Another stress claim – trying to understand what is required for a bullying claim


A recent study has indicated that negative interactions with insurance companies can affect an injured person’s prospects for long term recovery.

The survey conducted jointly by the University of Melbourne and Monash University considered the experiences of people injured in transport accidents and dealing with the TAC, as well as injured workers covered by the WorkCover system.

The survey concluded that there were strong associations between claimants with stressful encounters with the respective insurers and a poorer recovery in the long term.

Recovering from an injury can be a difficult time in itself without having the additional burden of communicating with insurance companies and understanding what  the f*ck is going on.

Take the following story – again, a typical and genuine bullying story, leaving the poor stressed and bewildered worker in limbo without workcover pay and… with increasing stress levels, not to mention worsening psych injury.

Another stress claim – trying to understand what is required for a bullying claim

Injured worker’s “X” stressful story

Just thought I would share my story with you.  I work at a small X supermarket in a very remote area of SA, jobs here are scarce and I was so pleased when I was offered a job here by the owner,who by the way is resident in QLD and visits maybe three times a year.  All was well until April of this year.  I had just returned from a two week holiday and my manager seemed a bit distant when I returned.  After a couple of days of her not speaking much I asked what was wrong and was told she was just tired.  The next day she informs me my hours are cut and that i will no longer be working Sundays – only she will.  Then the nit picking began, trivial matters like ” you left your drink carton in the back room – make sure it is put in the bin in future”  said in a nasty manner and in front of customers. The following week more hours cut, more criticism in front of customers and then the veiled threats ‘if you don’t do as you are told you don’t have a job here simple as that”  “if you dont like it dont work here”  “if you cant do the job I will find someone who can”  the latter said when i asked how i was supposed to complete all my tasks (including most of the office work) in 8 hours a week less.  this went on for a few weeks then she stopped speaking altogether  unless it was to dish out an order.  She made comments like “i cant even have a day off as nothing would get done here”  “I am the only one who does anything here ever”  After three months of this 5 days a week it got to me, I was losing weight, not sleeping, scared of losing my job, scared to go to work in case i had forgotten to do something or had done something not up to her ever increasing standards.  After visiting the dr he diagnosed me with stress and put me on workcover.  This was June [day] and also the day I lodged my claim.

On June [day] I was rung by workcover to say they were denying my claim as they had spoken to my employer (still in QLD) and he denied that any of my alleged incidents had taken place. 

I then got the union involved and have taken it to conciliation.  I have seen a Psychiatrist who has deemed me unfit for work due to my condition, got the backing of the dr, had the interviews from the independent interviewer – my colleague has backed my version of events as has an independent witness and still I have received nothing from workcover and am existing on centrelink sickness benefits.  Today is October [day] so for four months I have been stuck in limbo land while workcover ignore my phone calls and emails – its always “she’ll call you back”  – so far she hasn’t until I phone her at least 5 or 6 times and get irate.  My savings are now gone – on bills etc and soon I fear I will find myself homeless as paying the rent is becoming increasingly hard.  Soon it will be a choice between eating properly or having somewhere to live!

Why do I feel like I am being punished for what someone else did?

She is still manageress and still doing the same to others but at least she gets her wages!

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  1. My advice is to keep on treatments from Doctors and specialists, keep all invoices and record any even, when you are ready just sue the workcover, they must pay!
    FU workcover!

  2. I forgot to mention do not VENT or RETAILIATE or you will get nowhere
    and you didn’t see that box that made you trip over did you and hurt your back or shoulder or arm? Im not suggesting anything but………………..