No! You won’t be covered: Workers in QLD need to brace for assault on worker comp rights


Working people in QLD need to prepare for a similar attack on their rights and entitlements as we have experienced NSW…No they won’t be covered once this sham inquiry takes place.

This just goes to show how much time and consideration the rights of injured workers are given by Liberal Government’s – ZERO.  We agree with Ms Mohle “It just seems that working people and their rights are about to be reduced to almost nothing”

Inquiry into State Government workers compensation QLD scheme limits witness statements to 90 seconds

ORGANISATIONS appearing at a public hearing for the State Government’s workers’ compensation scheme inquiry will get just 90 seconds to state their case.

In a letter sent by Finance and Administration Committee chairman Michael Crandon, organisations are advised that the one-and-a-half minute time limit will be “strictly adhered to” because of the “large number of witnesses”.

“It is suggested that any opening statement should only highlight your key points and any additional information you wish to raise with the committee,” wrote Mr Crandon.

Mr Crandon said today that 90 seconds was all the time they could afford, given some of the public hearing sessions only ran for 45 minutes, and between 8 and 12 people were attending.

“If we were to give everyone a three minute opening statement, 36 minutes of the allotted time would be taken up in opening statements. It doesn’t allow much time for questions,” Mr Crandon said.

“If we run out of time on the day, we’ll be asking them to forward additional written information to us. We want to gather as much information as we can.”

A total of 183 groups and individuals have made submissions to the inquiry, which will hold public hearings over three half-days starting on October 31.

Beth Mohle from the Queensland Nurses Union said she appreciated a lot of submissions had been made but to be limited to 90 seconds was “unprecedented”.

“It just seems that working people and their rights are about to be reduced to almost nothing,” said Ms Mohle.

“We’re very active submission writers to State and Federal Government, and this is the first time I’ve ever been given a time frame like that.”

She said it was standard to be allocated half an hour, of which ten to 15 minutes was available for opening statements.

“We never revisit our (written) submission entirely. Instead we bring a member along who’s been affected by the issue,” Ms Mohle said.

“It’s not worth bringing someone along for 90 seconds.”

Lawyers, insurers, employers and medical professionals will also appear at the public hearing and it is believed they too have been told to observe the 90-second time limit.

The move is likely to attract further criticism of the Newman Government’s committee system which has previously been admonished for short time frames for submissions and a lack of consultation about new legislation.

In a damning letter, Queensland Law Society president John de Groot scolded the Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee, over its four-day submission period for the Penalties and Sentences and Other Legislation Amendment Bill.

“The appropriate time for consultation is prior to the introduction of legislation into the House, not after,” wrote Mr de Groot.

Bar Association of Queensland President Roger Traves was just as critical pointing out they had “previously raised the question of proper consultation with the committee”.


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  1. Things are also looking very grim in South Australia:


    The Auditor-General says there has been another big blow-out in South Australia’s workers’ compensation scheme.

    Its unfunded liability has jumped to nearly $1.4 billion, growing by $437 million.

    The Auditor-General says changes in the calculation method have caused the sharp rise.

    He says injured workers winning disputes over reviews of their working capacity also have added to the increase.

    Opposition frontbencher Iain Evans says Government reforms to WorkCover have not helped.

    “This is their model and result of their model is another blow-out of $437 million in the past 12 months,” he said.

    “A lot of people are undertaking work capacity reviews and WorkCover seem to be losing them.”

    The Auditor’s report also shows a WorkCover executive earned about $675,000 last year.

    Rob Thomson resigned as WorkCover’s chief executive recently, for personal reasons. His contract terms were confidential.

    workcovervictim3 October 17, 2012 at 6:11 pm
    • And here is NSWDEC tweeting itself stupid that bulling in education should never occur…

      workcovervictim October 17, 2012 at 6:23 pm
  2. Couldnt help myself,

    Dear Prime Minister,

    I write to you seeking asylum from the greatest country in the world Australia,

    Living under the regime of the O’Farrell government has stripped me of my entitlements and will see me homeless with nowhere to go. I am one of the many, many thousands that will seek asylum within their own country, you need not worry about an increase in dangerous boats heading towards Australia carrying people in desperation and seeking asylum from a cruel dictator, we are already here.   You need not worry about assimilating us in communities as we have already done this, you won’t need conduct security screens, as we are provable good citizens, you won’t need to place us into intensive learning programs, you won’t need to issues us with Medicare, you won’t need to issue us with tax file numbers either as we already have these.

    The only foreseeable costs I can see are providing us with homes and taking on our debts.

    It is only fair that our legal and financial obligations are taken by the Commonwealth after all the O’Farrell government is palming off insurer’s outgoings and legal obligations on to the Federal government through the Workcover changes.


    • I think this is a great idea! And we – injured workers – will also be getting weekly pay in the range of $400 per week! And hotel accommodation if/when we’re homeless! No, honestly,I am serious!

  3. Another Liberal State to Palm off Debt to the Commonwealth!

    Seems these liberal leaders are from the same Kennel.

    Another sham inquiry, wonder if Borsak has a friend in QLD  that the liberals can count on.

    If this was going on in a developing or middle eastern country O’Farrell and Newman would be labelled and seen as terrorists for destroying the basic rights of the injured & disabled in favour of their rich lobbyists the Insurers, yet for some reason in Australia the media doesn’t bat an eyelid.


    I wonder if Prime Minister Gillard will look seriously at how another state is set to palm off debt to the Commonwealth?

    • I wonder if Prime Minister Gillard will look seriously at how another state is set to palm off debt to the Commonwealth?

      Surely the time is quickly approaching for the Federal Government to intervene!


      • To any reasonable person the time has come and time is running out, I wonder what  would make the federal government intervene?

        I think Would it be Fair to allow the injured to palm their debts off to the Commonwealth as well,  it’s discriminatory to allow Insurers relief from their Debts and Obligations and not the Injured.

        I for one would like my mortgage, C/Cards, living expenses, hell i would like all my financial and legal Liabilities  swept off to the Federal Government.

        May be we could all claim asylum from further persecution?



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    No! you won’t be covered: Workers in QLD need to brace for assault on worker comp rights