Injured workers forced to jump over hurdles just to be compensated for their loss


Imagine being a hard-working Australian with a family of three or four and a job that perhaps just barely supports them. Now, imagine you are injured at work in an accident or incident and through no fault of your own, or through the sheer negligence of your employer. You are suddenly forced to survive without any income while your employer’s workcover insurance carrier attempts to determine if you were really, really “injured at work.” Hey, it could well be that you suffered from ‘old age’ degeneration, or worse, the insurer may try and blame your injury on a ‘pre-existing’ condition, after all you may have fallen off your rocking horse when you were 5 years old.

Injured workers forced to jump over hurdles just to be compensated for their loss


Given injured workers are considered all ‘malingerers’ out to get a ‘free holiday’; chances are they will try everything to disprove your injury, scrutinising your entire life in a desperate attempt to pin down your injury on something else.

As we’ve discussed many times, favourite denial tactics include: a Monday morning accident; arriving early for work; not seeing a hazard he had just saw moments earlier; the mechanism of injury does not make sense; the accident was not witnessed; you selected particular doctor over a more qualified doctor; you saw/see a doctor who “does not address return to work”; and, in the case of psychological injury, well it simply was a case of ‘reasonable management action‘…

The workcover insurance carrier will make you go to endless doctor appointments – so called ‘independent’ medical examinations, again in an attempt to disprove or downgrade your injury, and they will force to you to travel to a examination or a hearing, sometimes over 50 miles away from your home, and even interstate. All the while, your bills will pile up and the debt collectors will start calling.

Whilst the workcover insurer stalls your claim and gaslights you, you will also be followed by private investigators– again in a misguided attempt to discredit you.

This is a reality that many workers face as workcover insurance carriers ‘litigate’ workcover claims. This system, set up as a way to protect and assist injured workers, is now over-filled with unnecessary roadblocks and barriers, adding enormous insult to any injured worker.

What was once hailed as an efficient system to protect injured workers’ rights and provide accessibility to resolve issues now forces injured workers to jump over hurdles just to be compensated for their genuine loss, be it a travel expense or a packet of wound swabs.

The workcover system today allows the insurance company (and the employer) to drag you through the mud. They will harass you until you break, and they will drag your case out for so long that you might want to settle just to end things, if not your life.
That’s the game…

The workcover insurance carriers/agents are the new fraud— not the injured workers, the only one making money is the insurance carriers!

This is a hell of a sick system we must all work to fix!Injured workers deserve to be fairly compensated.

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  1. This post is just so true while reading it I was thinking that the words being written from me taking into account that we have now been in work cover hell since 2005 and it’s a horrible demeaning ,degrading,humiliating, system to be caught up in,,my greatest hope is that some time soon it will finally come to the attention of those that are in positions to make changes that are more humane and that are logically considered to be the best for the injured workers health and well being , without wasteing the needless $ that they do on fighting thru courts and marketing fancy advertisements stating that they are there for the average Aussie if we ever need then, well before our families dealings with these heartlessmonsters that we call ( in our case)Victorian workcover and their nastie little minions known better as insurance case managers, I actually believed most of their deceptive ramble about them caring enough about our hard working Aussie to try and help or/and maybe even rehabilitate so there live their lives can return to the some type of normality,,,, hopefully if enough people ask for the same type of or change something might actually happen for the better and our government might finally get some of their priorities right!!!! I’m not a religious person but we can only pray some one gets it right some time real soon!!!!

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    Robyn allen king March 18, 2014 at 10:50 am
    • I can’t see anything changing for the better anytime soon. The case workers etc seem to really enjoy what they do and will go to any lengths to discredit an injured worker. There is one thing you can do, although it takes some practice, learn to laugh at them and go about your day to day living, they will take themselves down eventually and the system will be better as a result!

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  2. I know you have been on this disgusting journey for a lot longer than me. I am wondering if you have taken this to the media and if so did they support you. I have seen stories on how we are all meant to be frauds, but aside from this site I have never seen a single mention anywhere on how we get treated. You are right, my case manager has behaved fraudulently, but my options are only for appeal. There doesn’t seem to be a process in place for them to be held to account for their actions. I’m glad I found this blog. Has anyone had any success with the media? I am seriously considering it!

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    • EFFEDUPNOW try going to the media i bet you will get nowhere!!

