Workcover NSW insurance reforms upset victims – ABC News


Major NSW  workcover insurance reforms have promised quicker claims, lower premiums and comprehensive care for the injured. But as Charmaine Ingram talks to lawyers and the injured workers they represent, including our friend John McPhilbin from the Injured Workers Support Network , it appears there is fear the reforms may deliver the exact opposite.

It is fantastic to see that the  ABC News has featured this honest program, depicting the “precarious protection“, and that injured workers, their lawyers and the Injured Workers Support Network are ramping up their fight, for a legislation that is, well, simply not fair.

Workcover NSW insurance reforms upset victims – ABC News

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  1. Mr Pearce you gutless scum of a turd don’t know your exacte words about insurers profits you dumb shit their in biz to make money and theres a chain they fuck the injured and it looks like they fucked you you gutless lazy prick of a politician go and do some acting classes you need it

    Lots of love JOHNNY ROTTEN

  2. Hey Y bother if you look for a modern award for the employer you might have some luck. I know a lot of companies changed to modern awards when the government changed otherwise it would be an EBA which you should be able to find on the Fair Work Australia website. All EBA’s and modern awards have to be registered with FWA. At least then you will know where you stand. You might need to find their ABN and then search under that. Good luck.

    • The job was, a work choices wage situation were we don’t have to be paid the Eba pay rate just fairly.Work choices is for federal job sites.Work choices is the Australian building and construction commission known as the ABCC written on the posters on site. ABCC stay away from our rights i, ve seen these posters over time never knowing the meaning.They have had a name change to FWBC Fair work building construction.Some not in the know seem to think workchoices was disolved no no name change.On this job the general manager told the union organiser to shut the f..c up now it is my turn to talk and to the surprise of 35 of us he did.15 minuates earlier he was demanding 680.00 of me for union fees.The union offical took a step back and said nothing.Then the delegete was sacked what is going on with that?880 million dollar federally funded site.

    • I do have more to say and Pugsley it is confronting to say the least.FWBC is court system for these sites and the federal safety commission approves these employers to work on these sites Ive been brushed of by both Abcc has told me we are a toothless tiger and cannot step in WHAT. The federal safety commission ARRON VAUGHN GOT ALL EXCITED WHEN SPEEKING ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED .GAVE ME HIS DIRECT NUMBER HA WHEN RINGING BACK TO SPEEK AGAIN HE DOES NOT WORK THERE . WHAT GOING ON WITH THAT??



  3. Very interesting, honest and unbiased report. It’s appeals me to watch Minister of Finances’ LIAR look face!

    @Y brother, as others said you need to know on what contract you were/are, how many employees were there?

    Xchangingvictim April 20, 2013 at 8:40 pm
    • 2009 harrassment job 35 of 400 federal prison being built Secondly.Trench mine camp north Qld ,Back incident report sacked .Thankyou for replying Its just wages no contracts


  4. @Y Bother

    were you an a EBA agreement or a indviduial Workplace Contract??? if you signed a contact I would have good read or get a workplace lawyer to go thourgh it as i don,t fancy your chances of any recompsence.

    • At a loss,said well mate no reinstatement at a loss thanks for your responce.No Solictor will touch my case when I say who I was working for no one not even shine.Thats is quite concerning to say the Ieast I won’t mention the surname,s of these people that i used to work for.they would make a good place in an American movie and I at the momenet I wont elaborate on what that movie might be.shush.There not good people but they work for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT how this happened I don’t no.My situation is quite confronting and at this time if have been very brief.Over time the truth it’s all comes out thank you shine for this voice I say again.Please do not stop this site Class Action what can I say.I myself. I would be owed at the least 500 000.back pay. lest not forget over $3990 for the last weeks pay I’m a tradie No contract ,Wages ,forced to fill a incident report when falling backwards into that trench. Than sacked.The company does not have a workers comp policy in Qld .This is typed on workcover phone notes. You might say speak to Wphs Qld to help they have been told not to speek to me only because I didn’t fill out out there harrassment PAC well I left it to workcover to complete this investigation.Look at workcoverQld home page we work closely with Wphs .If I could when speaking of the harrassment PAC this situation happened in 2009 1st/ 7 2009 met at the local hotel by six people the gutless wonders I worked with rang there mates not good all i did was speak up.The trench issue /back problem 2010.Tim Cambell CEO of Wphs Qld was helpfull but not at first.I’II speak of Tim jus t wait I was told by an employee at Qcomp the body above workcover because they realised I was not giving up.and said. TO read the workcover file ,there things written that I don’t know about.Which if these allegations where made in America there would be a full blown hunt for me.Fwa know of these allegations and did not question the fact of the comment what that was said at the au fair dismissal.They have been compromised with not questioning this suggested fact Im lost for words your system for workers complaints is nothing less then a joke.The harrassment situation was not EBA it was a work choices job no EBA just paid fairly that’s it.Federal funded job the prisoin.Don’t get me wrong we need unions .but after I was told by the organiser I had to join the union and pay 680$. He than was told to shut the f..k up buy the general manager and to the surprise of 35 of us he did,crossed armed and took a step backwards then the delegate got sacked.This general was the one which also spoke of the false allegations at FWA an coheres three of there staff to speak of these allegations to workcover QLD.With reading the file I found this out.Lets take a step back CEO Wphs Qld Tim Cambell sent a email I’ve printed it. Quote After culling of over 400 multi ball copies within the file of the workcover file they than tried to work out what this file was all about Gold what more do I need to say.He on his email speaks of how difficult the are to deal with written by the CEO .This was handed to tim unread by myself and qcomp were shocked when i told them i gave it to tim.And then asked for my copy i have my copy no 400 copys.Trained by the government as a tradie and shit on by the government and replaced by the government bring in over seas workers What A JOKE.I have more to say but we’re are the ears this can not be forgotten where do WE GO TO ?????????????????????????????NOW?????Your guess is as good as mine I’ve been asked to fill a police report out when asking to have a phone call back from the QLD CIB no return call still waiting its been a now 3weeks hah

