Are we interested in guest posts from workcover insurer GIO – WTF?


Oh my goodness gracious me – I nearly fell of my couch reading the following email from an agency asking aworkcovervictimsdiary to consider “them” to produce some “quality content” on behalf of – hold your breath – workcover insurer GIO (!!!)  on our site …..and to (potentially) enter into a longer term “arrangements”…I am lost for words, hell I am mortified, are you?

As a side note: GIO provides workers compensation cover in NSW, ACT, TAS, WA, NT but is no longer an agent of WorkSafe in the Victorian workers compensation scheme.

Currently in Victoria WorkSafe Agents are: Allianz, Gallagher Bassett, QBE, Xchanging and, believe it or not CGU (despite Recently (May 20110) having locked up over 10,000 files in a hidden cupboard and manipulated invoices which made CGU $2.5 million in profits.)

Are we interested in guest posts from workcover insurer GIO – WTF?

The email titled “Interested in guest posts?”

Hi there

Firstly, I hope you’re doing well for a Tuesday and that you had a lovely weekend. Secondly, I’ve had a look at your site and I must say that I’m pretty impressed with the content.

The reason why I am writing to you today is because I represent a number of brands and thought you might be interested in considering us to produce some quality content for your site.

One particular brand is GIO. GIO is part of the Suncorp Group, the largest general insurer of Australians  and Australia’s largest personal injury insurer. They have been protecting Australian businesses and their workers for over 85 years and currently provide workers compensation insurance to over 70,000 employers across the country. They are about to release a couple of promo videos and my goal is to not only produce content around them but to also try to promote them and syndicate the content through other channels such as yours. I honestly believe this type of content would work well with your site’s content in terms of style, tone and target audience and ultimately, I believe that this content can drive both site and social media engagement.

We do try and drive traffic where we can to our external articles, whether through paid or social sharing to help increase engagement, and if you are interested we would also be interested in a longer term arrangement. We have built up relationships with a number of partners including websites, blogs and even magazines in the past and would like to include you on that list.

If you are interested, are you able to provide me with you your publishing and development schedule along with some website analytics and your commercial rates?

Look forward to hearing from you!

(We have censored the poor sods name and agency’s name)

What the hell do these people and GIO think? That this “type of content” would work well with aworkcovervictimsdiary  in terms of “STYLE, TONE and TARGET AUDIENCE”- you gotta be kidding? Do you think they ever read our site?

Sounds more like  an underhanded, sly way, even a bribe (!) to promote their workcover insurer to our 3 million/month readers, in the hope that some are employers /companies snooping around (as they are the ones who chose the Agent). Or would it be a pretext to write “guest posts” as to enable access to the back side of our humble diary? Hmmm…

Workcover insurers should also be the first to know that seriously injured workers who are unable to work (certified unfit) are not allowed to make any money “on the side” – this would be serious FRAUD. This site is powered by seriously injured workers, for (mainly seriously) injured workers.

As stated on our Admin and Tech page:

No, we do NOT advertise and we do not run PAID ads (ever)

Here is an extract of an email we recently received – again asking us to advertise (for payment).

“…My company represents a leading provider of xxx. They would like to purchase ad space on your site’s page,
Ideally, we’d like to mention our client in a sentence on your site, which would link to our client’s site. We could pay you via PayPal for your time and efforts as soon as an agreement is made.
Please let me know if you are interested so we can discuss the details. Thanks for your time and consideration….”

Unlike some “workcover blogs and sites” we do not make or attempt to make any money out of injured people’s misery, including our own!

aworkcovervictimsdiary does not advertise for services and products, and certainly never accepts any money for ads, simple as that.

The few “ads” (we prefer to call them resources -i.e. listed lawyers, great doctors etc) we feature on our site are solely word-of-mouth (i.e. Shine Lawyers), are from our own injured free will and are totally free of charge, as we believe they are a useful, genuine resource for our injured readers.


