I Lost My Family – injured worker distressing story


As we’ve mentioned several times, sadly what is seriously lacking in the management of injured workers is the addressing of how the injury erodes the family and how the eroded family contributes to the injured worker’s struggle. But take injured worker “D’s” case and imagine what could happen if you were to work with your family and happened to get injured on the job. D lost his entire family because he was injured at work…

I Lost My Family – injured worker distressing story

I worked in a family business as a partner ( they use my money and I have no say) for 20 years. Family member 1- quotes, family member 2- deliveries, and me. Manual worker 7.30 am until 6.00pm. Lifting and machining hardwood, loading and unloading glass, take deliveries during lunch time day after day, year on year…

One day whilst lifting heavy frames when no one can help and I blow one disc, two weeks in hospital, back to work in 3 weeks.

Six months later, BANG same thing, another 2 weeks in hospital and told to make up time lost by using my holiday pay.

Reminder this is family. 12 months later BANG here we go again, hospital 2 weeks back at work in 3 weeks.

Skip forward 3 years lodged work cover claim and pleaded with insurer for MRI and was told my partners were seeking legal opinion and would have to wait.

Next thing I know I was sacked, and I’m a partner, how does that work.

Finally after 5 years was allowed MRI and found lower 4 discs ruptured and sitting on that was a disc bulge and warned by specialist that I will be in a wheel chair within 2 years if I continue manual work. It’s all I’ve ever done.

Sacked, back stuffed, no money, 3 young girls and Xmas approaching and the final phone call comes telling me I’m no longer welcome to my parents place,( x) brothers, (x) sister all say I’m scum for suing my family.

I explain we have been paying w/c premiums for 18 years and they say get F__d.

As a partner I split my wage with my wife to minimise tax and that was told to insurer as was that I was ripping them off.

So after 4 years I went to conciliation 17 times, the Medical Panel 4 times and saw 42, yes 42 independent medical examiners and was filmed on many occasions and footage played to Medical Panel who backed me all the way.

Now I am receiving my entitlements without hassle and even the Ombudsmen told the Insurer to back off. I just managed to save my house, kids, marriage and for what??? Trying to do the best job I could so everybody benefited.

Now no Superannuation or payout from them as couldn’t prove injury wasn’t pre-existing.

Each time I was waiting on Medical Panel which was nearly 3 months I had to go beg at centre link …

….who said as I was a partner they wanted company figures. Yeah right.

Now I attend hydrotherapy 4 days a week, take a sh¤¤ load of medication, have flare ups 2 or 3 times a month and there is no medical product that was suitable for me and now this was going to be my life.

Sorry people who read this as not many if any positives came out of this.

Trust no- one with your health, even family and friend

Most of money losses now come from 30cents a KLM for travel.

Whoa I feel better that I have unloaded, thanks guys for setting this thing up, CHEERS



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  1. I would love to move north to get away from the cold due to an aggravation of arthritis and pain and am told leave the state leave your payments. Is this correct? Walking is what I need to do but in this weather. Now from this walking I’ve developed severe hip pain, now what happens if I need an operation? Is this related to my initial claim, please answer my querie as I am very concerned! Thanks

    • Hey Brutus, you can move interstate, even overseas, and your payments and treatment will continue. Talk to your lawyer, he will confirm after you advise him of all your intentions.

  2. So sorry for what you’ve been through. Your family are being totally unreasonable, probably having the daylights scared out of them by Insurer legal gobbledy gook. They’ll regret it one day, money should never come between family.

    I hope you can get through this safely and get your life back on track.

  3. Hi Wheelin i understand how you feel, i lost my family because i could not give to them, i have been through the medical panel, and won, am heading back to IME to morrow ,not feel well for weeks, anxiousness has gone through the roof, i lost my house, as well . became homeless, still am. this sight is a great place, A big thank you to them , just wanted to let you know thinking of you,

    christine mckenzie August 22, 2013 at 10:02 pm
  4. D my heart goes out to you.

    don’t worry about your parents sisters or brothers. You have a new family your wife and children and the extended all us injured.

    what a f*%$ed up system we have.


    • Hi D, I am astounded and the lack of compassion some people display. I would have thought that you would have a strong case for a common law claim for pain & suffering and possibly loss of earnings. Have you pursued this. The point about you not being able to prove the injury wasn’t pre-existing surely comes down to your medical history prior to your claim.If that is O.K. then I would have thought you had a good case. Also from the sounds of your injury I would also believe you would have a strong case for ongoing weekly payments.

      • Yes I’m receiving weekly payments and received a payment for over 30% permanent injury but no common law option as I would be in part suing myself and that doesn’t work, thanks