Worksafe Vic Says Sorry for our mistake


Just to let you know that Worksafe are well on the ball! They sent out an invitation a few days ago to all their email contacts inviting them to nominate someone for their Awards. They gave me a brand new Console, and then shut up shop before dawn!

Worksafe Vic Says Sorry for our mistake

By co-author “Survivor”
And I was going to nominate Workcovervictim  for an Award for the wonderful health improving impacts of the site she built and maintains for all of us. Looks like I’ve missed it for this year, PTSD episodes making me drop the ball again. Nominations for this year’s Award are probably long closed anyway.

I got on the site last night and set up my Console with password. When I tried to check out the site again today, all I get is a message that says: “You do not have permission to access the asset. Invalid username or password entered”

Thanks for wasting my time Workover. How come this human asset is locked out of a public asset?


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  1. Poo it is awesome!!! You do make me smile I dont know how you do it.

  2. Oh Poo, I do love it! I’m laughing fit to fall off me chair. Wish my morning movement could be as well fed looking as that one, but I guess the Workover merchants do get a great deal more than chaff to eat.

  3. I think this is a GREAT idea!

  4. yeah haaa id write a letter mmmmmm yeh right id be banished to the naughty corner or worse still they’ll take my karma scuds of me popeye great idea yes you count me in make sure you pen in me 40 seater scud .

    yep i think there could only be one award and one only popeye I’m looking into me cystal ball the one that was given to me when i was the appointed the chosen one and i can see you in the best of evening dress shit well the rest of us look the part I’m all for put pen to paper

    ????? could we do this as a group say wcv group ??????

    • If doing it as a WCV group is sailing too close to the wind for the legal good of the site, then I suggest we set up some sort of Injured Worker’s Action Collective (IWAC mmm), which could operate within and across states. Collectives could form in area where IW’s can physically get together, and plan actions against the Workover that they as a group are comfortable with doing. The collectives through their members can keep tuned in to the wonderful information flow that goes on here, listen to the input of other injured workers on the issues, and also conceivably use the forum to discuss group issues and build common goals and strategies.

      Small groups of five to fifteen members, can be wonderfully effective in social change movements because of the participation on members in the issues that concern them. What’s important is that through the small group structure we can learn to trust, value, and support one another, and through our discussions and consideration of everyone’s inputs, we will build a much stronger movement.

      • Great idea Pauline, surely we could get enough people to start a small group away from the site.

        • Great Pugsley, there are many of us from the Social Club who are in and around Melbourne. We all know who we are, we also know that if we try to talk about it here on the public blog we will have to put up with the trolls again. I reckon we get started “building” that collective of activists in the most private part of the Forum. Once these networked activist collectives are functional and getting some media attention, they will provide the Models for other collectives of IWAC’s to follow/adapt to their needs.

          So to the Forum whenever you want to contribute to and enjoy the talkfest that is a necessary precursor of building a group that is inclusive of the views and needs of all who make up the group.

  5. In all seriousness Johnnie, perhaps we should write and ask Worksafe to accomodate our Award giving ceremony, otherwise they will find us populating the entry to their big night. Actually the answer, they’ll have to give one, should be very informative as to their attitudes to Injured Workers. Let’s go straight to the top and ask the Minister and the head of the Workover to approve and fund our attendance. A little letters to the Editor campaign to help push it along too.

    Who would be writing this letter? I’m happy to cobble it together according to input and suggestions from others. Who would we say it was from? I can put my name to it as an injured worker along with anyone else who feels the same and has the same level of freedom from the Workover to be able to do so. We could cc it to our various union leaderships and other relevant community organisations and people to ask for their support.


  6. Yes Please Johnnie. Into the fish tank with us all. I must say though my wardrobe’s a bit run down after years on the penny-pinching Workover. It’s shrunk to the size of a suitcase. What ever will I wear? Will it even matter deep inside my watermelon disguise? At least we’ll get to sit down and eat well, but the speeches might make us vomit up our pavlova and prawns all over their designer frocks and suits. We could be really disgusting! Of course we will be appreciative of any Worksafe Awards given to our fellow injured workers on the evening.

  7. If allianz can spend on free drinks for boofs mate they should sponsor our night out now if I can only get hold of em we’ve gotta be feed fuck the logistics we should run our awards night in conjunction with work safe no good doubling up and costing the state more money poo baa for the grandest of poo baas and the rest of us for just being mongies shit what a night mmmm invite the pm invite the queen invite everyone come one come all come as a low hangin fruit a pear a banana bring your flippers and snorkel I know some of you lot wanna get in the fish tank with fish face wow and bring your rubber duckie

  8. Buck up Poo, your Award quotient is growing. After all you must get an X-Factor Award too for the sheer attractive power of your personality as it comes through this blog. Look at how many are coming here to join the chat.

