Work Cover or Walk Over?


We received the following heartbreaking story from injured worker “Defeated”, and are hopeful that many of our readers can offer some advice and comfort to this immensely suffering person.

Work Cover or Walk Over?

The Injured Worker (Defeated) story

I do not know what to do or where to go.

I suffered harassment at work and although even my harasser says I did nothing wrong (she just does not like me) she is in work and I am on reduced wages. She still has her job and even got a pay rise.

I have been wanting to get back to work for a year but my employer, with offices all over my state, has been unable to place me.

Now they find a position, 50 minutes from my home, travelling on a very dangerous road, when they have many sites much closer.

They are quibbling over reimbursement of pay I lost when I went part time in order to manage the stress. They acknowledge that I am entitled to this but are trying to minimize it and it appears that they will be successful as my work cover support person has made errors on his reports.

I followed all his advice but there are several areas where I am being criticized for not being at work. My supervisors are horrified at my treatment. The issue should have been sorted out in weeks to a few months but here I am, 2 1/2 years later, being treated as if I am a cheat and a liar.

I cannot bear it any more but to give up now would be to let the bastards win. I DID NOTHING WRONG. I followed all instructions. I tried. I wanted to go back to work but now I have been off work for so long that I don’t think I can cope any more. I am in my 60s. I think maybe they just want me to die so they don’t have to bother and that is why they have given me a workplace so far away and on such a dangerous road.

So much for zero tolerance of bullying. My advice to young people is to be a total arsehole. You will be a valued and respected employee and nobody will dare say boo to your mean spirited and cruel activities. Work cover is destroying my life.




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  1. All I can say is: “workcover if I knew, I had left the work long before”!

  2. Hurt my back year and a half ago at work had quarterzone,pain blockers in a couple of area,s nothing has worked had all the scans and nothing has showed up went and saw a doc in wodonda after seeing 3 other docs one suggetsed a implant to stop the pain after all the tests Now this new guy suggested either a implant or a pain management course injury is no better since i did it

  3. Hi im new to this site never new it existed finding out quite a bit of info ive had a back injury for a year and a half after all the tests they have put it down to cronic pain and are sending me to a pain clinic thoughts

    • Hey Rick,

      Welcome to the blog 🙂

      As you no doubt already discovered, there is a wealth of information to assist you here and many other poor sods that have been treated with contempt by the Workers Comp system.

      Regarding your chronic pain, if the treatment works for you keep at it. If the insurer has accepted liability for your injury, you deserve to receive the best treatment possible.

      I hope you have engaged a lawyer and are seeking their advice. If not, I believe you should do so as a matter of urgency.

      Whilst we all of us here have suffered injuries of various forms, the insurer and WorkCover is all about money. How can they minimize their exposure to ongoing costs (weekly payments, medication, regular treatment etc).

      From experience, your best interests take second place (in WorkCover’s eyes). You have to pursue whatever is right for you.

      Hang on man, it is going to be a bumpy ride. BUT, you will always get help and support from this blog and its contributors. Welcome.

  4. Hi going through a similar thing myself leaves you very lost

  5. Hey Defeated
    I am sorry for what you have been through. In a couple of ways you are lucky in that your claim was accepted and you get ongoing payments. My advice to you regarding your employer is, really, do you want to keep working for someone that is deliberately trying to make your life worse. I recommend that you get them to find you another employer with suitable work close to home so that you can move on. That way you can start to enjoy our life and not worry about what the employer will try to do to you next.

  6. time to vote for the wikileaks party or whatever new party you can find to uproot this corrupt system

  7. Hang in there Defeated. Stay around the site for support to survive this wicked Workover. Knowing you’re not alone in what you’re going through, having access to loads of other injured experiences in the system, having people who understand you when you need to vent – all of this is possible right here, and it’s invaluable to your long term survival.

  8. It makes me very sad and angry to read this defeated, but as Triinny has said you are not alone. Last week there was a review in the Sydney Morning Herald called Pathologising Unhappiness and it in they said that many times when people are depressed, they are that way because of external events that have happened to them, not their internal chemistry or attitude. In your case, you sense of despair in NOT because there is anything wrong with you, it is because a heinous system has inflicted injustice upon you, that despair has happened because of others treating you so badly. Every unfair action by those involved in WC causes a sense of being treated poorly. This is a natural reaction to injustice and many of us here have experienced the same thing but our strength in numbers, sharing our stories and knowledge gives us more power and anger against the system. I urge you to stay with us and watch how things improve, even just a little bit. There is always some hope. Here is the article

  9. Hey defeated: I’m sorry for what your workplace and WorkCover has put you through.

    As you and most of the readers of this blog, have experienced, bullying and intimidation is the basis of the whole Workers Compensation system.

    It is not fair and it is wrong to witness the bullies getting rewarded, whilst their victims suffer more and more.

    My almost 3 years in the “system” have taught me to fight. To fight in the best way I can. Quietly, politely and stubbornly. They can try and crush you, but they can’t crush your soul.

    Your injury may affect how you are psychologically (&/or physically), but the core of who you are will never change. Resist the bastards in the best way you can BUT not to the extent that it will do more harm to yourself.

    Look after yourself first – you have lots of empathy and support on this blog.

  10. That is the very reason that has brought people like the admin of this blog, myself and all the injured workers who post and co-author. Leaving this blog to all the other hard working groups who are advocating for injured workers. Those who have posted and worked hard within their ranks. All the injured workers who have asked desperately for help and have questioned, why? I too have considered what is the purpose of being the diligent employee. Looked at the future of my own children. In the depths of being broken wondered why bother? Whether it’s my determined spirit or my faith in a just God that I believe there are people in this world worth fighting about. The oppressed and unfairly victimised seem to have that approval. Hope is generated when you realise your not alone. You were right and there is no shame in your actions. The shame is in the seat of those whose greed secretly lied this scheme into the lives of Australians.There is no defeat in doing what is right. We teach our kids now, how to detect the lies fed to us. How to say and vote, No to dishonesty. It is hard trap to climb from. But you are strong. You have seen this lie. You need to find support for you. Realise the strength you have. Through this blog, Facebook support groups, family, friends, church even. Hope is there. It’s through the unexpected avenues. You are a worthy person, you are right. You have done no wrong.