Xchanging case manager illegally downgrades serious injury certificate

In this true and most shocking story, a well known despicable and evil case manager from Xchanging, took it upon her uneducated self to illegally downgrade a severely injured worker’s serious injury certificate, accusing the injured worker – who is currently literally facing “sudden paralysis from the legs down as well as urinary and fecal incontinence” of malingering!

Xchanging case manager illegally downgrades serious injury certificate

Everyone that has become involved in my conciliation case against Xchanging are outraged at what Miss SD [case manager, Xchanging, Melbourne, Vic] has done, all of it illegal, hence bypassing the conciliation hearing and going straight to the medical panel, writes the severely injured worker, who is now facing the real possibility of ‘sudden or abrupt onset of paraplegia and both urinary and fecal incontinence’ according to his top neurosurgeon.

Workcoverassist  said they have never seen this happen to anyone else, says the injured worker.

Workcoverassist [and workcovervictimsdiary.com] certainly wish that this story will become fully public as Xchanging, in particulat Ms SD, should never ever have done what she did to this injured worker and, very nearly got away with such a criminal act!

The injured worker’s horrifying story

Basically what happened is that my G.P. at the time asked Ms SD for permission to send me to a neurosurgeon This was denied.

SD rang me at home and said that she had read my history and that in her opinion I should never have had my claim accepted, never had any of the surgeries, chiro, physio, etc she thought I wasn’t genuine and said that she would do everything in her power to get non-genuine recipients like me removed from the system.

I knew something was very wrong and insisted that I should have at least have a CT scan and if nothing showed I would give in, luckily for me the scan showed serious deterioration.

So Ms SD was asked again to give permission [to see a neurosurgeon] she delayed but finally I saw [Dr neurosurgeon] in 2011 and he sent me for MRI which was even worse.

Then I was sent for a Nuclear scan which lit up like a white hot furnace- the head of nuclear department came to talk to me about my result and the nurse said that was a rare occurrence, he was very concerned and said my spine was the worst he had seen in all his years.

Everyone is concerned except Xchanging ,Ms SDrefused request for surgery and sent me to a [biased IME].

The [hired gun / IME]  had only seen me about 3 months earlier, anyway the next I know is a letter arrives telling me surgery was refused and a copy of IME attached.

In the letter he says I make that required 35% [for serious injury]  but he says I was exaggerating and that surveillance shows me living a normal lifestyle,”so how about we declare her 20%”

That was when I started looking for a solicitor because I knew I was in for a battle.

A few days later another letter arrived telling me that me weekly payments had been dropped  and that I was being referred to an employment agency.

Workcover assist and ACCS couldn’t believe how busy Ms SD  had been and how fast she acted because again only a matter of in a few days I had an appointment for [a vocational assessment / job seeking],then a week after that I got a phone call  (on a Thursday) telling me I had to start a computer course the following Monday.

I rang my lawyer ,rushed to my doctor to get a certificate saying I am unfit even though I still had a current medical certificate [stating that I am unfit for ANY work].

After that certificate  was sent to Xchanging I was told Ms SD was shifted from [my employer] and I haven’t had any contact since.

I can’t explain how my impairment was decreased because it just happened by Ms SD  just writing and telling me that she had done it, surely a case manager doesn’t have the power to legally just change an impairment assessment just on one IME that states that I actually did make the 35% anyway.

workcovervictimsdiary.com obtained copies of medico-legal reports stating that this severely injured worker:

“he is certainly not able to work in any capacity at all.”If the operation is not undertaken it is likely that he will develop gradually or even suddenly increasing urinary and faecal incontinence and paraplegia.The risk would be one in twenty of this occurring soon and increase markedly in the future.’ “assessment made pursuant to  AMA guides using the combined values chart on page 240 his total Whole Person Impairment is [over 40%] not less than 20% according to Mr [name of IME] IME for Xchanging”.

aworkcovervictimsdiary will ensure that this story is pursued and that it receives its due media attention.

It is NOT the first time that we hear of horror stories from genuinely injured workers at the hands of Ms SD.

I have personally also been most unfortunate to have had this lady manage me for just over  years, until I had her finally legally removed off my case after Ms SD had -accidentally- written a shocking email to me.  During the 2 years that Ms D “managed me”, I have been subjected to horrifying, jaw-dropping bullying, intimidation and harassment and would be all too happy to dish the dirt. This woman nearly killed me, she tipped me over the edge and I very nearly committed suicide because of her. Shortly after she started “managing me”, I was certified unfit for all and any work by numerous independent psychiatrists for “years” based on psychiatric injuries suffered alone.

At this stage we have 4 (four) cases of terrible wrong doing.

