WorkCover Vic CEO spits the dummy at Financial Review


Further to our article this week “WorkCover Vic Crackdown on injury claims“. In the latest installment of the one-sided fish slapping competition between The Australian Financial Review and WorkCover Vic CEO, Ms Denise Cosgrove (Score AFR: 24 vs. Cosgrove: 0), Ms Cosgrove has spat the dummy at The Australian Financial Review for continuing to, well, pick on her.

WorkCover Vic CEO spits the dummy at Financial Review

Madame-Zena-authorBy co-author Madame Zena

As The Australian Financial Review continues to keep the pressure on Ms Cosgrove (Workcover Vic’s CEO) and exposing the goings on at the Evil Empire (WorkCover), in a letter to the Editor of the AFR today, Ms Cosgrove spits the dummy and throws the toys out of the pram.

Denise Cosgrove believes she’s been misquoted, mistreated, misunderstood and much maligned. Whilst on the other hand, she opines those whinging Victorian injured workers just don’t know how lucky they are and have never had it so good. Oh gosh, the unfairness of it all Denise!

The people at the AFR who have exposed you and your Machiavellian machinations have nothing to gain except the satisfaction of knowing that you will no longer find it so easy to locate your “prey” in future. And if in the process it gives them a feeling of vengeful satisfaction….all power to them!

In her letter to the Editor, Ms Cosgrove attempts to try and justify herself and the Evil Empire she presides over. Though the more she says the deeper the hole she digs for herself. Some of Ms Cosgrove’s more dumbarsed statements include:

(on claims) “there is no crackdown”
– what just some spring pruning and trimming of the low hanging fruit eh?

” many factors that can affect the number of injured workers seeking conciliation”
– well yeah, like how about the number of claims you reject and the number of injured workers whose benefits you terminate!

“ACCS plays an important role in bringing about durable resolutions to disputes”
– huh? What the heck is a “durable” resolution?! Even when having a sook she still uses incomprehensible gobbledygook bureaucrat-speak.

Ah yes, which brings is to that “low handing fruit” comment. This is where Ms Cosgrove’s mastery of gobbledygook bureaucrat-speech really shines….

(that comment) “were made by me two years ago when I was in a different role, in a different country”
– um So? Your contemptuous disregard for the lives of injured people has no borders Ms Cosgrove.

(that comment) “They are irrelevant to the issue at hand”
– really? No it’s not, as its show an underlying agenda and attitude when describing the actual lives of human beings.

Denise the little you’ve said is too much already!

Poor Denise Cosgrove (dubbed “Fish Face” by our own political commentator – Sorry Denise!). What it is to be mistreated and ganged up on by those big bad nasty journalists at the AFR. Maybe they regard you as a low hanging fruit to be easily picked off in the name of a good story and a headline. Not a pleasant feeling to be forced to swallow a dose of your own poison is it Fish-face? Aahh, the justice of it… an absolutely divine, healing experience, but that’s not all… it would seem the glorious process of retribution is far from complete! This we fear is only the beginning of your self-inflicted, much deserved punishment. We can hardly wait for the next chapter!

Letter to the Editor: “No crackdown on injured Victorian workers”

from The Australian Financial Review 8 August 2013

Your report that the Victorian WorkCover Authority is ‘cracking down’ on payments to injured workers (“Crackdown on injury claims,” AFR, August 7) contains a number of inaccuracies. There is no crackdown. There are many factors that can affect the number of injured workers seeking conciliation.

Where a worker disputes a decision, the Accident Compensation Conciliation Service (ACCS) provides an independent avenue to resolve the issue. The independent ACCS plays an important role in bringing about durable resolutions to disputes in a fair and even-handed manner. It is also wrong to say that WorkCover has told agents not to actively participate in conciliation. This is simply not the case. Furthermore, the comments you referenced that were made by me were made two years ago when I was in a different role, in a different country, and were taken out of context at the time. They are irrelevant to the issue at hand. Victoria boasts the lowest premiums and best safety record of any jurisdiction in Australia, the result of a system that provides a fair and high-quality service to injured workers and employers.

Denise Cosgrove
Victorian WorkCover Authority
Melbourne, Vic

The lady doth protest too much, wethink!

PS Cosgrove is known as Fish Face on our site 🙂

40 Responses to “WorkCover Vic CEO spits the dummy at Financial Review”

    But still can’t get my entitlements back
    And just imagine the shit involved to get rehab after surgery

    They caused this!!

