Tips from a former rehab consultant not suited to position as spent too much time focusing on assisting injured workers with RTW!


aworkcovervictimsdiary was recently very fortunate to be contacted by a former rehabilitation consultant, who after working for a rehab provider (recently mentioned on this site) for about one month was deemed unsuited for the position as he spent too much time focusing on actually assisting injured workers with return to work (RTW) outcomes, rather than endless, mind numbing report writing! This very kind and empathic rehabilitation consultant furthermore offers us all some great insight into the inner workings of rehab providers and has kindly shared with us a free easy and effective guide that he developed for assisting injured workers to apply for advertised positions.

Former rehab consultant not suited to position as spent too much time focusing on assisting injured workers with RTW!

The Rehabilitation Consultant’s email to aworkcovervictimsdiary

I am a former employee of a Rehab provider (recently mentioned in a blog), for approximately 4 weeks before…

…it was deemed I was not suited for the position as I spent too much time focusing on assisting injured workers with RTW outcomes and not on report writing.

I greatly empathize with any injured worker on workcover and required to attend unproductive RTW/NES meetings at a rehab provider.

It is a very long winded process and most injured workers complained of being treated as a number and kept out of the loop between the employer, insurer and rehab provider.

My advice to any injured worker is to RTW within the first 6 months, or if that is not possible, proactively seek new employment on your own.

I believe most rehab consultants are inundated with report writing. For some it is easy to focus on the administrative tasks because the reports are basically all the same.

However, helping clients to RTW would require extensive reading into the history of each person’s case and taking a genuine desire and consistent effort to assist them into suitable alternative employment.

Although if an early RTW with a new employer is achieved, the Rehab consult receives a financial incentive, however positive outcomes could take months. Alternatively, a great number of vocational assessments and other reports could be completed in the same time if little focus was given to planning and assisting injured workers with their individual RTW needs.

If you are attending any NES meetings with a Rehab provider, ensure to have a copy of your vocational assessment and every report that follows; and keep an eye on the achievement of each of the objectives listed.
Consultants are paid to provide a thorough job seeker program, so make sure they cover every point.

In addition, for those who are determined to beat the system and want to take a proactive approach to their RTW, I am happy to provide a free easy and effective guide that I developed for assisting anyone to apply for advertised positions.

Easy and effective guide developed by this very kind Rehab Consultant for assisting anyone to apply for advertised positions

The simple guide to job applications is missing (since we moved our site) – sorry!

A big THANK YOU to R  for sharing your story with us and for, so kindly providing us with your free easy guide for effective job applications.

Although what you tell here is not new to most of us, seriously injured workers, we am extremely grateful that you have had the courage to put this is writing, as this only further affirms our injured suspicions and own disillusions re the workcover rehab and RTW process(es).

As I wrote to R, It’s a shame really (that s/he was found unsuitable for the job) as undoubtedly many of you (Rehab Consultants) really want to make that difference but simply can’t. In turn we, injured sods then blame the “rehabbers” for losing our jobs, while in most cases I have no doubt that it is in fact (in most cases) the workcover case manager(s) who are putting you guys under so much pressure that it is impossible to really assist us in a meaningful way.

It is not the first time that we have been contacted by disillusioned (former) wonderful Rehabilitation Consultants who have worked for workcover accredited Rehab service providers

You may recall the story from a Rehabilitation clinician/consultant, disillusioned with the unrealistic pressures put onto them by the – yes- workcover system, in particular the case manager(s).

While we have no doubt that there are some really inappropriate, utterly useless “rehabbers” and rehab service providers as well, some of which have been written about on this site (e.g see our story titled ” Bullied and Harassed by IPAR rehabilitation“, it begs the question on how many workcover accredited rehab service providers really “operate”. Do they deliberately employ inexperienced “rehabbers”? Do they deliberately stall the return to work process in order to generate as many “reports” as possible and as long as an “engagement” as possible in order to boost profits, with no interest in the injured workers’ outcome? Does it “pay” more to generate reports than to actually return an injured worker to work?

We believe R has made some very valid points of which the most important, if at all possible, we as injured workers, are far better off seeking our own new jobs, even alternative return to work within our company (through application for internal or external vacancies for example that are suited to our medical restrictions). It would save us a hell of a lot of grief and stress, harassment and bullying and may just save our job(s).

[post dictated by workcovervictim and manually transcribed on behalf of workcovervictim who remains extremely unwell]

7 Responses to “Tips from a former rehab consultant not suited to position as spent too much time focusing on assisting injured workers with RTW!”