As Erin Brockovich told me during her personal visit to me back in March of this year:

I am very sure that what you have experienced is a pattern of misconduct & abuse that was commonplace if not the norm for workcover [Xchanging in my case].

I believe that you should contact ANYONE who will listen & tell them your story, the fact that you have documented it is invaluable beyond belief.

While clearly your caseworker [Ms SD]  was negligent to the point of putting your life at risk;

I believe the BIGGER ISSUE is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Which means a pattern has been established & condoned by workcover [worksafe in tis case] who, in the interest of saving money, has turned a blind eye to the treatment of people whose care is entrusted in them.

All the while this horrible caseworker has done irreparable damage to you with no regard for your safety, not to mention quality of life. To me the natural next step is filing a class action lawsuit against what sounds like a horrible, broken system.

You don’t have to name names, just share your experience ( perhaps your news station has an investigative segment ) & wait for the flood of others who have suffered equal, & possibly ( death??) greater atrocities. I hope beyond hope that some type of action is possible for you & any others who have been abused as you have.


I will be sharing your story in America with my friends & hope that life becomes easier with this unbalanced person out of your life.

Please don’t disregard my suggestion, the fact that YOU kept accurate records, that your Dr.s can corroborate them, & most importantly that they changed your caseworker one day after your lawyer sent a letter is an pretty good indication that Xchanging. was not only aware of how poorly you were handled, but also a CLEAR indication that they are in ‘damage control mode’ meaning that they (better than anyone) understand how badly this could affect them. I imagine the numbers are staggering, especially as the targets are weak, ill, frightened & have been bullied for who knows how long…. making them less likely to actually stand-up for themselves anymore. Speak to your lawyer.


Speak up guys, put a stop to it, who else will?


[post entered by T based on dictated transcript on behalf of WCV]



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  1. They are all there listed on Linkedin, the core of Xchanging!

  2. Money is why it happened!

  3. Is there any way we can get sum stories together on this piece of work Doran and send it to HR manager of Xchanging to see if we can have her fired.

    One time my insurer and all key parties in regards to my claim held a meeting and all agreed on decisions around my RTW program. Problem being the main key party was not in attandance ME!!!

    • We are gathering ALL the necessary documents and all the hard evidence, but simply having her fired would mean that Xchanging (her team leader, and Xchanging as such who are also responsible!!!) would walk away scott free… People who do bad things and those who let it happen need to be accountable – so this matter will be taken as far as possible

      workcovervictim August 5, 2012 at 7:33 pm
      • Yes a much better idea…Then go up the food chain to HR managers directors the whole lot and find out why the allowed it to happen.

  4. I KNOW that the numbers are staggering, especially as the targets are weak, ill, frightened & have been bullied for who knows how long…. making them less likely to actually stand-up for themselves anymore. Just last night I was contacted by an injured worker who has been bullied to the verge of suicide, again by this very same Susan Doran. And guess what, this injured worker is too afraid to speak out, afraid of Xchanging and possible reprisals! DON’T BE AFRAID – LISTEN TO ERIN BROCKOVICH! We, as injured workers hold that power, by speaking out we can make the insurance companies scared of us, for once, and most importantly, STOP THEM from further harming injured workers!
    Being scared and afraid to say a word is exactly what those insurance companies want, this is exactly what people like Susan Doran use in their modus operandi – sheer intimidation and threats – I KNOW, I have personally experienced it to the point where I actively considered suicide.
    Time and time again she breached legal intervention and restraining orders, up to the day she was legally removed from my case – that is how far she went to destroy me psychologically. I was a wreck. I could not pick up the phone, I still get startled senseless when the phone rings, every letter from Xchanging makes me want to puke, I have nightmares about her, …traumatised for the rest of my life.

    SPEAK UP, for God’s sake.

    And not just about this case manager, but about anyone who ill-treats you. Put a stop to it.

    workcovervictim August 5, 2012 at 5:51 pm
  5. Ms SUSAN DOREN i have a special place in the scum section for you on the karma bus

  6. This is despicable behaviour and nothing short of criminal behaviour.
    I also know of an injured worker who was managed by this Susan Doran and who obtained case notes and recordings under FOI – in these notes this Susan Doran was stupid enough to even written that she had forcefully “convinced” this seriously injured worker’s (who has a serious injury certificate obtained in a court of law!) GP to change his certificate of capacity to “fit for work”!!! I will ask this injured worker to come forward. I know that he is seeking legal action and that, like you, he was bullied so severely by this woman that he nearly committed suicide.

    This is totally unacceptable and under Brodie’s law this case manager belongs in JAIL and should be made an EXAMPLE of.