No dignity for a NSW fire fighter injured on the job

We received a sickening story overnight from an injured NSW fire fighter’s friend. Her fire fighter friend suffered a workplace injury which left him with long term permanent impairment, but -as a result of his inhumane modified duties- he also suffered severe psychological injuries. After 25 years of loyal service protecting lives and properties, this man found himself without any retraining or rehab and … sacked!

No dignity for a NSW fire fighter injured on the job

NSW Fire Brigades – Bastardisation at the least

My Dear friend, who has been a fire fighter with NSW Fire Brigades, now known as Fire and Rescue NSW, not only suffered a workplace injury in 2006 which left with him with long term impairment, but as a result of his ‘inhumane’ modified duties, he suffered a psychological injury which has permanently scarred him for life in 2011, and now they are ‘sacking’ him – deemed permanently medically unfit for fire fighting duties, and putting him out on the heap.

What erks me the most, is after 25 years service to the community of NSW, he couldnt even get a letter from the Fire Brigades Commissioner Mr Greg Mullins sincerely thanking him for his gratitude service, but he gets a letter from an Acting Director of Human Resources (I call them human remains) Mr Bernard King, stating he is getting ‘terminated’ July 2012…..oh….ps you can call our EAP program if you want to talk to someone! really nice work eh!…….

Let me just say, since July 2006 “NO ONE!!!” offered [my injured friend] ANY retraining, or ANY possible rehabilitation of ANY sort! So much for Workers Compensation and Human Rights – NOT!

Seriously he would have been best shot/stabbed/ or even wounded in a motor vehicle accident, at least Victims of Crime and CTP victims get more dignity than a fire fighter who has tried to save lives and protect property……

We would add to that tell me why it is that criminals are treated better than injured workers?

Until you or someone close to you is injured at work then you may believe, as we initially did, that there is government legislation in place to look after us and to protect us.  You may believe that you and your family will receive ALL the assistance – medically,psychologically and financially- that you require.


The workcover legislation was put in place by the government allegedly for the victims of workcover.  It is not until AFTER you or a loved one is injured, that you realise how unjust and truly corrupt the system really is.

We, THE VICTIMS, are treated worse than CRIMINALS. PRISONERS, pedophiles, murderers and even serial killers have more rights than we have.

Over our many many years of hell we have often thought that we would be better off committing a crime resulting in jail time so that I would receive the medical, rehabilitation and psychological support that we not only deserve but REQUIRE.

Every step of our hell through the convoluted, bureaucratic and most corrupt workcover system has been a constant battle for treatment and support that we – once upon a time, so naively thought -we were entitled to.

We have NOT yet met ONE workcover victim that can honestly state that they have NOT been treated worse than a criminal!

It is a CRIME the way the insurance companies [and employers] exploit us and waste hundreds of thousands of dollars weekly fighting AGAINST paying for medical care, diagnostic tests,  rehabilitation and aides to assist workcover victims, instead of using this TAX PAYERS money to ensure victims (and their families) have ALL the support they require to help them become as independent as possible.


Thank you “G” for sharing this story and telling it like it really is.  It is stories like these that need to be plastered all over the media and be brought to the attention of the public and our politicians, in the hope of hopes that they may start to understand what is really going on behind the real workcover system.


Our hearts and thoughts go out to your injured mate, his family and you, and we wish we had a magic wand…


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  1. The lack of commentaries on this story just shows how PAINFUL this story really is. It renders people speechless. I have trouble seeing clear as my eyes are watering… My thoughts and strength and love are with you. I think I know how you feel, similar stuff has happened to me, enough to scar me physically and mentally for the rest of my life.

    workcovervictim3 July 9, 2012 at 5:44 pm