WorkCover SA CEO quits


The Opposition says the resignation of WorkCover’s CEO in South Australia will create more problems for the organisation, reports ABC news. Rob Thomson has resigned immediately for [ahum] personal reasons, after about two years in the role.

WorkCover SA CEO quits

WorkCover SA will not reveal the time remaining on his contract because it says the terms and conditions are confidential.

Opposition finance spokesman Rob Lucas says WorkCover’s latest financial results are expected to show a further deterioration.

“There are major problems clearly between the Government, the minister, the board, and the management of WorkCover,” he said.

“I think the Government obviously doesn’t want to accept responsibility and blame itself and so it’s always convenient to blame either the board or the management of WorkCover for the problems.

“We also understand that the latest actuarial results for the period ended the 30th of June should now have been received by the board, and the minister is probably aware of those results as well, and our understanding is they’re likely to see a further deterioration in the financial position of WorkCover.”

Also see media statement Workcover SA

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  1. Workcover is the cause of some injured worker’s suicide and don’t give a dam, while Rob Thompson resigned as the Ceo because he gave his mistress a cushy job. Shameful, shameful. I guess they rip off the injured workers to give mistresses cushy jobs, as well as their family and friends. There should be a royal commision into Workcover’s inappropriate behaviour and bullying of injured Workers.

    • I’m right with you on that Angela. The stench of corruption emanating from every Workover scheme is very thick. Jobs for the boys and girls are thick on the ground, but nothing for us injured workers. When i ask for retraining and return to work, they tell me I’m too sick to train, and that’s without an IME report. Perhaps one day they’ll all choke on it.

      • I totally agree with you. How about this, Rod Mallard was the auditor for Workcover SA his wife Sandra Mallard submitted a Workcover claim for a sprained hand and was on Workcover for approximately 3 year for a sprained hand, she then submitted a further Workcover claim for anxiety, claiming her employer threatened to bump her off and took out an restraining order against her employer which was lifted there was no evidence of threats, because I refused to give false evidence for her, I ended up being sued for defamation by the Mallards (with the assistance of Workcover) and I am now suing Workcover for the breaches of the Whistlblowers Act, Foi Act, and sec 112 of the Workcover Act. I am a litigant in person and have been in court since 1998 seeking justice. Workcover paid for Mallards spouse to attend Stones Businness College and supplied her with a monito God’s blessings and love, I wish you all the best.

        • I meant to say a monitored TV security system, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. The authorities at Workcover sit on their well polished rear ends, over exercising their authority and persecuting injured Workers, Sameful, shameful, shameful. these people should be jailed for dishonesty and criminal behaviour, but they are untouchable.

        • Angela I’ve read a bit of your sad story (don’t feel reading all due to my health issues) and I feel very sorry for the nightmares and the threats the corrupted fraudsters have made on you.

          Remember the fraudsters you’re fighting to are those who send their kids to premium/trusted schools whose kids live their journeys through “intoxicated” parties and expensive life style. They take advantage of tax payers’ money and pretend to have a top life style but accidentally they’ll soon crash on the ground like sand castles.

          I wish soon you’ll end this fight/struggle and get your prize. Wish you all the best.

          • Xchangingvictim, I fully understand how you feel and my heart goes out to you. don’t read it if it causes you stress. This information is on media to assist and support other people. God bless you and take care, united we stand divided we fall.

  2. The only justice there is, is no justice when you dealing with corruption, as Martin Luther King jr said, Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere.

  3. Looking for Carlo who spoke to me on Friday at court re Workcover please contact me on face book To all who is facing Workcover Corruption, please follow Morgan versus Workcover in the Supreme court of South Australia. beware of malicious defamation action for blowing the whistle Mallard versus Morgan


  4. Carlo, we spoke on Friday at court in relation to Workcover corruption, I forgot to take your contact details can you contact me on face book. Thank you. For Workcover Corruption, follow the court action against Workcover, Morgan versus Workcover. Beware of malicious defamation action assisted by Workcover, if you blow the Whistle, very interesting case. Thank you


  5. Workcover insurance companies have set themselves up to be untouchable. Doesnt matter whom is running the country, the isurance company will have their rule. Sad days when the government can’t control the monopoly these insurance companies constructed. It doesn’t seem to matter whom is the next CEO. We all know what the job specs will be, co operate with insurance companies to maximise their profitability. Insurance companies will find his replacement. I’m sure they already have someone in mind. On that note. I don’t remember voting in an insurance company CEO at the last election. Did you?

