lawyer, it is not necessarily safe to do so because they can readily be abandoned by these individuals. When injured workers take it out on fellow injured workers, in the misguided belief that it is “safe”to do so, by expressing anger at a fellow injured worker you actually need and may be of good help/support to you, you will drive them away too.

Injured workers harbour a great deal of anger and resentment


Let’s say you are a neurosurgeon and see your patients with work related spinal injuries as unappreciative, uncooperative, demanding, difficult even manipulative…Well, you are likely a victim of these injured workers’ displacement. This phenomenon occurs when a person (in this case an injured worker) is unable to express an emotion toward the targeted person and, instead, expresses it toward someone who is perceived as “safe”.

Let’s explain: say your boss or supervisor frustrates you, and you come home after work and start yelling at your husband/wife. He/she angers you, and you are -in turn- harsh towards your children.

Similarly, injured workers harbour a great deal of anger and resentment. They can yell at their workcover case manager, rehabber or even lawyer, but it is not necessarily safe to do so because those injured workers can just as readily be abandoned by these individuals… and these are individuals injured workers “need” to remain on their side.

Your medical tests/procedures are not being approved, your weekly pay is not arriving on time and your prescriptions are not being reimbursed by workcover. As an injured worker you can, and many do, express this frustration toward your case manager, but is it safe to do so? Is there not a risk in expressing anger at someone you actually need? Think again!

For many injured workers, the only quasi safe outlet is a, or the person providing care and support. For example,the treating doctor. After all, the treating doctor “should know” the pain, difficulty, frustration and emptiness of the post injury experience. Some injured workers hope that this acting out will evoke concern, warmth, compassion and support. Of course, it most often does just the opposite.

The same applies when an injured worker lashes out at another injured worker, or a group of injured workers, this blog, its authors or even administrators- those who are supposed to know and understand their pain, frustration, anger, depression etc – it also simply does the opposite – it drives them away and you (the lashing out injured worker) are then left even more alone.

So, perhaps we should all address such individuals as follows: …

“Clearly you are angry, frustrated and disappointed. You are expressing these feelings toward me, but I believe that you know that I am doing all that I can. If you can tell me with whom you are truly angry, I may be able to offer some advice and direction. However, if you drive me away, then you are left even more alone.”

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17 Responses to “Injured workers harbour a great deal of anger and resentment”

  1. I have had a pi following me on and off for days now,i know what his ugly f face looks like.Went to my doctors and guess who walked in yes the f—- pi.I was gob smacked my doctor called me in and I told him,he walked out and told him to leave and if he didn’t he would call the police and have him arrested for trespass.He left,when the doctor spoke to him he did it so all the patients could hear and some of them started the yell at this pi to get out,then they all supported me WOW I felt so good

    • Wow Tony,

      What a great story to read – fantastic to hear that you had the full support of your Doctor. This must have felt absolutely wonderful.
      With all the negative feelings we feel on a daily basis in regards to everything WC related, it must feel great for you to know that you have your Dr’s unwavering support. I have a smile on my face for you. All the best.

    • Hey @tony

      Great stuff Tony!

      I am so pleased a really horrid situation turned into a triumph!

      There are a lot of good people out there – just none of them work in Workers Comp or Private Investigation 🙂

  2. Fu I too have the adjustment disorder apparently lol After dealing with these Insurers and other third party scums for years its no wonder! And they wonder why we go off like crackers when provoked.

  3. Hi Nemesia,

    My apologies. I must have read your post totally out of context – whoooops! I too had a psychological claim – I suppose I was lucky (if you can call it that) as another employee beat the shit out of me on day and further threatened me – so, my claim was accepted. But then the dirty tricks started!

    One of the residual PTSD issues I have is I tend to go off like a firecracker and again, I apologise for going off at you half-cocked.

  4. Hi FU_CGU,
    I think we’ve had a miscommunication. It was my understanding that an injured worker had been abusive to another injured worker on the blog. When I wrote the comment that you have responded to I was wondering if the abusive injured worker was genuinely an injured worker or somebody with no empathy for people who are injured at work ― like a case manager. I’m sorry that my post offended you. Yes I have made a workers compensation claim (two in fact). I claimed I had a psychological injury due to bullying. Both claims were declined. This site has been a life-line.

  5. I’m a bit behind the times but … maybe the abusive ‘injured worker’ was not genuine and was just a sh*t-stirrer. Someone with absolutely no empathy for people who claim workers compensation.

    • @Nemesia,

      Maybe you have had a dream run with your workers comp claim (assuming you have made one) or you are an insurance company employee or contractor. Whatever!

