Seriously injured nurse may not be entitled to NSW workcover & one year anniversary of the barbaric reforms


A young nurse who was seriously injured while trying to save someone’s life may not be entitled to workers compensation under the NSW state government reforms.

Seriously injured nurse may not be entitled to NSW workcover

A reform too far?

Channel Ten News, 19 June 2013


Compare the Pair

Union report finds injured workers hurting

Almost a fifth of NSW’s sick and injured workers have had their payments cut over the last year, and half of this group have lost them altogether, a new report shows.

Unions NSW commissioned the report to coincide with the (1 year) anniversary of the O’Farrell government’s moves to slash the rights and entitlements of sick and injured workers.

Twelve months ago the state government capped benefits and medical expenses, and axed claims made on the way to and from work, to rein in a $4 billion blowout.

The report, launched at NSW parliament on Wednesday, surveyed 1392 workers who suffered an injury at work, or on their way to and from the workplace.

It found that of the 504 workers who were receiving workers compensation payments a year ago, 92 of them – or almost a fifth – had suffered a reduction in their weekly workers compensation payment.

Over half of these workers had their weekly payments stopped completely while 61 per cent had them reduced by more than 25 per cent.

“Twelve months after the NSW government began its horrendous attack on their rights, we are beginning to see the consequences,” said Unions NSW secretary Mark Lennon.

The report also found 71 per cent of respondents were still waiting for a Work Capacity Assessment to determine their eligibility for continued payments.

“This report outlines the stress, anguish and suffering that these changes have unleashed,” Mr Lennon said.
The union leader said he found it particularly galling that as struggling workers marked a year since the changes, the man who had carried out the reforms – Finance Minister Greg Pearce – was on a month’s stress leave while on full pay.
“While we don’t begrudge the minister his right to such leave, the double standard in benefits is appalling.”

He called on the NSW government to return to the drawing board and draft a more humane system that prioritises rehabilitation over cost cutting.


Workers Compensation Legislation Anniversary

The the radical changes to workers compensation being passed a year ago, today injured workers got together to tell their story and enjoy a lamington, because there is nothing more Aussie than a lamington and nothing more Aussie than a fair go.



3 Responses to “Seriously injured nurse may not be entitled to NSW workcover & one year anniversary of the barbaric reforms”

  1. One can only hope Pearce and or O’Farrell end up in hospital and the health care professionals refrain from injuring themselves in order to save their lives.


    HuntingWorkcover June 20, 2013 at 11:56 pm
  3. It’s not only about double standards, it’s a bout politicians backing each other and covering their illegal and unpunished actions.

    Pearce was seen drunk while on duty so why was him given paid leaves? Instead he had to resign his position to an honest representative. It’s all about political games and money gain and we are the stupid people who believed their lies!

    What would happen to a 2nd class worker (yes we are 2nd class human being) if surprised drunk while at work? Would he/she be able to get ONE MONTH PAID LEAVE? Of course NOT we are not Pearce nor one of his kiss kiss friends!

    Xchangingvictim June 20, 2013 at 8:26 pm