Frustrating delays for Victorian injured workers in Supreme Court


It has come to our attention that numerous Victorian injured workers have experienced most frustrating delays with having their case heard in the Supreme Court.

Despite many promises, the Victorian Supreme Court has not been able to accommodate numerous injured workers’ cases on the day it was due to commence, and the cases have been adjourned over for several months. In one case, the Court adjourned the case for almost one year! (From August 2012 until April 2013).

Frustrating delays for Victorian injured workers in Supreme Court

In another case, the Court had given a priority hearing date as the injured worker suffered such a severe psychiatric injury. However even with a priority hearing, the Court could not accommodate the injured worker and his legal representatives on the day the case was due to commence. Instead that case was adjourned for a further 3 months.

This is extremely frustrating for the injured person, who has already  (usually) waited  approximately 15 to 18 months before the case could be heard.

It is also adds unnecessary legal costs, as often barristers and solicitors wait around for several days, to see if the Court is able start the case.

The Court lists several cases to start on any given day – presumably in the hope that many cases settle and that the court can then hear those cases where there has been no settlement. However it seems in the current environment, fewer cases are settling and cases are running longer than estimated.

This has been a trend our lawyers have seen over the last year and the State Government has not appointed additional Supreme Court Judges nor increased the Court’s resources to allow such cases to be heard in a timely way.

So for the many injured workers out there, we are afraid to let you know that there is no certainty in when their trial will start.

It is yet another frustrating part of the inadequate litigation process.

We can only hope the Government will commit the necessary resources soon to avoid this trend continuing!




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  1. Add to the Legal costs, Doctors, witnesses, lost of wages which means no income, add also more frustration and pain to the injured worker.

    All of these issues are great news for the insurers and globally for the dysfunctional and corrupted workcover system.