Tip off regarding alleged qualification fraud by investigations firm Exec Director


We  received a most interesting email overnight sharing a “tip off” regarding –alleged– qualification fraud by a large Investigations Firm’s Executive Director – Verifact.

Tip off regarding alleged qualification fraud by investigations firm Exec Director

Dear Diary of a Work Cover Victim,

I wanted to give you guys a tip off with relation to qualification fraud.


Jarrod Bowditch is the managing director of Verifact. Verifact is a national company whose main source of its multi million dollar revenue is derived from  conducting investigations on behalf of major insurers and government bodies in to Workers Compensation matters.

Jarrod’s LinkedIn profile, in addition to the Verifact’s company website has him stating that he has a “Bachelor of Applied Science, majoring in security, investigations and disaster management” from “Warnborough University”.

Warnborough University is not an accredited university. In fact, as I was doing a bit of online research, the State of Texas has a document which states that it is illegal to utilize any qualification from this fake university.

Granted many people embellish their resume, but when you are running an organisation that is focused on fighting fraud, particularly with huge amounts of income from government clients, he needs to be held accountable.


Indeed, this man’s LinkedIn profile states the following:


Note that this above profile was captured on  26 Jan 2014.

When we moved our blog to our new domain name in May 2014, we lost some images and by scrutimising every article we wrote, we came across the fact that this Mr Jarrod Bowditch has now -magically- changed his LinkedIn profile! The “Warnborough University” has disappeared from his profile, how interesting? Would he have something to hide?


The above LinkedIn profile was captured on 20 May 2014.


Could it be true that this man has a Diploma/Degree mill “qualification”?

When googled, there seems to be no ‘Warnborough University’ in the United Kingdom. There is only a ‘Warnborough College’, which HQ address is listed somewhere in Kent. What is interesting to learn about this ‘Warnborough College’ or ‘Warnborough University’ is in the list of unaccredited institution of higher education.

That is short for the list of bogus universities offering ‘off the shelf academic qualifications’ which should not have been recognised for various reasons. Especially when it does not satisfy the standards of the issuance of academic awards.

Britain and Ireland house genuine universities that are second to none in the world, as well as sheltering a wide variety of foreign entities — including medical schools — that have only the barest layer of paper authority from small governments on tropical islands all over the world. The two countries also play host to, in the parasitic sense of the term, something that calls itself Warnborough College, a diploma mill that has managed to move back and forth between Britain and Ireland for decades without either government’s being able to put an end to it. Warnborough is owned by an Australian expatriate named Brenden D. Tempest-Mogg: He is widely known as Fog-Tempest owing to his ability to keep his operation out of sight of education authorities.

Warnborough has been renting two offices at All Hallows college in Drumcondra for the last two years but its lease expires at the end of next month. Carolanne Henry, marketing manager at All Hallows, said it was “ending all relations with Warnborough”.
All Hallows asked Warnborough to remove pictures of their buildings from the online college’s website last year. Henry said: “It was drawn to our attention that they were presenting pictures in a misleading way. They removed them when asked.”
Warnborough left its UK base on the grounds of Oxford university in 1996 following the threat of legal action by American students who enrolled for its course believing it to be part of the Oxford campus.
The following year it registered as an Irish company, Warnborough University Ltd, with an address in Cork. The word “university” was removed in 2005, because it contravened the Universities Act, 1997. Warnborough moved to rooms above a pub in Bray, and was then a tenant at All Hallows…

The seeming fact that Warnborough (UK) is a real school of some sort is admirable, I guess. The fact that its owners are trying to spin its reality into some kind of implied reverse-validation for their very controversial and highly doubtful doctorate-granting distance-learning enterprise in a different country is far less admirable.

Read more: http://www.degreediscussion.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=6626e

Other references to Warnborough

4 Responses to “Tip off regarding alleged qualification fraud by investigations firm Exec Director”

  1. It appears this is allegedly another former Nsw police officer to jump ship during the “wood” Nsw police Royal Commission.

    I wonder why???? Was he ever at the technical surveillance unit or named at the R/C

    It has been alleged he may have gone gracefully instead of disgracefully. You would have to make your own enquiries to inform your followers.

    This company also undertakes Government contracts from other emanations of the crown especally insurers and their medicos.

    Injured Police Of NSW January 29, 2014 at 10:25 am
  2. I’m not surprised that the whole Workcover money grab system isn’t aware of those fraudsters, in my opinion this is what Workcover want.

    Xchangingvictim January 26, 2014 at 8:21 pm
  3. The tip of the iceberg. I bet that if we had access to the evidence we could show fraud exists right across the board in all states and in all companies involved in Workers Comp. They accuse us of fraud all the time because that is what they are doing, in psychology that is called projection. I wish some reporter would look very closely at the finances of Greg Pearce and Barry O Farrell.

  4. Nothing less than criminal fraud, i hope the link to their site has “nofollow” in the html so reports of the fraud do not actually boost their damn google page ranking. What a bunch of dishonest doublespeaking wankers. Their says says “We do not conduct investigations on a transactional manner, but choose to act in a transformational way ” Dishonest bastards.