  1. Thankyou so much for words of support . I WILL stand up for myself ! . Phones surgeon and he said go to GP and have host employment ceased and now see him Thursday . Walking limitations were not on my restrictions , however SEDENTRY was . There are no available information on workcover qld web sites regarding Host employment obligations and rights or responsibilities . It’s so degrading to be forced to endure pain and try to suck it up because I need to be paid by workcover .

  2. Not defeated – I discovered a little scam that is played very efficiently. In the construction of the return to work program often there are numerous suitable duties. BUT they often do not include how many or repititions of those duties you can tolerate. Now if your being ” hardened” you should be supervised. YOU NEED! To feed back what is affecting your injury. Be very vocal. Tell the supervisor and rehab consultant, In WRITING vis letter or email ( keep copies of all communications) your struggling with distance or quantity. ANY irritation of your injury should be ceased and your doctor consulted. Have your GP Change the Return to work conditions. You are not obliged to return to a work place if it is unsafe of not in your limitations. OR irritating not hardening your injury. Big difference! If your work place has not been assessed or your injury by an occupational therapist and a suitable graduated plan actioned and monitored. You do not have to oblige that program if it is creating problems. You don’t have to accept any thing thrown at you in the name or disguise of “its in you suitable duties list” or ” hardening” Noone has been given the right to abuse you or your injury. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi not defeated, this is disgusting. What is host? surely some of our fellow injured friends can answer your questions, surely you cannot injure yourself even more, don’t become more incapacited.This job seems horrendous for you in your condition. Just take care of yourself.

  4. After being placed in three unsuitable work areas that were against my return to work program. (AND generating another injury). I decided to find my own suitable employment. I found the perfect job. Presented this to my rehab consultant who said I couldn’t apply as it was not found by my employer. Therefore my contract would be breached. So back to my employer for a fourth position. As in the last 3 places. Unsuitable, against my return to work program and used as a tool to present the arguement my employer can’t find a suitable position. My rehab consultant has worked very efficiently building a case for my employer to find me a position on unemployment benefits. Very resourceful.

    • I am currently in host employment due to my employer not being able to provide suitable duties . I have a back injury that is restricting my walking , so I’m placed in a 100 bedroom nursing home to talk , read , feed the residents …..100 rooms !! Multiple eating areas , huge corridors !! To walk around . Minimal direction on what to do whilst I’m there and I am getting very depressed by it all . I can’t see my psychogist as I’m now expected to be at host . Everyone is phoning each other to see how I’m progressing yet no one bothers to phone me . I want to tell them to shove their pathetic excuse of work hardening up their arse . I can and will either heal sufficiently to get back to my current job or find another but this experience will not speed up recovery . Surely they know that ?

  5. What a wonderful and nice thing to do R, thankyou very much. When I was first injured, I remember reading about fraud in the workers comp system and I came across a university study which itemised the fraud into workers, doctors, insurance companies and rehab providers, the rehab providers came out on top of the list and there has never been any investigation into this (the research has been removed from the internet or maybe after hours of searching, I can’t find it). My dealings with the one I was allocated were horrendous, they provided nothing, wrote reports that were fabricated, ordered me back to work against doctor’s orders, organised meetings with my doctor and did not tell me (as well as threatening him). When I complained and demanded another rehab provider, the case manager said no (in contravention of the legislation) and to add insult to injury, the only nice rehab person I dealt with had left because “she did not fit into our culture” She left because she had ethics, just like you R. I wish there were more like you both.

  6. God, I just wish I had been fortunate enough to have had R assist me with my last RTW! I must admit that my last RTW was HELL, a nightmare that I still (3 years later) often re-live, of which I still suffer severe PTSD and anxiety, and panic attacks as soon as I dare thinking about it. It was the most humiliating, horrendous experience, which led to my (unlawful) sacking. The “rehabber” (a barely 20 something year old) could/would not implement a few basic ergonomic aides in my workplace as prescribed by my top upper limb surgeon, and which were readily available in any OfficeWorks or Harvey Norman store. After 4 whole months those basic items were still not in place, how is this possible? Worse, was that she constantly overruled my surgeon’s prescribed equipment, forbid me to use a trackball mouse, forbid me to use an under-desk tray, forbid me to sit on a chair with forearm rests -??? Every time she would fax endless questionnaires to my bewildered surgeon asking justification for the items, stating utter bullPOO such that a trackball mouse would put strain on my thumb – helloooo?! In the end I got sacked and lost my sanity – a complete breakdown which simply added a huge mental injury (and %WPI) that could have been avoided. I will never ever forget it. And still ask myself WHY?