workcover victims diary – update

There is plenty going on at the moment – between desperately finding a witchcraft potion for my debilitating pain, coping with and “accepting” my dreadful condition and prognosis, trying to sleep, navigating the endless trials of being on workcover, fighting for my entitled basic home help, deciding whether or not I am prepared to literally risk my life for a reverse shoulder prosthesis, encouraging my partner to care for me and the house…and my blog!

workcover victims diary – update


A few days ago I received a wake-up call in the form of a medical report from my treating upper limb specialist surgeon. Not that I needed a wake-up call as such, hell, I know I am deteriorating rapidly and every day, but I did perhaps not realise that, even if I had the guts to undergo and would survive the needed reverse shoulder joint prosthesis, I would not ever regain anything resembling normal function again in my arm…[I suffered two massive heart failures and very nearly died during two of the eight shoulder surgeries and although my heart failure is directly related to the shoulder specific surgical procedures, they remain uncertain of what exactly it is that caused the hart to fail so badly].

The pain I am in, and have been in over the past weeks/months is inhuman and is literally pushing me at the very end of my limits, both physically and mentally, as well captured by my surgeon’s report.

I hardly sleep from it and have, since months, resorted to camping in the living room at night, so that I can watch TV, read the blog, whatever  and cry myself into a slumber without disturbing my parrots and my partner.

Extracts of the surgical report

The mechanical or functional status of my right (dominant) shoulder (and arm) is now at such an extent that I am no longer able to physically write [at all], hold a cuppa, hold a book,  a fork, or – most importantly – hold the microphone or the keyboard keys on my laptop (i.e. CRTL-SHIFT) to blog!

Whilst I have been using voice recognition software for posting the bulk of the articles of the blog in the past with some success (and with receiving manual help with insertion of pictures etc. from other people), fact is that I am now no longer able to even “blog” this way. The only thing I can do is to record – with dictation or dicataphone- articles and have someone else insert (post/blog) them on my behalf . This is, obviously, a major issue given that I am running a very popular blog!

Many people have – kindly- sent me (the blog) emails stating that they have noticed that “I was not blogging much” and wondering “if I was OK”.

Yes, I am “OK” – well, I am alive. But I am struggling myself stupid. I am having a damn hard time and bracing myself for even worse. And, ouch, I just found out, the hard way, that [arthritic]  pain is so much worse in winter and that it is not an old wife’s tale 🙁

I am saving up for a hands-free head set with in-built microphone! I wonder if workcover is liable for that?


I just want to take the opportunity to warmly welcome and thank “Trinny” who has, as of today, “officially” joined workcover victims diary as a co-author! Trinny is also an injured worker and has been contributing to the blog for months (behind the scenes, via email and Twitter initially), for which I/we are extremely grateful and already forever indebted.

I also want to take the opportunity to warmly welcome and thank injured worker “Jamie” who has kindly volunteered to co-author our (neglected!) Facebook page as of 6 or 7 June 2012. “Jamie” [nickname for ID protection] has been commenting regularly on the blog and has been an insightful contributor and an absolutely delightful forum “buddy”.

And let’s not forget to applaud the wonderful and hard work from John McPhilbin who joined us about a month ago. John has been a great “asset” to, and this is well reflected in the ongoing growing popularity of our blog (Google stats are just mind-boggling!).



Thank you to all our readers, supporters and contributors for your wonderful support, a workcover victims diary would be nothing without you!



6 Responses to “workcover victims diary – update”

  1. @ChristineLiz, I hear ya!
    Whilst it is not possible to “compare” one injured worker’s nightmare, injury and trauma with an another (I refer here to Lisa), for each injured worker that we have come across has a nightmare of their own, I strongly believe that you need urgent professional help, which we may not be able to offer you as we / this site is run by injured workers. Have you sought professional psychological counselling and/or psychiatric support? It sounds to me that you really need all the support you can get at this stage to overcome some of the trauma you have suffered. Have you sought legal advice and representation? Again it sounds to me that you would very much benefit of having a lawyer on your side, not only to fight for your rights and to pursue justice and to restore the truth, but also to take the stress off you so that your matter and the investigation can be dealt with properly, without any further harm being done to you! We would highly recommend to make contact with Shine Lawyers (details in right hand side bar) and discuss your case asap. An initial consultation will be free of charge in any case and Shine lawyers really do stand up for the little guys like us.
    I have no doubt that with some good medical support and with a great lawyer on your site, you will get out of this nightmare!
    We are thinking of you, at this very very difficult time. Hang in!

