Media Bias: WorkCover Sting


The media once again reinforce the stereotype of injured workers as fraudulent malingerers. For every rorter there are 100 genuine cases.  Watching this report one is left with the impression that all injured workers are rorting the system when it simply isn’t the case.  Research indicates less that 1% of workers compensation claims are of a fraudulent nature.

Some real investigative reporting would help highlight just how far off the mark this misperception really is.  For example,   take the amount of money spent by insurers on private investigators each year and compare it to the amount of fraudulent cases uncovered and successfully prosecuted. This information should be readily available for WorkCover.

Media Bias: Workcover sting

A Current Affair exposes a man who claims his bad back prevents him from working but seems to have no trouble lifting his son into the air in hidden camera footage. See the surveillance video that has employers fuming.

Click here to view “compo war” on A Current Affair

6 Responses to “Media Bias: WorkCover Sting”

  1. The thing that really gets me is knowing that CGU got away clean with ripping off millions. The lousy 1% of injured workers who are caught in ripping off the system get crumbs by comparison, yet they are much more roughly dealt with. in terms of punishment.

    We need a graph to show how much is ripped off by injured workers compared to how much is ripped off by unethical insurers, treating practitioners, and others who “service” the system to get paid their big bucks. Perhaps we should see if collectively we could run a case against the media for anti-injured worker bias in their reportage. It really is quite awful that we have to live with the daily impacts of that particular bias.

  2. As hard as it has been for so many of us to fight for our rights, while seriously injured & often affected by the medications needed, in a hopeless attempt to reduce serious pain & we now hear ‘rumors’  that once again, it is about money, corruption & politics. BIG FAIL WORKCOVER!

  3. It’s only rumoured information at this stage, but we believe current media regulations allow for quite a large budget worth millions of dollars to be given to the media by the government, and can be taken away at any time, effectively bribing the media with “hush money”. A story like the national workcover epidemic proves unfavourable for a supposable budget trigger happy government? If anyone has reliable sourced info regarding this, please make contact with our journalists for our documentary – #theschemeproject

  4. Why do these people insist on reporting on the 1%? It would be really nice to see them do a proper story on what really goes on and the suffering we are put through by the insurance companies.

  5. propaganda and scare tactics