Bullying manager returns to work – a real story

We received a “share your story” overnight from an injured worker who has been bullied at work and who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. S/he tells us that a bullying manager, who had been “off work for 6 months” and who had been responsible for over 100 resignations (!) and had at least 10 formal complaints about bullying against her, would be returning to work shortly. As s/he rightly states, “it’s a joke in about the lack of severely disciplining managers as they are still considered untouchable…”

Bullying manager returns to work

The injured worker’s story in his/her own words

Well, after 6 months off work this manager had a meeting today with senior managers and will return to work in two weeks to work for a couple of days per week.

One would have thought that after well over 10 complaints last year, submitted to human resources and senior management, that this person would have been removed or moved like the other cronies who assisted this manager before as this had done to them.

It’s interesting that this person’s favorite staff all had a coffee with this person whilst on duty, disregarding other staff and also work duties .

Funny that this bully manager hasn’t officially started back at work and one could say that the staff concerned are in breach of duty of care as the jobs they do are patient/client related in this hospital in Western Sydney and could be accused of dereliction of duty as well.

One does wonder what lies this manager has told and how long this person will take to return to bullying and harassing staff !!

How this person still believes that they are not responsible for these actions is beyond belief!!

Over 130+ staff have left because of this person !

One would seriously question the manager about this huge turnover of staff over 10 years !

Apparently everyone who has left is at fault !
It’s a joke in the NSW Health Department about the lack of severely disciplining managers as they are still considered untouchable !!! Still !!


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3 Responses to “Bullying manager returns to work – a real story”

  1. Absolutely! Mandatory reporting by medical professionals, unions and OHS representatives. Past employees can be traced by their TFN . Then interviewed where there is a continuous turn over of staff from suspected bullying behaviours. The only reason why these people conduct their business by bullying is they know nothing can be done. There has been enough lobbying, research and blogging to show our government that something “can” be done. All they need is “moral courage ” to take a step from debating to action.

  2. Yep, I agree, or they should set a mandatory KPI against managers (all employees) for bullying complaints, it should be zero. All complaints should be reported (in the same way workplace injuries are reported, and using a RISK register + investigation and ACTION plan).
    The only way to get rid of bullies would be by naming and shaming them.

    workcovervictim July 14, 2012 at 3:59 pm
  3. Wouldn’t it be nice if employers were required to open up their employee records to view exactly how many complaints are made against bullying individuals. All staff, past and present should be given an opportunity to reveal the perpertrators. Give them protection by whistleblowers laws. This is where a reporting system would appropriate. After time, a pattern of behaviour develops. Including the tactics how managements collude to protect perpetrators. Testimonies from people who have left their employment, over a period of time, due to bullying cannot collude with each other. A case where management has protected a serial bully that has driven out 100 employees and generated 10 formal complaints needs serious investigation. I’m also wondering how many people have approached the union? They would also have records and knowledge of this bully. Asking the union to reveal their records would give strength to a conviction against an employer for protecting an obvious OHS hazard.