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    • We all need to get together, find a lawyer who doesn’t fear them, and take out a class action against Workcover NSW.

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      • That is the best thing I have heard, as injured workers we are being discriminated against.
        SERIOUSLY-lets sue workcover.

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        • To Erin Brockovich also, the natural next step would be to file a class action lawsuit against what is a horrible, broken system.

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          workcovervictim3 March 22, 2014 at 9:09 pm
          • Workcovervictim,i agree with that,can you just imagine it would be like opening pandoras box.Can you just think how long it would go for and how many people would end up in court and prison wow it gives me goose bumps with pleasure.

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            • Would it be fair to say that the less people that even dare lodge a workcover claim to begin with the easier it is for Workcover to stitch people up with all there dirty tricks and get away with it?

              Lets say if everyone just started lodging Workcover claims left right and centre!! Right down to the smallest of claims, would Workcovers dirty tricks and actions then become more obvious to the masses?

              Is this why Workcover is portrayed by the media as an undeserved benefit?

              Is this why doctors are hesitate to get involved? Is it why bosses and owners deter their staff from lodging Workcover claims?

              Is it why employers are punished with rate hikes and extra fees for letting staff slip through the dragnet?

              Is this why staff are petrified to lodge a claim?

              Is this why they try to completely turn each applicant into a headcase to further spread the negative psychology and scare the rest of the herd further into oblivion until there are that little people on Workcover and no more applying for it, leaving the path wide open for them to then completely abolish this right all together for all eternity stripping away another one of our rights????

              Is this a Huge reverse psychology tactic by Workcover and their Insurance Company Friends? the less in the system the easier it is to manipulate? “ABOLISH”

              To answer the question that dozens and dozens of people keep asking here about exposing them!!! well……….here goes……………

              If every person and their dog lodges a claim no matter how minor or large it is the stats of their dirty behaviour will quickly mount once the whole workforce becomes educated of their non insured fate if they are injured at work the masses will rise and they will get their long yearned exposure will come swift and just!! Government forced to act.

              I am here today to spread this idea and i beg anyone who reads this message to pass it on far and wide immediately!!

              Encourage anyone to lodge their Workcover claims regardless of the consequences!!

              Lets look at it this way what is the worst thing that is going to happen they will ruin your name…life….more..Well… So What!” Big fucking deal.”…

              will it matter anyway No….

              this is just another psychological attack on the masses…

              take for example the utility companies who are now going to wreck your name if you don’t pay your bills within 5 days of their demands regardless of your situation are you starting to read the big picture now???

              these criminals which is all they are they are a minority that have hijacked the system and are playing psychological warfare with everyone it is time to break the chains these people are going to wreck your names regardless of who you are how honestly you conduct yourself They do not care…..they are Joyriding our system.

              If everyone starts lodging Workcover claims in the masses their corruption is going to be exposed very quickly and implode on them.

              the government will be exposed for the part they are taking in this system and they will be in the spotlight and forced to act.

              How dare they say your claim is dismissed! or you are not entitled to have your claim accepted that its straining the system and sending the country broke “BULLSHIT”

              mean while this criminal minority who have hijacked the system once again are just taking what “hey want unquestioned not even a murmur and no one is even voicing up about it,

              we all pay our taxes etc Workcover is a public right this system is dictating to us now!

              How dare they lie and how stupid are people being scared of these Dictators

              Spread the word people start lodging

              Lets push this system to breaking point!!!!!

              Have an inspirational Weekend readers and lets start making bumper stickers anyone interested in helping making some slogans printing getting them out there on the backs of cars etc???

              We all need to act fast they are raging a psychological war against us.

              Respond below lets do this!!!!


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  3. I had a response when I raised this issue recently and the expectation is that injured workers are treated equally and fairly and should experience the minimum inconvenience when accessing their workcover entitlements.

    Someone must have forgotten to send my Insurer the memo!

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    • I watched a show last night about psychopaths. Workcover and insurance companies must be full of them.

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  4. People will be hesitant to have anything to do with a facebook blog as workcover insurers can also view it. Because people cant exactly be anonymous on that blog nobody would be prepared to give an insurer ammunition

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    • then the insurance companies will just keep on doing what they are doing. these insurers will stitch you up regardless because the government has told they can do so…… get with the program please.

