WA real estate agent failed to pay workers comp insurance for staff, supported by GIO at Court


Despite being fined $8000 last Monday for not paying workers’ compensation insurance for staff, a Mandurah real estate agent feels some vindication – the insurance company (GIO) is on his side! WTF!

WA real estate agent failed to pay workers comp insurance for staff, supported by GIO at Court

Harcourts Mandurah director faces fine for no work cover, but insurer showed support

Benjamin Hatch, a director of Harcourts Mandurah, said GIO had ‘‘provided support’’ in Mandurah Magistrates Court (in WA) on Monday after he pleaded guilty to the charge.

The prosecutor told the court Harcourts had failed to cover 31 workers for almost a year. Hatch said the number was 26 – with the others not covered because they were management and/or directors.

He said failure to pay the premiums was an oversight because the company had not received reminders due to a mail mix-up. ‘’We do internal audits each year and this one was a month before our policy was due; the error was an oversight. We received no reminders from GIO.’’

Hatch said that when he discovered the oversight he paid the premium. He said WorkCover contacted the company three months after the bill was paid and the court case followed.

‘’GIO wrote to us to apologise and even supported us in court. They have now made a direct appointment to represent our office.’’

The maximum penalty for non-payment of premiums for 26 workers is $130,000.

Hatch was ordered to pay $649 in costs and the $4442 insurance premium. … a slap on the wrist really,considering that every employer knows all too well that wokers comp insurance is mandatory.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if GIO and the likes were to apologise and even support us, injured sods, when “It’s under investigation”  Delay, delay.  “We are waiting on some records.”  More delay.  “It takes a while to process your information in our system.”  “We’ll let you know when we make a decision.”  “I’m sorry you haven’t gotten your weekly pay, I’ll look in to it.”  More delay…?


[Source: http://www.smartcompany.com.au/finance/investment/34938-harcourts-mandurah-director-faces-fine-for-no-work-cover-but-insurer-showed-support.html#]

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  1. One of the best arguments against privatisation I have is the GIO. This repulsive organisation has the reputation of being one of the absolute worst workcover insurers around. Nasty case managers and incompetent management, they excel themselves in trying to break every civil law they can and trying to get away with it. It is no wonder that they lost the government contract, I advise everyone to have nothing to do with them if it involves workers comp. They may be ok with other areas of insurance, but brace yourself for extreme harassment if they are your employer’s insurance company.