Please please please help me – injured worker at wits end

Unfortunately this injured worker’s story and plea for help is a common one for countless injured workers. Once on workers comp for an extended period of time a stigma is  automatically attached and injured workers are often viewed as liabilities best avoided by too many employers….

Please please please help me – injured worker at wits end


The injured worker’s email:

I am on workcover for the last 19 months and now I am facing serious financial crisis and no one is there to help people like us.

Those who are responsible for my situation, nothing happened to them, I am a victim who is even more victimised by both the system and by few …….

What shall I do? I have applied for at least 90 to 100 jobs and I got rejected, because I am on workcover!

No one is ready to see or understand what had happened and the moment they come to know about my workcover, they start treating me like a criminal!

How can I save my family? My house is on sale on due to current market situation, I am not even getting to break even.

I think going on workcover is just like digging my own grave by my own hands!!

Please please please help me. Sometimes I do think like committing ……. Or …. Someone.

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  1. Having gone under workcover, I was put on lighter duties in a workplace that has no lighter duties. I can identify with you regarding this applications of other jobs in a bid to try and get myself out of my current workplace in order to heal my back properly. Once the new department hears about my being on workcover they turn me down straightaway or puts my suitability into question. Being in Qld I am obligated to let them know and I do not wish to fudge anything anyway. Right now, all I can say is I empathise and feel like my world has come to an end and this has all happened through no fault of ind and having to deal with the ongoing pain is dreadful enough without being made to feel like garbage and having every dream taken away from you. Pls don’t give up hope and there is always a new situation, a new normal, it is all in the way you see yourself. I have had to let go of some things and change my mind about some other things. Remember this injury does not define who you are, even though these nasty ignorant people may try to make you feel that way, intentionally or not. Take care of your family and you!

  2. I suggest everyone that has being affected by these changes tells their story..we need to reach 200 responses on this latest site by david shoebridge who is campaigning for injured workers. This can be done at :


  3. Be very careful with that Vic Injured. If the insurer finds out you are employed somewhere else they will use this information to get you off their books. I found employment after my drama I was only there a few weeks as the pain was a bit much, the insurer of the original claim tried to palm the whole lot onto the second employer.

    Be Very careful, especially if you require further surgery

    • TashyWashy, my claims manager is well aware that Im working, all they care is that its costing them less money as my workcover weekly payment is significantly reduced. Don’t worry Im not scamming the system.

  4. After being dumped by my employer at the magic 52 week rtw obligation mark and whilst the insurers IMEs certified me as having no capacity for work at the time, I wanted to return to work at least a couple of days a week as I couldn’t stand the idea of sitting at home. I was lucky I contacted an old employer of mine and explained the situation and who was more than happy to have me back part-time though I am still on workcover from my injury from my ex-employer and he has been terrific in accommodating my work limitations due to my injury.
    i don’t think i would want to be looking on the open employment market for work when I am still on workcover and can only work part time due to the limitations of my injury, so I feel for you and the situation you are in.
    Have you tried contacting former employers that you had a good work record with even if it’s only to get some casual work that you can use to prove to them that you injury is not a going to be a liability or a risk to them?

  5. Hey firstly u r not alone, we are out here, and secondly, when u apply for positions, you do not have to disclose to them that u are an injured worker. By law if they ask, u have to disclose, but if you can fudge it thru, by all means do it. You need to organise your finances, talk to your bank, most times if you keep them informed they will cut you some slack. Have you been to a solicitor? Step 2, maybe even some counciling for you and your family. And keep on line, there are people that are and have been thru what you are going thru now. We are hear just to listen if needed. Try to prioratise each move, sorry I suck at spelling. Good luck, and as i said, reach out there are people there….

  6. You coudl try and get an early release of superannuation from your major super fund. Ring them and ask for an application form, then you need a Centrelink document saying you have been on benefits for more than six months and documents supporting your financial situation, outstanding rent due notices and such like. You could also apply for rental support from the Slavation Army housing scheme. Keep your chin up.

  7. what is your injury/s? have you been kicked off workers compensation? are you on centerlink payments? what documentation do you have? do you have a lawyer.. have you looked for one?

    -make sure you voice record all your conversations with anyone working at workcover and or affiliated..

    HuntingWorkcover January 16, 2014 at 9:55 am