Will Tony Abbott follow in Barry O Farrell footsteps?


As much as we’d like to steer away from politics, we believe the following political article makes some valid and very scary points indeed with regards to the upcoming federal election.

Fact: During the 2011 NSW  Election, NSW Barry O’Farrell remained tight lipped about the plans he had for workers. He never mentioned he would be cutting 15,000 jobs, He never said he would slash workers comp benefits, or that he would remove the rights of workers in NSW, but once he got into power he did.

According to Unions NSW, now Tony Abbott is using Barry’s script and saying nothing.

“Don’t be fooled”, Unions NSW warns.
“We can’t let the Liberals get away with it again.”

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Will Tony Abbott follow in Barry O Farrell footsteps?

The NSW injured workers are the ones suffering as a result of the changes made to Workers Compensation NW System by the Barry O’Farrell Liberal Government. With the federal election only weeks away, Tony Abbott  has made it very clear, that, if elected, he will not intervene to reverse the effects these changes are now having on the people of NSW – quote made by Mr Abbott on John Laws Radio 2SM “I’m reluctant to interfere, particularly where I think the states are moving in the right direction.”

Furthermore the injured workers of Victoria also appear to be on the chopping board – what if Tony Abbott backs Denise Cosgrove’s pruning?

Very scary times lie ahead…

Tony Abbott is singing off Barry O’Farrell’s song sheet

WORKERS in New South Wales could be forgiven for feeling a pretty unsettling sense of déjà vu at the moment.

A Liberal leader is on the campaign trail, and he is going out of his way to reassure everyone that if he takes office, there will be no negative impact on workers.

Tony Abbott promises that jobs won’t be lost, rights at work won’t be stripped away, entitlements won’t be cut, and protections won’t be weakened.

Voters have heard this before

But NSW voters heard this exact same lullaby in very recent history. It was sung by Barry O’Farrell during the 2011 election.

Yet what happened when Mr O’Farrell took office is exactly the same as always happens when the Liberals are allowed to pull the levers of power.

Workers get hit hard.

NSW voters were not told in 2011 that the workers compensation safety net would be cut away, meaning those injured at work will face life-shattering expenses. They were not told that 15,000 public sector jobs would be slashed, devastating individual lives and local economies. Nor were they told that wages for police, for nurses, for firefighters – and for all other public sector workers – would be capped at levels below inflation.

Voters were not told in 2011 that public assets like our ports and power infrastructure would be sold off to the private sector. And they were not told that the state’s independent workplace umpire, the Industrial Relations Commission, would be critically weakened.

None of this was mentioned at all on the campaign trail – indeed, most of it was emphatically denied.

I suppose at least Tony Abbott, by comparison, is being up front about a few of the attacks on workers he will introduce.

He is up front about reintroducing the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC), whose sole role under the Howard Government was to harass and intimidate union members on construction sites.

He is upfront about the fact that the superannuation guarantee rise that is scheduled for next year (from 9.25% to 9.5%) will be halted. And he is upfront about a review of the Fair Work Act, which is overwhelmingly likely to swing power back toward employers.

But I think voters in NSW have every right to cast a pretty jaundiced eye at Tony Abbott when he starts denying previous positions he has held and contradicting his senior frontbenchers.

When he says that penalty rates are not in his sights. When he says award conditions won’t be cut.

When he says that halting the rise of the superannuation guarantee will only be ‘temporary’, and that he will eventually continue with Labor’s incremental plan to get it to 12%. And when he says he will retain the power of the Fair Work Commission.

Abbott will use the O’Farrell playbook

In fact, it should now be abundantly clear to NSW voters what Mr Abbott and his Liberal team will do if he wins office.

He will use the O’Farrell playbook: rather than charging through the front door with a WorkChoices-style plan all at once, his attacks on workers’ rights and conditions will carried out one-by-one. It will be WorkChoices by stealth.

The Liberals will always dance to the tune of their backers and natural constituency – big business. And big business is certainly not shy about declaring what they want to see: scrapped penalty rates, a slashed minimum wage, the abandonment of collective bargaining, and the eradication of the Fair Work Act in favour of WorkChoices Mk II.