  6. For anyone in SA have you read these?

    Workcover is going worse than ever, so what is the govt doing? Raising costs and cutting more services. Thank you govt.

    While we expect workplaces to be safe because of practical planning and common sense, the red tape and spiralling costs being meted out by WorkCover threaten the viability of those workplaces. WorkCover is saddled with some of the highest costs, worst return to work rates and greatest liability of any comparable system in the nation – for them to be dictating business on issues of practicality and common sense is laughable.

    Or this one

    Mr Graham said that in the few cases where the premiums had gone down, the savings were generally small, but in the many cases where the cost had increased, it had increased quite markedly.

    He said that in the most extreme case, a small aged care provider’s WorkCover premium would have gone up by over 300 per cent, if the 25 per cent cap was not in place.

    The state industry body believes that, based on current figures, 17 of its members would hypothetically pay a combined $11.5 million extra to WorkCover under the new arrangements, again looking at the scenario without accounting for the 25 per cent cap.

    Mr Graham said that even with the 25 per cent cap, the cost increases over the next four years were “alarming” to the state’s aged care sector.

    Or this one. Lowest RTW (meaning no rehab provided) and so to cost cut (supposedly) they deny the treatment needed, get doctors to write reports pretty much telling them what to say, try to kick a worker off, make it worse, and end up with a longer claim that costs more. But you know it IS the govt running it, and the people working in it dont give a rats about the wasted money or tortured injured.

    SA had the lowest return to work rate of all the states in 2011-12, [insert from me, and the year before as well] and injured workers who did return took longer to make the transition back to work than interstate counterparts.

    It also had the highest proportion of injured workers on compensation, according to the latest Australia and New Zealand Return to Work Monitor.

    While an average of 84 per cent of injured workers nationally returned to work after an injury last year (compared with 86 per cent the year before), just 77 per cent of SA workers had achieved this goal – the lowest proportion reported since 2007-08, when 75 per cent recovered sufficiently to return to their duties.

    I am so angry today. Welcome to the SA razor gang. We are 4 years ahead of you. When the govt is running something, and they cock up, instead of saying oh we are such screw ups and should stop trying to run anything that works, instead they just keep screwing up and, raise the taxes.

    If this was a private company, they’d be broke, out of business and someone who could actually run a chook raffle would be getting those premiums instead.

  7. @Wroggle your intent is good however we always talk about workcover, State and Federal Government but we never think that behind these organisations there are CORRUPTED people.
    Could you imagine if we had private insurances, we would still struggle because of CORRUPTED people!

    I really wish your idea would work and tax payers will see their money spent on something more useful rather than paying corrupted and bribed pigs who hide behind the whole system.

  8. I wouldnt be that he’s been running a team of crooked swine who got highly paid for sitting on their arses except for cover ups would it?

    And that some of it might be coming home to roost?

    Or might it have something to do with this?

    Safework was involved in the COVER UP in my own case and left me in such a state I could barely walk them to the door. They also sent A LONG TERM FRIEND OF THE WP MANAGER at the last minute and with no notice at all he was coming. CONFLICT OF INTEREST ANYONE?

    But if you read that article, GILLARD has a big push on for (like everything else) f*** up the STATE services (health and ed and wc being a couple of them) so people then want it under a federal system all done out of one place.

    You might blame the Libs for what they inherited in their new states, but who do you blame for what was done in SA?

    And if you think anything operated on state level (too big) doesnt work and eats up 80% of the money in errors and bullshit and admin costs, just picture that becoming 90% if it goes federal.

    It’s going the wrong way. It needs to GO BACK to smaller more efficient units as in PRIVATE INSURERS. Not MORE govt interference. LESS govt interference.

    I will advocate it until the cows come home. THE WORKERS need to carry their OWN insurance so THEIR insurer can fight it out with the employers insurer and let the worker get TREATED and REHABILITATED and concentrate on getting back on their feet.

    If a worker chooses to NOT carry insurance, then there is already a safety net called MEDICARE and another one called CENTRELINK.

    Safework? Pfft. Mates and coverups. Give it to workcover? HAHAHAHAHA. As if they are going to FIND a workplace negligent or dangerous which may mean they have to pay more for people DAMAGED by these places and practises.

    But a workers insurance company sure as hell would. They’d sue a workplace that was dangerous and leave alone those that were not.

