American injured worker feels raped and says workers comp system is screwed

We received a painful email from an American seriously injured worker who states that the system of Workers Comp is [also] so screwed up in his state its unreal. He says he feels raped and that if it wasn’t for his fiancee, who sadly was diagnosed with MS but who is still working, he would be living in a card board box under some bridge.

American injured worker feels raped and says workers comp system is screwed

The injured worker’s story in his own words

8/24/2011 end of shift fell with a violent impact to my lower back on a concrete floor..

Report the fall to my employer who told me he would jot something down in case it hurt tomorrow. Day 2 asked about a doctor as I was in a lot of pain. Told to take up the issue with my family doctor. Yes he was rather irate with me both defensive and accusative in tone.

I already had an appointment with my Doctor the following Tuesday so I did what I was told started popping Ibuprofen 800MG at 6 hr intervals

and as he stated Cowboy Up and quit crying about it.

Worked a Sat once again requested a Comp Claim at work denied. Spent a miserable weekend in pain. Worked Mon and Tuesday went to my family doctor who proceeded to send me back to work to get a Workers Comp Doctor recommended as it was my right.

Next day Wed one full week after the fall. After much duress and anger expressed my my employer who made me work the whole shift before sending to an office to submit my report of the injury incident to her over the phone which she recorded of course.

Spent an hr while they tried to figure out where I should go they had no information posted as to Doctors which they were supposed to have posted and the Manager failed to report the injury in a fashion required by company policy.

I was sent to first one place to get drug tested, then to another occupational therapist at St Charles in Toledo [USA] for evaluation. He does the usual range of motion tests and leg raise tests give me a gives me a script for Ibuprofen sends me for an X Ray and

after some time out of the room comes in and states with a rather clownish smirk there were no broken bones but I would probably not be lifting anymore.

States he will set me up for PT [Physio]9 visits 3 water 6 land sends me back to work with restrictions no bend no lift over 10 pounds.

Get screwed around for a week while they figure out how to get my into PT now 2 weeks after the injury. I mentioned I had a herniated disc a decade ago. Your supposed to be honest with treating doctors right? Pt is now over its been a month and one week still in excruciating pain with horrible sciatica in both legs but mainly the right. Told him I could not stand to walk on it after about an hr of work and it got worse all day long.

October he orders up an MRI (Still sent back to work) MRI results (Now I am getting smart and am asking copies of all records including films)

Disc degeneration at L4/L5, and L5/S1 with diffuse subligamentous Disc protrusions at both discs.
The first xray they took on 8/31 showed spurring liping and narrowed disc spaces L4/L5, L5/S1 with obvious degeneration at T12/L1 HE makes a crack about continuing to work on my walking!!???

I was Pissed and immediately Sought legal representation which ultimately led to changing Physicians of reference. Now mid October. Still in horrible pain with only Ibuprofen to fight it. New Doctor a Chiro who actually is more concerned and very much trying to help my situation.

Continue to work through the end of the year. No better can’t walk hardly can’t sit for long can’t sleep all night constant every day. Christmas then new years.

Back work first of year work one and a half weeks called into an office at end of shift of course, told to go home OWBC [ Ohio Bureau of WorkersCompensation] was going to pick up my pay until the issue was resolved.

Frustration from Doc no treatments allowed for my claim which was originally Lumbar Sprain Contusion (Weak) the process of changing or amending the claim to show the real injury now starts.

Hearing Hearing Hearing not a dime coming in Comp fights the Wage Loss Fights the Amended claim disallow disallow disallow.

Doc can’t provide pain management or treat unless the claim is won in hearings. OWBC insists my issues are age related and of prior existing conditions.

My employer after sending me home mid jan waits 3 months then insists I need to go on FMLA [Family and Medical Leave Act] I was forced on it which included signing off my 4 weeks paid vacation and 5 paid sick days was told it was to preserve my job, I filled out no form was told to sign it it was accepted 3 months after I was out of work.

July Friday 13 receive Certified mail FMLA runs out Terminated. I am like WTF? SHO Hearings all that are left. First loose the last for amending the DX then loose the hearing for Wage Loss because I did not preform a job search which was suspended by a prior Hearing officer? Yet I was still employed by the schmuck employer that kicked me to the street, did I say I had been there for almost 3 decades working and was 50 yrs old?

They gave me some pay after the DHO hearing wages as pay was approved, then took it away after the SHO hearing My lawyer took his cut of the first part, my guess is they will be calling me to get an over payment.

I am screwed to hell and I now owe them $2400 I say again WTF just happened to me here?????
The system of Workers Comp is so screwed up in this state its unreal.

My guess…there is so much more I could post on this, way to much more I feel raped and the bad part if my fiance was diagnosed with MS 14 yrs ago she is still working and if it weren’t’ for her I would be living in a card board box under some bridge.

We would be married but she would not be able to afford her Meds for it and is on an access program for it which would end if we marry.

Can things get any more screwed up, I should be providing for her not screwed out of my life by my employer.

Have applied for SSD [Social Security Disability] now waiting for their Docs to tell me I’m ok to work. I was planning for retirement one day and screwed the next.

Will be contacting Rehab services Monday but I have been a poorly educated Laborer for 35 yrs the job I lost was extremely physical….

and yes even if your honest as hell you feel like a prisoner in your own home like big brothers watching to catch you picking your nose so they can accuse you fraud,

you become very paranoid at the though of being watched 24/7 by some jerk, and yes they won’t pay out to workers but they will pay PI’s, Insurance companies, all the system workers, the lawyers, hearing officers, doctors to fight you, deny your claim, defend their claim and delay everything to get you to quit and starve you out of their system. They are the ones that should be investigated.

I was told the Mr. Kasich wants his hands on the 6 billion dollars they have in workers fund….