[Post dictated by workcovervictim and manually transcribed on behalf on WCV who remains bed-and couch-bound).


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  1. Thanks for that guys. cgu is (was) who is suppose to look after me. and i spent plenty of time trying to get paid on time

  2. Hey cgu, gio, suncorp, maybe you could advertise on The Scheme Project and put some funding towards this worthwhile cause.

  3. Nicely worded- even for an injured worker! I know Lisa is way too smart – even in her current condition, to fall for this type of con. I’m sure the author’s intent was only done in good faith- because we know how the WC Insurers always act within the law of ‘Good Faith’

  4. Oh yeah baby! 🙂 (with apologies to Austin Powers) I can’t wait to read the reply. IF they do reply.

  5. Excellent letter Poobah, Bunny & FU_CGU. Can’t wait to hear the answer.

  6. excellent

  7. THANK YOU to Bunny and FU_CGU for having provided me with the much needed reply letters I needed for the GIO representative – I have just sent my reply. Will be interesting to see whether we’ll get a reply!

    My official reply is as follows:
    Dear Sir ,

    Firstly, thank you for your email dated 27 August and your considered and somewhat generous offer of supplying “content” that would be of interest to readers and participants of my blog

    We are advocates of a fair and just Workers Compensation system operating as WorkCover throughout Australia.

    As you represent one of the key Workers Compensation Insurers in the Australia, namely the Suncorp brand GIO, you would no doubt be ware that Workers Compensation Insurers, in general, have established quite an unenviable reputation as being, cold, ruthless, not too ethical and certainly very adversarial.

    I am sure that the initial concept of Workers Compensation Insurance was to genuinely assist injured workers to access rehabilitation services and support to enable them to recover from their injuries and make every attempt to return to the workforce as soon as possible. From my many interactions with seriously injured workers, (and I myself being a very seriously injured worker), their fundamental wish is to be rehabilitated and return to employment to, once again, contribute specifically to their employers and their families, and generally to the economy and society.

    We of course welcome contributions that concur with our overall goal of promoting a fair and just Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation system for all Australian workers.

    That said, we are also aware of the propaganda and misinformation that has emanated from the Workers Compensation Industry at both the macro level, to their key stakeholders, and on an individual case level, by continued use of (often) biased Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) to falsely discredit the genuine injuries and pain of an injured worker.

    No doubt you have perused our blog. We certainly will consider individual articles of interest to post with your (or GIO’s credentials and link(s) and of course our site (co)-authors will comment, as no doubt, will our contributor and thousands of daily readers.

    Our blog is not a money making venture.Being seriously injured (myself, all our admin, authors and contributors) we are constricted by the regulations of Workers Compensation legislation and cannot be seen to be involved in any commercial ventures.We do not and cannot receive any form of paid advertising. All our administration, authors and contributors act on a purely volunteer basis.

    However, itt has been proposed that if you (GIO) would like the feedback of injured workers you might suggest that they allocate a section of their website for comments. This could be beneficial for all of us, and drive traffic and potential constructive feedback to GIO’s site

    As for our traffic statistics, we do average a staggering 2.8 to 3 million visits per MONTH.

    Thank you again for your interest



  8. CGU win the prize ‘cos they were so dumb and arrogant they got caught with their paws in the till. Lucky Daddy Workover doesn’t believe in punishing criminal insurance companies, any more than he believes in looking after injured workers!

  9. Hi Guys

    I cannot disagree with you lot MORE!

    Seriously … you are looking at this all wrong.

    Simply advise GIO that you would love to advertise … for the miserly sum of $ 20 billion.

    Then simply apply the funds to all those who have been ripped off by insurers.

    Think outside the box here guys. You are sooooo harsh on these poor victimised, “doing it tough” insurers.


    • hey that is just what i was thinking .allthou i do think 20 billion in 1 lump sum is abit much. thay do have to pay PI’s 14 million a year… so i think 5billion a year will do us