It is deeply disturbing to think of the pincer movement NSW workers would be caught in should Mr Abbott win in September. They find themselves simultaneously attacked by Barry from Macquarie St and Tony from Canberra.

We need to ensure that there is some sort of balance. Otherwise the next few years could be tough indeed for working people in this state.

[Source: http://workinglife.org.au/2013/08/21/tony-abbott-is-singing-off-barry-ofarrells-song-sheet/]

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    The farmer agreed to deliver the mule the next day.

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    They said, “We raffled him off like we said we wuz gonna do.”

    Bazza said, “Hell, we sold 500 tickets fer two dollars apiece and made a profit of $898.”

    The farmer said, “My Lord, didn’t anyone complain?”

    Bazza said, “Well, the feller who won got upset. So we changed the Legislation, empowered Insurers and
    told him he would have to pay Legal costs even if he wins.”

    the motto to this story??????
    Limit all Australian politicians to two terms.
    One in office
    One in prison

  2. some further reading for hose not convinced

    Pearce’s Hatred for injured, disabled and victims of crime seems to be Far greater than that of unions now.
    The shadow of workchoices looms over NSW
    Posted: Friday, 18 March 2011 | By: Paul Lynch
    Barry O’Farrell’s Shadow Industrial Relations Minister Greg Pearce harbours an ideological hatred of unions and wants to unleash Workchoices-style legislation on NSW workers, Industrial Relations Minister Paul Lynch said today.
    Mr Pearce – who was a senior partner at the law firm Freehills when they represented Patrick Stevedores in the 1998 waterfront dispute – has told Parliament that:
    “The Labor Party is really concerned about WorkChoices because that has an adverse effect on the jobs of the greatest bunch of leeches in Australia: the unions.”*
    Mr Lynch said Greg Pearce was too partisan to be Industrial Relations Minister and called on Barry O’Farrell to remove him from the portfolio.
    “Greg Pearce has harboured a long-standing ideological bent against workers”, Mr Lynch said.
    “He has stood before the Parliament and called unions ‘leeches’ while outing himself as a strong supporter of Workchoices,” he said.
    “He has also said he wants to increase outsourcing and even talked about offshoring,” Mr Lynch said.
    “Make no mistake – if he becomes Industrial Relations Minister, Greg Pearce will want to unleash a torrent of anti-union and anti-worker legislation on NSW,” he said.
    Mr Lynch said Mr Pearce’s own work history provides a further insight into his stance on workers.
    “Greg Pearce was a senior partner at Freehills, Hollingdale and Page when they represented Patrick Stevedores during the 1998 Waterfront Dispute”, he said.
    “Who could ever forget this distressing episode in our history, which brought dogs and razor wire to our waterfronts,” Mr Lynch said.
    * SOURCE: (Hansard, 28/09/06)

    • Very interesting At A Loss, people should also never ever forget that Pearce worked as a solicitor for the Insurance companies and many Liberal party members also were lawyers who represented Insurance companies including Julie Bishop.

  3. any injured worker considering the liberal party
    please think twice and read below

    Extract from NSW Legislative Assembly Hansard and Papers Thursday, 31 May 2007 (Proof).


    The Hon. AMANDA FAZIO: My question is addressed to the Minister for
    Industrial Relations. Will the Minister inform the House about New
    South Wales efforts to ensure that employers are clear about their
    workplace safety responsibilities?

    The Hon. JOHN DELLA BOSCA: I thank the Hon. Amanda Fazio for her
    question and acknowledge her ongoing interest in occupational health
    and safety matters.

    The Commonwealth Government’s recent legislative changes to allow
    national companies to bypass state workplace safety laws is a
    concerning development.

