Bullying manager returns to work – the story continues

Last week, an injured worker told the story of a bullying manager, who had been “off work for 6 months” and who had been responsible for over 100 resignations (!) and had at least 10 formal complaints about bullying against her, would be returning to work shortly. The horrible story continues and the bully manager is still vilifying current and former staff, even before she has officially returned to work!

Bullying manager returns to work – the story continues

In last week’s story, the injured worker questioned wondered “what lies this manager has told and how long this person will take to return to bullying and harassing staff “…

The saga continues: in the bullied injured worker’s own words.

An issue that keeps coming up is the bully still is vilifying current and former staff.

This comes even before she returns to work.

Having a coffee in a cafe when other workers from the hospital were present ( apart from her pet people ) and heard what was being said and noticed other staff whom should have not been with the others.

Interesting what was said. Comments with what was occurring and what they were going to do when this manager returned .

Comments of harassing new staff and I quote ” to make life hell for people who haven’t supported me ” came from this lovely managers mouth.

What was very disturbing is that comments were made about myself that the other staff have no right in knowing ( privacy and confidentiality )but also this lovely manager again made the threatening statement of and I quote ” I will make all these people leave by threatening them ” unquote.

It’s odd that other staff from different departments were present during what was said and that I was informed of what was being said by them and that this lovely manager didn’t care what she said.

Of course this person will not behave or change !!!

Unfortunately psychiatric or psychological treatment won’t work with this a person like this. One does wonder if any psychiatric unit will cope with a person like this or is this person untreatable ?

Thank you, again, for sharing such a disturbing story.

Unfortunately the manager (and her superiors) who is acting and behaving so badly doesn’t care because she, and her superiors are never accountable. They are never named and they are never shamed.

As Dr Michael Cole wrote a week or so ago, managers would be more likely to take care if they thought that they would be exposed publicly.

He is a whistleblower at Westmead Hospital and hosts a website where the Hospital and the people involved are named. http://www.westmeadhospitalwhistleblowers.com

We are starting to believe that Dr Cole is right and that naming and shaming such a despicable people would be the only solution and deterrent.

Remember that if you have strong evidence of wrongdoing and ill-treatment, you are totally allowed to publicly name individuals, without “fearing” defamation. At the very least this person ought to be given a prime window seat on the karma bus!

More importantly, and as Erin Brockovich told me personally, People who do BAD THINGS & THOSE THAT ENCOURAGE IT BY DOING NOTHING SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!



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