    An incentive for the workplaces to PROVIDE A SAFE WORKPLACE and actually get an injured person into an ambulance instead of covering it up.

    The GOOD employers win (and pay lower premiums) and the arseholes get shut down, and even if the business shuts up shop, the injured worker is still covered by their own insurance company.

    SO GET RID OF THESE TWO CORRUPT AND INEPT AND HARMFUL ORGANISATIONS and take the whole thing away from the govt. Both state and federal.

    Pink bats were a good idea too, werent they? But once the govt was involved and the tax payer was footing the bill, what happened? A: What always happens. It went wrong and people died.

  9. If we were able to look deeply into the financial affairs of the Workovers, I suspect we’d find that the financial problems of these schemes are being caused, not by injured workers rorting the system, but by private insurance companies and their rorts, poor investment decisions by the managers, and greedy governments like that of Ted Bailleau in Victoria who steal money out of the system to prop up the rest of the state.
    No wonder injured workers are having such a hard time, all the parasites are feeding off us in our misery.

    • Pauline, don’t forget about the lawyers picnic, the underpayments of injured workers assisted by lawyers who are paid to look after their interests. It’s a dam disgrace. Karma is a bitch and Workcover will eventually be held responsible for their inhumane behaviour towards genuine injured workers, their cushy jobs of harassing injured workers will be no more, the hole they are digging for injured workers will bury them .


      • I can never forget the lawyer’s picnic Angela. I’m one of those seriously injured workers (psychiatric injuries PTSD and Major Depression) from bullying in the workplace, whose lawyer sold them out for two bits. Three years later I became homeless as the Workover refused (in its own special way) to retrain me, and left me unemployable and psychiatrically ill unable to afford rent on my own but needing to live on my own because all my attempts to live with others since my workplace injury failed badly. No, I won’t forget the lawyers. Mine harassed and manipulated me into signing for $90,000, then all Workcover income stopped, and I had to wait almost 2 years to get on the Disability Pension. Pension of $350 a week only covered my rent. Nothing else. Nada. I had refused to sign until my lawyer agreed to include a clause committing Workcover to retrainiing me. He told me:”If you have any trouble with that, don’t worry, we’ll it for you.” When I did have serious trouble getting anything from them and I rang the lawyers they said:”We’ll take the first action for free.” I knew immediately that I was stuck in the bottom of a trough for them. Something to feed off. My relationship with them was a bit like that of a domestic violence victim with their abuser. One moment they terrified and distressed me, the next I was seeing them as my saviours. My injuries made me particularly easy to manipulate, but I think that’s true of all people with injuries. We’re soft targets.

        Then they tried to take over my TPD pension claim, but I told them they weren’t working for me anymore. Glad I did, as I’ve heard round the site that lawyers are charging $12,000 for that service. It’s really just a matter of filling out a few forms and gathering all the required information and sending it in. It did take me ages to do, but that was down to my psychiatric state from the workplace injury. Pre-injury me would have filled out the forms in less than an hour and collected all necessary info with just a couple of letters sent. $12,0000 huh!

        Yes, the Workover is a great source of over-paid easy peasy employment for the legal fraternity. Anyone looking closely at the Workover laws would quickly see just how anti-worker and slimey these laws are. They’re not about compensating and rehabilitating us at all. They’re about taking away our common law right to sue and minimising any compensation allowed to us. There’s a great article on site, from John McPhilbin I think that shows the percentage of the cost of workplace injury that is carried by the players. Surprise, surprise, injured workers and the community are carrying 74% of the costs (my memory may be shakey on this, but we do pay the highest price in these good old “no fault” systems).