    New South Wales has made considerable efforts to resolve the
    confusion created by the Commonwealth’s unhelpful entry into this
    important area of responsibility. I wrote to the previous Commonwealth
    industrial relations Minister, Kevin Andrews, in December last year
    pointing out that a safety gap was emerging created by holes in the
    Commonwealth legislation. I have received no reply. I wrote to the
    Minister’s successor, Joe Hockey, in January this year and again in

    New South Wales has outlined simple and commonsense workplace
    scenarios that expose the inadequacy of the Commonwealth’s new laws,
    including situations where workers are not covered by any safety laws
    at all. I have yet to receive a satisfactory reply that addresses the
    practical problems now faced by employers and employees. Commonwealth
    officials have been advising employers that, first, the Commonwealth
    will not have exclusive jurisdiction over the entire site of a national
    self-insurer; second, the Commonwealth has no power either to advise or
    to enforce in respect of subcontractors and their employees on a site
    controlled by a national self-insurer; third, subcontractors and their
    employees remain covered by New South Wales law; and, fourth, in spite
    of this, New South Wales WorkCover inspectors have no legal power to
    enter a workplace controlled by a national self-insurer. That means
    that a significant category of employees will not be covered by any
    safety compliance laws given the Commonwealth’s bloody-minded attitude
    to this problem.

    New South Wales of course rejects this advice and the approach
    suggested. It would lock out state workplace safety inspectors or
    require them to gain consent from the controller of the premises. This
    clearly undermines the requirement of the Council of Australian
    Governments that there be no reduction in safety standards in the
    course of harmonisation. The impact of the Commonwealth’s advice to
    employers is to leave some New South Wales workers, particularly
    subcontractors and their employees, unprotected by any workplace safety

    The Commonwealth has so far ignored the problems. I have written
    again to the Commonwealth Minister requesting that a meeting of the
    Workplace Relations Ministers Council be held prior to the end of June.
    It has been eight months since the council last met in September 2006,
    and there are important workplace issues to be resolved—not the least
    of which is the resolution of the Australian Safety and Compensation
    Council that Ministers meet, consider and endorse its business plan for
    the next financial year. The Commonwealth Minister was quoted in the
    Australian Financial Review as saying that that is “unnecessary”,
    despite his own council asking Ministers to do so.

    The Commonwealth Government consistently refuses to work with the
    states, preferring an arrogant and bullying approach despite evidence
    that this does not work. The Workplace Relations Ministers Council has
    met on more than 70 occasions over the past century, as governments
    dealt cooperatively with Australia’s shared industrial relations
    powers. The Howard Government, however, cancelled, rescheduled and
    avoided meetings for a year and a half while it devised in secret its
    failed WorkChoices laws—laws that are now accepted as being so bad that
    the Commonwealth refuses even to speak their name. They are a bit like
    the character out of the Harry Potter books. Now much modified,
    WorkChoices remains unbalanced, unfair and unacceptable to the majority
    of Australians. Yet Joe Hockey is pursuing the same blind, arrogant
    approach to workplace safety, leading to more extremist laws that do
    not work. I await the Commonwealth’s reply to my request for genuine
    dialogue on this very important issue.

  4. I reckon those insurers have shares in pay as you go mobiles. You ring an insurance office on one of those, and your whole month’s credit is gone before you get a “person” to speak to.

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    • Johnny, I don’t think I can persuade CGU, even using all my evil powers (I have been modelling the workcover tactics and using it against then).

      I have the same experience with CGU:

      Never answer emails
      Don’t acknowledge letters
      Same bullshit from Case managers

      I don’t know if they answer the phone, (I never ring them) as I keep everything in writing.

      Maybe I can draft up an invitation (mmm evil thought) and we can invite Allianz and CGU to the Rotten Party – better make it BYO or BYE (bring your own everything). I think they should wear their flak jackets – there will be some pretty fired up Rotten extremists present.

      Bondi sounds good to me. Maybe we can arrange a communal IME appointment in Sydney and get the fuckers to pay for the airfares for our interstate members? 🙂

  8. I would vote for the Rotten party if it existed, sounds wonderful. I like facts too, and the facts are very basic, especially here in NSW. It is a FACT that the Liberals have destroyed what little workers compensation we had. It is a FACT that Tony Abbott has given his support for what O Farrell did, so At A Loss is totally correct. If you are an injured worker and you give your vote to Abbott, you deserve everything that is coming your way. Let’s see how you feel one year from now if he gets in. And don’t bother reprimanding me, I like FACTS remember

  9. Yeah, FU_CGU (why do I like writing your name? – must have something to do with my ten years of incarceration under the tender care of CGU) It’s our Rotten Party. That’s the best kind.

