Labor protects Victorian workers compensation rights


As posted earlier, it has recently come to our attention that the Victorian Government has introduced a new bill into parliament with the intention to consolidate the current law governing a Victorian worker’s entitlements to workcover compensation, into a single Act that is simpler and easier to use – NOT!

According to Daniel Andrews, Leader of the Opposition, Labor has successfully amended legislation in the Victorian Parliament to ensure workers’ compensation rights were not gutted by the Napthine Government, Shadow Minister for WorkCover.

Labor Protects Victorian Workers Compensation Rights

Labor has successfully amended legislation in the Victorian Parliament to ensure workers’ compensation rights were not gutted by the Napthine Government, Shadow Minister for WorkCover, Robin Scott, said.

Mr Scott said the Napthine Government introduced legislation that sought to significantly disadvantage injured workers.

“Predictably a Liberal Government sought to introduce anti-worker legislation but were prevented in doing so after failing to get the votes required for legislation of this kind,” Mr Scott said.

“Even from Opposition, Victorian Labor is standing up for workers and fighting any attempt by the Liberals to make workers worse off – particularly injured workers.

“Workers have the right to safe employment and the right to adequate support in the event of injury – something the Liberals have never understood or valued.

“This Government has form for attacking WorkCover in Victoria and has ripped dividends out of the scheme every year since coming to office.

“Labor has a proud record of delivering successive premium reductions to employers while introducing reforms such as WorkHealth – a world-first program which improved the health and wellbeing of Victorian workers.

“This program is being scrapped from the end of the year and Victorians will be worse off as a result.”

The Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Bill 2013 introduced by the Napthine Government sought to:

  • establish a mechanism that could stall the resolution of injured workers lump sum impairment claims and deny seriously injured workers the ability to initiate a common-law claim.
  • undermine the judicial oversight of Medical Panels, reducing the capacity for injured workers to seek judicial review of medical panel opinions.
  • remove the protection of the “Harman Rule” of evidence for injured workers.


What can we say but THANK YOU. It is a shame the NSW Labour government had no power in June last year when the draconian reforms were passed by the Liberals!

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Good advice Bugs, might I also suggest that when they ring you, you say ‘This call is being recorded for training and quality control purposes’, that way you have informed them that you are recording them and they can’t really complain as that is the message most of us get anyway. I tried it with AGL, they were a bit irate about it but when I pointed out to them that that is what they do, they finally relented. Or you can inform them when you ring them that you do not want your call recorded, they have to agree… Read more »
bugs bunny
Sorry to burst your bubble Bunny but………first do not tell them you are recording they will use it against you ie you are not complying and dismiss you and you will get nowhere, and secondly if you ask them not to record your phone call they then take notes and type it into their computer system trust me i have been there already!!! only ring them! record all conversations whether it be in person or on the phone you will need this down the track for sure and never tell them you are recording sure it can’t be used in… Read more »
bugs bunny

Record every one!!! your employer, your colleagues, your doctors, Independent medical examiners, solicitors, specialists, conciliation hearings, (worksafe “gangsta safe”) workcover assist they are part of worksafe and side with the insurers and employers, union members, you name it!!! they are acting very bad together!!!! its all of them against the injured worker now because they have special permissions to do so from our very own goverment! welcome to straya!!!!! and the shithouse workcover war where every single person gets handsomely paid except the injured worker!!! thankyou.

At A Loss

Sorry Bugs Bunny I must completely disagree with you. It is called the telecommunications act and it is a big NO NO to record a phone conversation without notification and consent. Uploading to you tube to prove to people will only get you into more trouble as now there is proof of an illegally recorded telephone conversation and that will be used in court against you and the insurer will spend a whole lot of money to have you prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
I strongly suggest not to participate in illegal activities such as this.

bugs bunny
Hi gang! look i had a really interesting titbit to add to your “share a workcover tips section” i feel it is very important for injured workers to be aware of. can you please add it to your “share a workcover tips section”. Here goes, all OUTBOUND CALLS FROM THE INSURANCE COMPANIES TO INJURED WORKERS ARE NOT RECORDED. ONLY INBOUND CALLS ARE RECORDED. IE the case manager calls you says what they want and there is no way of you proving it. TELL THEM! PLEASE “DO NOT” ACCEPT ANY PHONE CALLS OR CONVERSATIONS FROM INSURANCE COMPANIES UNLESS THE WORKERS OR… Read more »
Protect Yourself

BETTER STILL – Don’t speak at all. I’ve been communicating in written form only since my first experience with a rude moronic case manager. You don’t need them causing you more damage and it is very useful to have a paper trail, ie proof. However need to ensure that your emails, like theirs, contain disclaimers.

More and more injured workers are starting to record IME appointments, since I am aware that some dodgy IMEs have been fabricating responses in their reports. Standard procedure in the US, and should be here too.


Congrats to Vic, shame that is not the case in NSW Labour & the Unions completely abandoned us ! Absolutely cowardess to leave the vulnerable so exposed and powerless against Vulchers like O’Farrell, Pearce & his office of documents he will not release Labour Party NSW what Labour Party in NSW ?


I’m hearing you Bunny, I’m in the same situation as you!!!! It’s shocking that an insurer can have the final say in a work capacity decision and there’s no recourse!


There is only one government which has broken the law in my case and that is the NSW Liberal government. I was injured under the old Workers Compensation laws, laws that were retrospectively amended by the Liberal Party of NSW and passed in Parliament by the Liberals, Nationals, Shooters Party and Fred Nile’s Christian Democrats. I will NEVER vote for any of those parties and any injured worker is a similar position should do the same.


who do i vote for next election? Liberal or Labor…. seems they both are IMPLEMENTING THE SAME LAWS throughout Australia!!! more.. laws and rules… for EVERYTHING! STOP and GIVE IT A GOOD THINK! more rules and laws.. every year!!!