    • Hey Fight Back, I assume it was your lawyer appointed IME’s advice that extensive spinal surgery surgery.

      Speak with your lawyer and, depending which State in which you reside, they can advise you of the most appropriate appeal path to take.

      The insurers &/or Workover use cruel and mind numbing tactics. You are not alone, every injured worker is subject to similar bullshit treatment.

      Hang in there Fight Back, keep fighting. You will win in the long run (probably not all you need or deserve), they want you to give, because if you do, it will save them shitloads of money.

      • Not it was their IME

        • If you’re in Victoria, you can appeal to Conciliation and the Medical Panel. There’s info on site about these processes. They’re time consuming back channels, but at least offer the Injured Worker some unbiased consideration of their issues. You need to have survival plans for the many months that it can take to go through these processes.
          My three experiences of Medical Panels in the Workover is that they are pretty fair, but you need to be well prepared, and this can be difficult if you are affected by the well known Workover Wonky Brain Syndrome. If that’s the case for you, ask friends, family, WCV participants, to help you prepare.

    • Hang in Fightback. Put the legal fights in the hands of your lawyerr and then try to do everything you can to get your physical treatments happening. You must make your health care your first priority. Use all the support you can find in the system and out.

      Good luck with your struggle, and keep in touch with the site here, there’s plenty of support to smooth your progress. Also, you can find regular entertainment and inspiration in the site’s unfolding story of the Rise of the Mongies against the Workover.

  2. Johnny remains the chosen one, a fucking malingerer the best of the best thank you Allianz for bestowing this award on  me now a cm yeh haaaaa scuds gal-our i can show  boof our retard of a premier and pearce how to drink and it won’t cost the state a zac I’ve got a budget of $3.50 for pissin in pollies  pockets complements of allianz fuck allianz your good , fuck ill give  boof and his mate pissy pearce a  cuppa of tea yeh right id piss in the cup before given them  something worthwhile .hey guys I’ve gotta get fair dinkum about me job here,

    News flash currently in negotiations to by units at every major city on the water front of coarse only the best for the mongies and pop eye you’ve got the every penthouse house in every state compliments of the insurers between you and me it took a bit of arm twisting but hey fuck .

    Everything good thing must come to an end why in fuck do you want to RTW retrained for what  naaa fuck it ill increase your weekly mula , pugs, popeye i can be contacted 24/7 at allianz  lives great even if your a mongie.

    • Popeye is busy eating spinach. It ‘s a good sign. Thanks you for that Newsflash johnny and for the laughs along the way. If it wasn’t so funny it would be tragic I know. But homelessness and the Workover have helped me see that there’s a hell of a lot of humour in all this, but only if I let myself sit in God’s shoes for a while. Mind you most of the time I’m an athiest. Must have something to do with being kicked and told to get up a Catholic.  So sometimes I pretend to be God and then it all really amuses me. He must be a heartless bugger. Oops that’s not another broken Tooth Fairy dream is it?

  3. Johnny cant be the case manager he should be promoted to General Manager or CEO whichever is the top job. Then things might actually get fixed, people will get the help they need and get retraining if they want it.

    You malinger as much as you want Johnny!!!!

  4. me johnny a case manager now that would be interesting mmmmmm tie bosses to scuds press the button pay increase for every mongie of say 500 bucks fuck go the whole hog make it a $1000.oo now which insurer would employ me allianz did i hear you say mmmmm johnny dream on

    • I want you for my Case Manager Johnny. I know you’d put me up in a motel immediately to counteract my homelessness, or maybe you’d even take me home. All that extra money would be so good, I’d probably never be homeless again. And I’d be getting retrained starting next week!

      Johnny for CASE MANAGER!

  5. 15 years on work cover? 10 years on work cover?
    I’ve been on work cover for 3 years and I’m already tired of it and the people I deal with at alliance .
    I’m only 36 so does this mean I have to deal with these people for ever?

    • Lek, the answer to that probably depends on whether you are able to get back to work. If you can, then no you won’t be dealing with them for life. If you can’t then yes, you’ll be dealing with them and the effects of long term poverty too. If you are able to imagine a working life with your injuries, go for it. The Workover is no picnic to get stuck in.The thing that will get you stuck, or consigned to poverty for life, is your inability to work.

    • You will either fight for what’s rightfully yours or give up….

      Imagine if they just stopped all their games, severely injured people might be able to move on…

      They should remove from the Workcover act the part that says we are entitled to treatment for the rest of our lives…