      From my experience, and of other injured workers I have met, is that most of us when we get injured assumed that workers compensation actually exists to assist injured workers – our first mistake!

      Now that may work fine for a simple fracture or other relatively simple injuries that will allow the injured worker to return to work fairly quickly with a graduated RTW plan.

      Everything turns to shit at around the 3 month timeline (I imagine there is a big bonus for getting someone back to work within 3 months). If your injuries are of a more serious nature and rehabilitation &/or RTW is going to be a long drawn out affair, that’s when the insurer’s dirty tricks start in earnest.

      Denying &/or disputing travel expenses, or medical procedures. Then the highly biased & corrupt IME doctors start writing reports denying there was ever an injury “pre-existing or degenerative condition” etc. Every seriously injured worker gets worked over by these bastards time & time & time again.

      Then the weekly payments are stopped, using the highly biased & corrupt IME’s report. You have to engage a lawyer to defend yourself. The insurer will then drag the case out trying to wear the injured worker down, or hope that they simply walk away because of the pressure that is being deliberately applied by the insurer.

      All is part of the softening period until the insurer is forced into conciliation and offers a piss poor settlement offer, which is an insult and will never cover required treatment costs, let alone any living expenses. If you reject that settlement, then the pressure & denials continue to be applied again. More IMEs, so-called “rehab providers” etc, until the insurer is forced back to conciliation, maybe 6 or 12 months later. And on & on it goes.

      Sure you get angry at being treated like shit. If you do get angry with the insurer you will be labelled with a personality disorder or an adjustment disorder. Then this diagnosis is used to justify why the claim should have been rejected in the first place etc.

      An injured worker has no power, no control, is suffering from physical and probably psychological pain and the bastard insurers use this to their advantage.

      Yep, I can understand why people get frustrated, resentful & angry. If you can’t understand it – you never will!

  6. If you really need to vent… Ask for a referral to a psychologist…. You can “rant” about your frustrations with him/her… Has helped me heaps, well until the funding was cut anyway… Hugs people…. Life is short, live what you can while you can…
    2 years + after my accident, I still cannot participate fully in my work/life… I can’t stay angry as it flows on to everything else and those I love… Talking about it helps
    Maybe someone could set up another blog for others to post their anger and frustrations???

    • @wendy + others that may be interested: Under the ‘Talk’ Tab there is a Vent page

      -To express (one’s thoughts or feelings about the workcover system, the way a claim is managed, a way a case manager behaves, for example), especially forcefully

      -an outlet: give vent to one’s anger

      -To vent one’s feelings or opinions

      here is the link for the Vent page:

      HuntingWorkcover March 3, 2014 at 7:47 pm
  7. i agree with Bunny. If we turn against each other there will be no one left standing to take a stand so leave personal judgment out the door and join the comfort of common understanding and human kindness!!

    Complaint maker March 2, 2014 at 10:27 pm
  8. Wow sounds like “WE” need to form a legitimate injured workers union for help and support?

    Regarding the bad language, venting, songs etc that were on the Forum; Is this why the Forum was closed? or is it just me that’s maybe been banned??

    • Great idea Jo. Building some sort of democratic organisation for defence of injured worker’s is absolutely necessary before real change can be wrought.

  9. I refuse to get involved in arguments with other injured workers (I exempt politics, because that is not personal). We all have to realise that our enemy is not each other, it is the ideology which created this disgusting system that is the problem. I am in no position to judge another person’s psychological state, I am not a doctor and to do that makes me as bad as the case managers I attack for doing the same thing. No one understands their own pain as much as the person suffering it, so it is unacceptable to judge others on perception of what they are suffering (walk a mile in my shoes) or what experiences they have had which made them suffer. Sure, it is completely annoying when what you want to say gets twisted and others gang up on you and start bullying – the very thing that has hurt so many of us. But out of respect for WCV and the wonderful job she and others have done on this site, it is better to take a breath and reflect on the consequences and if the anger is still there, try other forums where you can let loose and then come back.

  10. If you cannot promote your website and personal pages how can you possibly gather forces and united and take on the Government are over censoring and stop us the injured workers from have a leader .let us promote our personal websites and let us united…stop censoring

    • We mean no promoting unrelated sites such as shopping sites etc. If you want to refer to your related website, forum, Facebook, whatever,or link to an externaluseful resource (i.e. YouTube, article etc) go for it. As you should be aware we do list our friends’ and related sites at the bottom of the page.

      workcovervictim March 2, 2014 at 12:46 pm