        • Pauline, my heart bleeds for you, how devastating, I could not help crying when reading your story. My motto is, “there is a solution to every problem”  I would suggest,that people report Workcover, Doctors, lawyers etc  to the ICAC for full and proper investigation, or in the alternative ,to represent yourself,  with as much support as possible from people you can trust such as family, friends and support groups and infiltrate the courts with unrepresented litigants taking legal action against these thugs, (a very difficult task, I must admit). Unfortunately, Workcover is designed to destroy the injured workers mentally, then conspire with the lawyers to further injure the injured workers by ripping them off financially with the little money gives the worker by not paying them there legal entitlements, while the lawyers live the high and privileged lives, at the expense of the worker, , together with the lowlife case managers. Lots of injured workers are not aware that Workcover is legally obliged to pay their legal fees, yet the lawyers charge the workers for their rotten services to save workcover money, pathetic. My lawyer took his fees out of my Workcover redemption payment, when he should not have done that, he also phoned workcover and told them to pay me my section 43 then he will strongly advise me to pay for my own breast reduction and surgical bras (the bastard) I gave him a copy of the action sheet, which I obtained through my Freedom of Information request and asked him whose interest are he looking after, I reported him to the legal Practitioners Conduct Board, with no success at all, as expected. Eventually with all thee complaints against him, he lost his license to practise. What he was doing, for example, he was getting say a settlement of $200,000.00 for the injured worker, then claiming he can only get say $100,000.00 and pocketing the rest, how disgraceful, his daughter is now a solicitor and he is working as an advacate for refugees, ripping them off and scheming with the other undesirables to fill his pockets with stolen money from the destitute. I know of another case where a person was awarded $68,000.00 and the solicitor gave the injured worker $1,000.00. That lawyer now has a life threatening health issue.

          What injured Workers should do is make Freedom of Information Requests to obtain their workcover files, but to be aware, Workcover uses incorrect clauses to deny them access to documents, such as legal privilege, the way Workcover abuses legal privilege to conceal documents is shameful. Workcover hates Freedom of Information requests, injured Workers should fight fire with fire and bombard them with requests, if they are capable of doing it.

          The avereage Worker is not aware of the relevant acts and clauses, I wish I was in a position to assist injured workers as a volunteer, just help them and support them, Injured workers should infiltrate their local politicians  with complaints about Workcover, we can only try. Pauline I hope you are back on track with love and God’s richest blessings. I am suing Workcover for breach of confidence, no lawyer, John White, the President of their law society is Workcover’s barrister against a litigant in person.

          All the best Regards. Stay strong.



          • Angela and all other friends, the ICAC, Independent Commission Against Corruption, operates in the NSW.

            For those in VIC there is a “new” body called IBAC, Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission,

            Injured workers need a real independent Case Manager NOT adversarial bribed fraudsters. We need someone who can address our problems which wary from information to referral to the right practitioners or professionals. I do understand a GP may not always deal with our problems because they are NOT trained specifically to mental injuries issues for example and related problems. GPs feel harassed and scared when they hear the magic word “workcover” many GPs have no knowledge and do not fully understand that behind the workcover there are insurance companies looking to kill you even more. Many GPs refer to workcover as a “LAW” in a way that any LIE the fraudster insurer says, the GP accept it as a the rule to respect and no more! One example: Workcover’s insurer (agent BS) rejected (by telling lies of course) my legit claim so my GP said “what is the point for me to keep on filling a Certificate of Capacity since the insurer said you have no claim?”. I had to struggle and insist many times that what the insurer said was BS and that I still needed a certificate and that was no matter what the insurer said!

            We need an independent Case Manager to address our vital financial issues, we need support and referral on how to be prepared to a Court fight, we need someone who support us manage everyday bills and health rehabilitation.

            Some of us become homeless because workcover’s insurance companies fraudulently cut our finances (one year ago I was left with $300 in my bank account, no more) and at the same time they get paid their rich premiums! Those fraudsters are the same people who own banks and financial institutions whom we committed to repay a home/car loan and they know it’s just a matter of time before we give up our properties. Why I can understand this but our beloved Government DO NOT? We are endangered people, many of us have suicidal thoughts and some commit suicide for real. Why I can understand this while our beloved Government DO NOT? We all know the whole workcover network is a conflict of interests, why I can understand this but the Government DO NOT?

          • All excellent ideas, Angela and XchangingVictim. We need so much and get worse than nothing with all the abuse added in. The whole system is corrupt. The corruption has come from the involvement of the profit motive. Without this there might still be red tape and bureaucracy to bother us, but we would be able to use the law to obtain our rights. The insurers make up the law as they go along, and nobody stands against them…..maybe the ACCS if you strike the right people.

            Yes I’d love us to clog up every aspect of the system. I’ve begun the long journey of FOI requests for all my information. It’s a good move, though a long term battle and much mulling over the past looking for missing bits. I got stuff already that I’m sure they wish they hadn’t sent me. These big boring jobs of collecting the files, going through to decide what they will give us, photocopying it all – well there’s plenty of room for error. Like me, you may end up with stuff they don’t intend you to have.