Julia Gillard does not care about her injured housekeeper


A HO– USEKEEPER who claims she injured her back while making the prime minister’s bed says she’s being short-sheeted by the commonwealth’s compensation scheme. Julia Gillard does not seem to care about her injured house keeper and is certainly not intervening for some justice.

Julia Gillard does not care about her injured housekeeper

PM’s housekeeper feels hung out to dry

Herald Sun

Shiree Power, 39, says Comcare – the federal workers’ compensation insurer – has washed its hands of a claim she pursued after permanently damaging her back while straining to fit a sheet on Julia Gillard’s king-size mattress at The Lodge.

The mother-of-three, employed to tend to Ms Gillard’s laundry and other duties at the Canberra prime ministerial residence, says she sustained the injury in October 2010.

“I felt and heard a ripping sound, the pain was indescribable, it was like a hot dart feeling, like I’d been shot in the back,” Ms Power told the Nine Network.

She says Comcare, upon receiving her claim, sent her to be assessed by an orthopedic surgeon, who found her injuries were permanent, significant and had occurred as a result of her work. But the agency reportedly rejected her claim for medical expenses because it found she did not meet their criteria for permanent impairment.

The housekeeper says she has trouble sitting, walking and sleeping, and is in constant pain.

Ms Power also says she’s haunted by a “feeling of injustice”, and reckons the prime minister herself should be tossing and turning over the debacle.

“I looked after her. She’s not looking after me,” Ms Power said.

The prime minister’s office says it won’t comment on an individual compensation claim.

“The government takes its responsibilities to workplace occupational health and safety seriously and the Comcare scheme provides an integrated safety rehabilitation and compensation system,” a spokeswoman said.

A spokesman for Comcare also declined to comment on the case.



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  1. We received a  letter from an injured worker sent to Julia Gillard – perhaps we should all do the same!

    Prime Minister,
    I have worked as a Registered Nurse. Nursing for 30 years. I had both been employed and owned my own business. Nursing has been my life and my dedication. Sadly in 2010 I experienced a workplace injury through repetitive stress working on in very physically demanding environment. I had done no wrong. The weeks before my injury I had taken on more shifts to help out management with a staffing crisis. I was dedicated to my employer. My experience with Workcover has been very disappointing. I needed surgery for a shoulder injury. When I returned to work, my return to work program was poorly followed and I experienced new and further injury. Attitudes of managers had changed and my well being became secondary to ” business decision”. I had obliged my employer until I realised my needs were not being considered. Workcover insurer was well aware of this activity from my employer. I needed to find help from the union to ensure my needs were being met and followed. I discovered a support group and began to actively help others in my position and worse. It has disheartened me to see the report concerning your maid on the media over the last days. Your media advisers state that this is an isolated incident. It is not. There are thousands of Australians who are experiencing abuse from this system every day. They have been denied and dumped. Their injuries can’t be denied. Prime Minister this is an issue that has been hidden for sometime. More Australians are becoming entrapped in Workcover and they are slowly gaining a voice. Labour has always stood for the rights of the worker, not enterprise. Please listen to Australians as this movement grows. Talk to the groups who are opposed to insurance companies and supporting workers. Change isn’t easy it comes at a cost. Ask any injured worker about that scenario. Change does mean initiating dramatic measures to stop what is becoming human rights abuses. The negative and abusive actions of the insurance companies acting for Workcover are staining the reputation of any political party by their negative treatment of Australians. Whole families are affected by the actions towards one. Whole communities are affected by the actions towards a few. Whole countries are affected by the actions towards a minority group. Prime minister when I voted you to office I believed you had the strength to make lasting changes for the benefit of Australian. I still believe this is true. I would like to see this start by acknowledging Mrs Power. Challenge the injustice of the insurance company Comcare. Find her justice and restore again her faith in you. Thank you for you time. Injured Worker (name omitted)

    You can email Julia Gillard via her website here>>


    workcovervictim October 13, 2012 at 9:06 am
  2. I saw this story on Ch 9, so the story is getting air play which is always a good thing. But as she was telling her story & how she felt, I was thinking she was very naive about how the system works. If she had more knowledge about the system & how it treats all injured workers, not just those that work for the PM, exactly the same, the interview could have had so much more power.