    workcovervictim3 July 23, 2012 at 7:27 am
  2. My friend? who penned all those letters. The letters i couldnt write because of the trauma, from the initial assault of the Principal and then the ongoing bullying from the Deputy and Acting Head Teacher and NOW an IMA who tells everyone;”watch her she lies” who refuses to email me in regard to a RTW that should have happened months ago. An IME who has hardly spoken to me in 5 years. Who wrote that my home was ‘not kept'(im a clean freak?),& she had NEVER been to my home,an IMA that told my new GP, (to her horror)to write RTW @ same school-OPPOSITE to all IMEs DRS SPECIALISTS. An IMA who has NEVER said a kind word EVER & My GP has told me point blank;’Do not ring her she will be very nasty”An IMA who has destroyed my life and NOW when I enquire at Employee Services on how to enter leave if you have a RTW FIT? The IMA has notified all parties EXCEPT the worker that THE IMA has sent my file to EPAC for investigation.
    So despite surviving an assault, 90days of daily bullying, and months of worry and self denigration for still not understanding WHY? WHY?I have naught left to say im worthy to life. I dont know why anyone would do this to me? I dont know why they have killed me?Without my family and job WHO or WHAT am I???Why is it ok for a male principal to break the law? Why destroy anyone why why my daughters loved me..My students did until they were told a LIE??? why bother??? I wish someone had been there to explain as Im so simple. I have never done anything to deserve all this but it has happened and I spent my life as someone else. Please someone explain so my life has been of value. Im a Christian too but Im scared to tell that as the deputy laughed at me. She told me I was lying about the Principal????why why why i havent lied. I worked hard. Im dying i think cause I cant breathe anymore and i cry and cry and cry its not right its not fair but they did it THEY killed a woman who wanted and loved and was good at her job please explain to my beautiful daughter why why why

    Christineliz12 July 22, 2012 at 4:37 pm
  3. This is the first time I have heard you talk about those times in your life. It proves that you are such a wonderful person & you do have a purpose here with us. I think in some way, with life experience, we all have our own beliefs & refer to that energy as universe, God, Budha, etc.

    As hard as the next step is going to be for you, you need to believe that you are not finished & you have so much more to give. I know you want to give back to your partner, friends, family, Doctors & legal team who have been there for you when all the chips are down. I can see from the report that you are not going to be able to survive – if that is what your current life could be called! You are going to need to take the next step & part of that is believing that it is the right thing to do & you will be better off for it. I believe your Doctors wouldnt put their hand up & offer to help if they didnt believe they could give you a successful outcome. I understand it is going to require more than 1 operation, & you understand a lot more about the medical field than the rest of us, but at this point you cant allow ‘them’ to win. Try to gather strength from knowing that you are a Warrior & you have friends in all the right places!!! xoxox

    Thanks R for being there, reminding Lisa she is a Warrior & it will all get better!

    • I just realised, thanks to you, itHurts, that it is indeed the very first time I have been able to “write” about the event. For years I was unable to even speak about it  (aka PTSD).

      I am a warrior and I am ultra resilient, however the reality of my situation as it currently stands (7 months after the 2nd heart failure and 5 years after the 1st heart failure) is that we have not (yet) been given the “go ahead” to proceed with any further surgery from a cardiac point of view. Fact is they still don’t really know what in the surgery caused the heart to fail… (see attached extract).

      This is what leaves me in this rather hopeless and very depressing situation… you know that feeling that you can’t see a light at the end of a tunnel? I keep looking though!

      But, you guys, definitely “keep me going” and keep encouraging me everyday – for which I am forever grateful 🙂

      workcovervictim June 11, 2012 at 7:55 pm
  4. Dear wonderful Lisa,

    I am so sorry that this is happening to you. I remember reading a comment from a case manager to WCV diary, who said something like “if all you people would spend as much time writing your resumes to get a job things would be much better for you all”. Your site is the only thing that has given us the courage to continue. Nobody knows how  we suffer behind the scenes with trying to live each day, and being a carer, friend/ family, try to keep our injured love ones functioning is also such a credit. You have many of these people to care about you too, and still have the strength to assist so many. I know that you do not pray, but I do and will for you. It is also wonderful to have the other injured workers assisting with this site. They too are WARRIORS.


    • Thank you so so much for your extraordinary kind words and for your amazing support to injured workers! You simply rock 😉

      As for the praying bit, whilst I don’t pray in the conventional way no more, since my near death experience of 2007, I do “pray” in other ways. All I can say to you (and who’s interested) that it is my belief that there is really a “Greater Power” or a “God” if you want to call it and that you will meet with “this” when you die. My overall experience, whilst dead, was incredibly “beautiful” and extraordinary warm, peaceful and extremely loving and with an overwhelming feeling of being ‘safe’ and ‘loved’. I was also able to communicate, but in thoughts. I was also out of my body and “saw'” and heard the entire “resuscitation event” (nobody had to tell me what had happened when I woke up in ICU). There is NO reason to fear death as such, the process is fairly quick (I suffocated by the way, drowned in my own lung fluid as my heart failed to 15% of it’s ejection function.) It lasted just a few seconds …extreme anxiety and distress (not being able to breathe before I passed out). Whilst “death” itself is now “OK” with me, it does not mean that I want to die, though! Hell, no, I am terrified of dying (as in leaving this life). There were also many aspects of this near- death event (and the similar one of 2011) that were truly horrifying and that haunt me to this day,.. some of the conscious parts and others…who knows, they may have been hallucinations…?

      But, yes I “pray” to “my experience” of events and to “my God” who so kindly “allowed” me to come back to life (after a long discussion…so it seemed in my head…).


      workcovervictim June 11, 2012 at 1:45 pm