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    • They don’t need ammunition – they just make it up as they go.

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  5. That’s why I was wondering if given enough ammunition would the media get on board. I’m scared of being identified over the Internet. But some really good media coverage would help alot. They just keep on breaking us down individually. And no one other than our doctors really knows it. Has anyone really tried to get this in the media

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    • Don’t ever, ever be scarred of them – that’s what they want – just keep fighting for what is right, no matter what the outcome. The truth swirls and seeks it’s own cracks of entry!

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  6. We all know what an iceberg is. We all know that politicians are mostly untrustworthy. We all know that the only industry which makes huge profits from workers comp are insurance companies. Add to that mix an ideology which bemoans the plight of small businesses, demonises those on welfare and assumes that any injured worker is faking it, a media controlled by essentially oligarchs who share that ideology, a legal system hamstrung by self interest and profit grabbing and a public too apathetic to actually read anything about laws or basic human rights and bingo that is what we have to live within. Now back to that iceberg especially in NSW…..a disgusting man called Eddie Obeid manages to get politicians from BOTH major parties to sell their souls for money, big business is also involved. Lots of denial but the ICAC gets involved. Now think back to July 2012 and how workers comp in NSW was basically gutted, the Finance Minister Greg Pearce eventually has to leave his cabinet position because of cronyism, no investigation, no ICAC, but the stench is there. How did the O Farrell government benefit from the changes to workers comp??? We can assume that the ideology was definitely a motivating factor, but after the exposure of how politicians gain financially from business (see Obeid, Arthur Sinodonis and Australian Water Holdings) why has no journalist investigated the payoffs to Greg Pearce from insurance companies???? Now that is the rest of the iceberg. It is blatantly obvious that something rotten has happened in the world of workers comp.

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  7. I wanted to get my story out as I am injured for life and the prominent businessman’s property at where the negligence occurred I was told NO by my lawyers who are as weak as the system in NSW.
    Above is so well written if they cannot get you one way or another they just make it up.
    Yes and for all the fools that voted Liberal you let the devil in the door, labour had no policy in place to do what the libs did at 2 am and pass a legislation sneakly.
    I am at 5 years and probably another 1 maybe 2 in court as everytime you want a date for trial the insurer throws a motion in.
    As I said I had a journo willing to do a story in the Daily Telegraph only to be told it will not help you by my lawyers, by the way I sacked those lawyers.
    The only thing I hope is for someone in the Insurance company or employers family go through a severe injury to endure and find out how hard it is, then they get it.

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    • We need to mount a class action, this involves all injured workers being prepared to sign on for the action. Unfortunately because of the nature of being injured and the system, injured workers are more than likely depressed and do not have the motivation to fight because for so long they have been traumatised and made to feel they are alone in this battle. Add to that the fear of retribution, the public exposure (I do not know of many other groups of people who have been warned about facebook being used against you in such a devastating way and of course private investigators and their vile behaviour) plus the dire consequences of being totally destroyed by financial ruin if you are cut off WC. There would be a law firm out there prepared to do this, but they need to see the money first. $10 from every injured worker in NSW would do it, but when you see injured workers on this site expressing delight at finally finding some support, you can imagine how hard it would be to get them organised when they don’t even know about this site or the Injured Workers Support Network in NSW.

      Ian, I agree with you about the voting and yet there would still be injured workers who will vote for O Farrell in 2015 because underneath it all they agree with the demonising of other groups, like welfare recipients and asylum seekers. That is what we are up against. A predominantly private mass media which promotes the ideology of ‘bludgers’ and protecting business at all costs. Why doesn’t Anna Patty and Kate McClymont of the SMH investigate the corruption and the lack of human rights in this system? Maybe because their bosses don’t want them to. Every now and them we get some exposure and support, David Shoebridge deserves a medal and so does Adam Grumley (IWSN) for all the hard work he has done as well. I would love this to be a David and Golliath epic with a happy ending, but it needs the unwavering support of injured workers and it also needs the Unions to provide direction and take this on as part of the basic rights of workers.

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  8. A Class action would be great, sadly there have been many petitions and never enough signatures gathered.

    I think the only way is to start our own political party and then we will have a voice and the ability to be heard no matter which party is in power.

    our political party should be for social justice a fair go a air system and most definitely not for insurers and those who seek to injure

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