    Newly Injured workers have no other information other than believing they are being treated so badly because of a ‘misunderstanding’ or 1 CM or IME or WC Agency. This is why this blog & forum has become Number 1 enemy to WC. If any of us had the chance to tell our stories on TV, I know it would not be a story of – me, myself & I – it would be about ‘them’ & how ALL injured workers have been left out in the cold.

    But I have more hope that it is starting to warm up……..

  3. #Julia Gillard does not care about her injured housekeeper: http://t.co/1lmH1Gzu. #workcover #bullying #injustice #Politics #Australia

  4. Workcovervictim, even if Julia is able to return to restricted duties on a “return to work program” she really needs to be have that program ignored and her injury made worse or a best given a new injury. As workcover meets everyone else’s needs but hers. Your right she needs a taste of a workplace injury. A permanent one to know what’s been dumped on Australians by workcover insurance companies. That’s rights she’s an Aussie too, that would really make her one of us!

  5. I dream of the day that Julia hurts herself badly at work – sorry Julia, but like all MPs you are also covered under workcover , and YOU need a wake-up call. Be cut of your income, be unable to work again,and  be denied medical treatment because it happened at work (seeking privare medical treatment would be committing fraud). Oh, and have you rated as “not impaired” and not be eligible for any compensation. Have you moved out of The Lodge, denied home help etc… and we’ll talk again.

    Julia needs to walk the talk!

    It’s a disgrace. Until a hot shot experiences a work injury nobody is going to care about what this really means.

    workcovervictim October 5, 2012 at 12:11 pm
  6. Both Julia Gillard and Comcare declined the interview because they are in bed with each other. They know how they are screwing workers and don’t even have the integrity to face each Australian and give an explaination on why this cruel injustice is permitted to continue in a so called,”democracy”. A work place accident or death can happen to anyone at any time and every working Australian regardless of their status can and will be treated exactly the same way as this faithful employee of Julia Gillard. Julia she has no control over a system that has set itself up above our own Prime Minister. An insurance company rule. This scenario makes this obvious. it just takes one slip, trip or fall to ask the question why me? Then discover theres nothing diffrent about you. Your just a used up number, being abused by a corrupted insurance company. So corrupted our Prime Minister cant stop it. Julia has been pushing Australians to end workplace bullying. I challenge her to get the the adulterating bully out of her bed.

  7. Yes I watched this last night on the channel 7. I’m afraid she has now joined the ever growing list of injured and rejected by the system that should be looking after us. I do hope channel 7 continues to run stories such as this, as this is the only way the population can be made aware of how the Workcover system fails the Injured. People are still oblivious to the changes that  have occurred.

    ALSO, Can someone explain please?

    Safe Work Australia

    Safe Work Australia is an Australian Government statutory agency established in 2009, with the primary responsibility of improving work health and safety and workers compensation arrangements across Australia.

    Safe Work Australia works with the Commonwealth, state and territory governments to improve work health and safety and workers’ compensation arrangements.

    If the O’Farrell government is a signatory to safe work Australia then how are they able to destroy the rights of workers who suffer an injury.



  8. I see nothing new here and we all know that most politicians rise their voices only when it’s time to shop for votes and so they only to benefit themselves NOT the environment.

    And the following is another scandalous example of Australian politicians failure to protect its own people by telling LIES and obscuring the fact from the medias.

    Aid worker Pippi Bean felt abandoned yet abandoned by her Employer and by Australian Government!


    Xchangingvictim October 5, 2012 at 8:51 am
  9. There is an additional article on NineNSM entitled “Mattress Scandal” – it is indeed most scandalous in my opinion!

    It includes a video (watch it here)

    The Prime Minister, the king-size bed and the bizarre compo claim — it’s the mattress scandal everyone at The Lodge in Canberra is talking about.

    She’s the mother of three who says she’s been abandoned by the Federal Government after injuring herself whilst making Julia Gillard’s bed.

    Here’s what a spokesperson for the Prime Minister said:

    “The Prime Minister’s office is not able to comment on the details of an individual compensation claim.

    The government takes its responsibilities to workplace occupational health and safety seriously — and the Comcare scheme provides an integrated safety rehabilitation and compensation system.”

    workcovervictim October 5, 2012 at 8:15 am