Workcover case managers are not your friends


Yesterday, aworkcovevictimsdiary received an email from an injured worker asking us the following: “Is there an area on the website where the “good” and “supportive” claims managers and rehab people are named? My claims manager is willing to pay for my gym membership as long as they get a letter from my psych!! I see my psych weekly. When I have been stressed and called in tears they come to my house and have helped me through positive re-inforcement. Now that my stupid workplace are disputing the claim, they are supporting me and not the least bit impressed that my workplace are not following the back to work plan…”

Workcover case managers are not your friends

Rather than replying personally to the injured worker, we thought it well worth to remind all of you (injured workers), especially “newbies” that workcover case managers (and some rehab service providers) are NOT your friends.

There are times when the case manager from hell will try to “befriend” you and make it appear that she is watching out for your interests when in fact she is not. Sometime the case manager will give you advice about the type or frequency of your medical treatment, and then decide later on not to pay for the treatment because it is “excessive.” The worst is directing you to change physicians to a “company doctor.” (i.e. a doctor who is more easily persuaded to state nothing is wrong with you and certify you fit for work.).

You have to remember at all times that workcover insurers are muti-billion profit companies, with one goal in mind – paying you, the injured worker, as little as possible in order to maximise business profits. Case managers will go to great lengths to achieve whatever it takes to deny you as much as possible and to return you to work as soon as possible. Remember that case managers receive a monetary bonus for each injured worker they return to work (prematurely, in the most unsuitable duties, or otherwise).

I the injured worker’s case above, it is only “natural” that s/he perceived the case manager (and perhaps the associated rehab facility) as a “supportive friend”. It is all part of the “dirty tactic”, getting you back to work as soon as possible, and if that means buying you a 1-3 month “gym membership” for you to do so, they will! Your case manager will get a huge financial bonus for getting you back to work ASAP, and so will your rehab service provider! It’s about money, not friendship.

Think about it.

The real trouble only starts when you are seriously injured and are really unable to return to work, when you become  “a low hanging fruit”, you’ll see… you will be treated with contempt, you will be treated like a criminal, like an expenditure, expendable and just about every legitimate benefit (i.e. medication, surgery, MRI, physio etc) will be routinely denied to you.

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[Article dictated by Workcovervictim and transcribed on her behalf]

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  1. What a bummer so all of my case managers that allianz have given me about mmm 14 or so are nt  my friend well ill be fucked .