aworkcovervictimsdiary is getting under "their" skin!


You may have heard, through the grapevine (comment section), that was, again, threatened with a most unfounded and utterly pathetic lawsuit for “defamation” by an “independent doctor“, a psychiatrist no less! The most unfounded and intimidating “defamation” allegation referred to two anonymously posted comments by two injured workers-dating back almost one year ago!!! –  who had been, unfortunately, “assessed” by this IME psychiatrist and who did not even refer to this “doctor’s” full name, location nor identifiable features! The IME and his/her lawyer were not even capable of giving us an exact date of when the alleged “offensive” comments were published, and not even a link to these”offenses”.

What shocked us the most perhaps is the “IME’s” misguided attempt to advise us, the administrators of, via his/her lawyer (!),  of our rights at law. That is, by drastically serving us with a “defamation lawsuit threat”, without first making contact and discussing potential concerns/issues, the Defamation Act is itself breached!

As we stated in our reply to this “IMEs” lawyer, in our most humble opinion this “IME” would have been much better served if their lawyer were to explain to him/her their rights and obligations under the law.

Anyways, this is not the point of this article….

aworkcovervictimsdiary is getting under “their” skin! – Grrrawwww

Unwarranted and unfounded defamation lawsuit threats are not new to us, neither are any other sick means to try and intimidate us and “shut us up”… and it really doesn’t matter, what matters is that we are pissing people off!

As several of our loyal injured readers wrote, “keep doing it cause I like the way you guys & your site keeps getting under their skin.

Fact is we are obviously hitting some nerves… and in doing so are obviously getting (some of) our messages across!

aworkcovervictimsdiary fetches 3 million hits per month

You may not believe it – we can hardly believe it ourselves – but the humble workcover victims diary blog, started just over 1 year ago, fetches record hits! It has become one of the MOST popular sites on Google in 12 months!!! For example, in October this month alone our Diary had a record 3 million four hundred and seven three thousand hits!

[As you know we moved our site after the DoS attack in Sept 2012 over to a PRIVATE secure server – hence limited stats displayed]

It ay also be worth reminding everybody that we do run an extremely tight security and access to our site is highly restricted. For example, workcover insurers, workcover authorities, many lawyers in particular defense lawyers and many medical “professionals” are automatically banned access to our website.

This month alone we had the pleasure to deny access to: 46,980 “unwanted visitors”!

Anyway, want we – the site admins, Bloggers etc wanted to say is a BIG, HEARTFELT THANK YOU to all of you out there for supporting us and for ensuring our site’s content gets the attention it needs and deserves.

We have said it many times: without you, a workcovervictimsdiary would be nothing.


Thank you and let’s keep kicking some butts


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7 Responses to “aworkcovervictimsdiary is getting under "their" skin!”

  1. 46,980 Blocked in one month, can you imagine their frustration, delay then deny nothing like a bit of reverse pyschology. Well done Lisa

  2. You guys are just too bad, harassing those poor “independent” IMEs who work hard with professionality and hearth, their work is unfair since they have to decide you live or you die, yes guys you don’t understand independent IMEs have bills to pay and their little kids to support and they work hard to best understand injured workers and “help” them return to work as soon as possible, if possible even next day!

    • Ha ha ha  thats funny. Poor buggers sooo hard up & the kids my heart “melts” NOT.

      • I was completely stunned at the difference between my recollection of what was said at one of my  IME visits and what was written in the IME’s report!  It would surely be in all our interests to have automatic recordings of these interviews and both parties receive copies. God help me when I have to go to the medical tribunal coming up! Should I take a support person or a lawyer? any advice welcome. Unbelievable how everything we go through with workcover seems designed to maximise the very anxiety and depression that is destroying me and life as I knew it. My physical injury is bearable but this constant uncertainty and stress isn’t. I have completely lost faith in my employer and this ridiculous system.

  3. On behalf of aworkcovervictims admin, domain owners, bloggers, authors, co-authors, contributors etc I would like to remind you all, including retliatory folks out there, that as per the legally binding disclaimer of this site which is assumed you have read as it is clearly displayed on every page (bottom left) as is common practice, and in our quick menu (sidebar) and also under “about” (no excuse!)

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    Read the disclaimer in full and also our linked legal notice.

    The legal notice states: ” Any information provided by any injured worker is to be considered non factual and, again, may not be relied upon in a court of law. ”


  4. Way to go all you passionate people out there. Maybe the “good dr” should have administered some of his own “therapy” on himself. Then again maybe not, it would have been far too confusing for the old fart.