    Hope you have a better day today. ♦

  9. Thank you one and all, you’ve given me a wonderful early morning Laugh! I had a moment imaging the rubber duckie as MC and Award Giver if we could get it out of Johnnie’s bath. Just don’t know what the rest of you are thinking.

  10. I think its X-Rated FU CGU and look out or you’ll go blind if you play with that rubber duckie too long!

    • Thanks Pugsley, you must listened to some of my songs?:-) You have to speak to Johnny Rotten what he does with his rubber duck! 🙂

  11. mmm must start some where i guess id be willing to travel to collect my awards mmm why not well ok you’ve got one pauline would any wish to join me on a journey south to show a bit of support for our mongie friends down south hey I’m no good at surfing but i love playing in the bath with me rubber duckie

    • Johnny, I’ve never heard of it called a “rubber duckie” 🙂 – a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do 🙂

      • Guess when it shrivels in a too long bath it may get a rubbery feel to it (slap me 😉 )

        workcovervictim August 19, 2013 at 9:08 pm
      • @FU_CGU: you should be nominated for  having the “X-FACTOR” award in the worksafe competition!

        workcovervictim August 19, 2013 at 9:13 pm
        • All awards will gratefully received. Is that the” X-rated award” or the “X-Factor” Award. Just checking 🙂

          • @FU_CGU: I meant the award for the “X factor” – given your amazing talent singing and writing poetry. Perhaps Johnny Rotten could be awarded the” XXX factor” and given a golden rubber ducky with a bow string attached! We also need a “PTSD” award for some of us… Hell we should actually make a list of all the awards for the fish tank folks on here!

            • Thanks WCV, I only just noticed your reply. We all do what we can to express and share our feelings and experiences.

              If others enjoy my songs and other shit, and it gives a smile, a laugh or even the shits, then I keep posting the odd one or two.

              WCV I can not thank you enough for giving all of us the vehicle to share and communicate with each other.

              You should be incredibly proud of what you have created with this blog and how it keeps growing more and more each day.

              You have touched and helped more people than you will ever know.

              You’re right, no-one should take away Johnny Rotten’s “XXX” award.

              He has worked so hard for it! 🙂

            • Good one WCV. Let’s get it going on here. I’ve been meaning to let you all know, we have an Award going for the best idea for a mongies action to get media attention. It’s the Low Hanging Fruit Award for Ingenuity in an Injured Worker. Of course, you have to come to the Awards night to get it!

            • Mmm…..PTSD Award for Mongies, stands for Post The Systematic Drubbing Award? Come on mongies we need to know what PTSD stands for…..Throw in some ideas.

  12. The wombats think the poo baa is not up to standards they set you retards at wok safe this poo baa makes your worksafe and workcover dept look like chicken shit I and many other mongies get more from this place than your fucked up buerocratic nightmare

    • Here,here! I was almost on my last legs when I found this site. I think we should definitely be nominating Poo next year. Injured Workers in Victoria who want to participate should sign up for the Awards newsletter so they can make their nominations.

      • I just signed up to Worksafe Victoria Console. I used my twitter name “Mal Ingerer”. We should all do so before next year’s awards and agree on which category would be the best to nominate Grand Poo. We also have to have agree on what address & contact info for Poo. Do we set up a fake office and fake identities? Maybe, I’ve been watching too many spy movies? 🙂

        • mmmm competion for malinger wow sounds good to me forget about watching spy movies fucgu its when you start talking into the watch or the shoe

        • FU_CGU, I agree. I nominated myself for the Return To Work category last year, and it never showed up in listings, though I got an email thanking me for my nomination and giving me a link to the listings. One little voice gets lost in the silence, but I reckon if there were loads of us making the same nomination, it might get some media attention. Another easy peasy thing we can do to make waves.

        • Gran Poo nominated – how humbly nice of you 😉

          name; Grand Poo – address: Shit Hole No: 89, section 5(c) – place: Whogivesashit – to be found under a poo-splashed rock and a hard place

          We’ll get to that, when it’s that time again 🙂

          • Rubber duckies are definitely encouraged Johnny for relaxation purposes. There must be a few NSW or Qld folk who might like to head for Victoria to join us all at an Award ceremony. Everyone who comes should get an Award just for being there. We’ll probably have to have like an Award Kris Kringle, you know, everyone brings an Award, everyone gets one.

          • Poo, at a guess I’d say you are feeling shitty tonite. With every good reason to. Love your new address. Just don’t get too comfortable there.