  5. Hi Y bother ,

    I am unsure of the WA workcover rules, but suspect they would not differ to much from other states, it is illegal to sack an injured worker within  6 months of the injury in NSW, go see a Workers Compensation Lawyer. You could get reinstated, and back paid.

    • My two situations happened in inQld an interesting read workcover annual report 2009/10 have a look at profit and stats and not forget there fine print it does say 46 million Loss and also 913 det and look at (Work cover qld back in the black )that’s a good read that’s the year they told me to ring a politicton see if they care .I’d say ring there staff in the polys office I’ve delt with them to the point of the Qld premiers office sue orreall.quote don’t speak to anyone else just me they will brush you off and after a couple of hours on the phone she did the same hah hah no good we need to step this up were paying tax for what to be told to go to the job agency the federal Gov just cut all the funding to the disability services job agency.they have told me you to just get a job.I don’t won’t to seem choose E but I’m a tradie that earns 400 plus a day.What’sthe go with pack an shelf’s at Coles

  6. We all need to stand up and speak of the way these insurance companys go about business.If car insurance was handled in that way people would be seriously pissed.Id like now to speak of another situation I’ve been put in whilst at work.jumping across a trench rolling a very large roll of pipe out not quite making the jump falling backwards into the trench that hurt.I just grunted and continued.I know very well what would be awaiting me if I complained.A couple of weeks pass my back is still burning I mention this to the safety officer who tells me that an incident report needs to be filled out.I suggested this would maybe get me sacked and you have one guess what happened.I don’t let workcover know Y bother.Three mounths later I let them know they ask me to attend there doctors panel.The way the assessment was done was nothing less than a joke.I was asked to walk into a room with the doctor ,the room is bare told to stand were he pointed he walked around the room came quickly over held both my shoulders and without warning riefed me as hard as he could pushing and pulling if that an assessment I’m lost for words.they pay me one weeks pay and it’s decided my back is better.If someone did this to you in the street what would that be called pushing and pulling like that.And then reading the workcover file the first comment was the employer saying doesn’t my workcover policy in Western Australia cover him.The boss doesn’t even have insurance for me in Queensland maybe he’s cutting corners or just doesn’t care or both.They allowed me each week before they sacked to do more hours there’s not munch to at a mine camp in middle of no were so my last weeks pay was over $3990 than sacked.This doesn’t seem fair to me what your thoughts?

  7. I watched the program last night on ABC and I was glad  the draconian changes that Pearce & O’Farrell rammed through Parliament  are receiving the right kind of media attention.
    It is unusually rare to view a workers compensation story that is not harbouring on  the fake  or malingering  that media seem to only focus on.
    I was also glad they tied  the CTP green slip with the workers compensation stories as every person in NSW will be affected.
    The story that ran last night was great and you know there is more to come.
    I would have liked to see Pearce grilled over the laws that he introduced are in fact retrospective, but that may come in future stories to be aired.
    I would like to thank the injured people for sharing their stories on air, I know it is not easy and takes a whole heap of courage.
    I would also like to thank the ABC for reporting on a very serious issue in a fair and honest way that is affecting so many people . If only more reporters and journalists could do the same.