  10. Don’t worry Johnny it’s a week or so away. You’ll be ready. You know how to throw a Party.

    • The only problem with Johnny throwing a party – it will be a “ROTTEN PARTY”!

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      I don’t know what is worse – my puns or my injuries? 🙂

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  12. mmmm me well I’ve been a so called liberal for years until my injury and with what I’ve learnt about politicians wether they are libs or lab they are good at using wording to make everything glossy and rosy and because most don’t have the time to do the homework on what they say ,they go on with life until it costs them money new taxes or no transport or they are injured at at work
    the list can go on its to late the damage has been done because i know that both parties have a vested interest themselves and big biz .what we as a nation should be on about is our country whats in for the nation not us as individuals and as well mmmm a liberal fella i wouldn’t piss on BOOF or the lot of arse licking lazy turds he has working for him.

    me im a mongie ive had me melon examined yep im a nutter my impairment we are still fighting 10% 18% shit who knows mmm i don’t take offence to what at a loss has said as i know what the other side of the coin is and I’m a believer in freedom of speech it may not be the place to disscuss politics but a bunny said it beautifully if we are injured politics does pay a roll in the lives

    You all should be voting for the ROTTEN PARTY we give out rubber duckies you’ll never see the blue or red given em out a vote for me johnny is a vote for a mmmm ill have to get back to you on that one

    • I hate all politicians. I believe in free speech, corruption free capitalism but with a social conscience.

      There are no parties that cover my fundamentals.

      There has been corruption in politics since the Roman Forum a few thousand years back. Liberal or Labour all have had their snouts in the trough at some stage.

      So I for once will be seeking out the “How To Vote Rotten” how to vote card on 7 September.

      A vote for Johnny is a vote for, well….. at least it would be better than voting Informal (no offence Johnny :-))

    • Thanks Johnny rotten.

  13. I have “head problems” and I don’t mind what ‘At a Loss’ has said as his comment rings pretty true to me. There’s more than one kind of head problem DeBuzz. If you think the Libs are so great, perhaps you’d like to tell us why, instead of just denying others’ rights to say anything.

    • ‘pauline’ will u stop friggin stalking my comments. every comment i make u see it as your job to ‘correct’ it. i dont see the word ‘moderator’ next to your name. its like you see this forum as your personal little fiefdom, where u rule the roost, where u dictate what people can and cant say, u decide who can and cant be on here.
      my comment wastn anything about liberals, you cant even read
      but i reakon u just say the opposite so u can ‘correct’ what i ever i say
      beside who the heck are u to tell me i must account to you.
      stop being such a bossy flossy and stop stalking my every comment!!!!!

      • Actually Debuzz, I wasn’t stalking your comment, but I was commenting on it, just as you commented on Ataloss. Pot calling the kettle a dark horse methinks. We all have the right to express our opinions, and heaven forbid, even disagree with each other. We’re required to treat each other with respect DeBuzz, not go round attacking the person for having a say, but if we actually disagree with what they say, provide the evidence that supports our opinion.

        • crikey your the biggest h… [this comment was totally censored as it is unacceptable and considered a personal attack]

    • thanks Pauline pope.
      you understood what I was conveying .

    • Pauline Pope I too have head problems but not to the point that I believe two word slogans and a campaign that has not revealed any true figures or facts.

      • Pauline you are right when you point out that we should be able to express our opinions as long as we do it in an adult mature and respectful manner. I never thought expressing my views which is based on living through the adversarial system of workcover would strike such a cord with some people, but it did. I however will not change my view as it is based on experience.
        so thank you for taking the time to defend the right of another injured sod.

        • Ataloss, I despair of the big parties, and hope we have a Parliament where the balance of power is held by those with a commitment to protecting our environment, those who oppose the corporations “dirty business”, those who pursue real social justice, and those who believe in transparency in government.