Workcover Minister should be made aware of each of the horrible cases

A couple of days ago, received an email from an injured worker, who strongly believes that the Workcover Minister should be made aware of each of these [bad] cases just so that he knows how bad it is out here in injured workers land. She has had some “positive” responses from Minister Gordon Rich-Phillips and feels that this Govt. is sympathetic to the plight of injured workers and what they face from their bullies and negligent employers…

Workcover Minister should be made aware of each of the horrible cases

I was psychologically bullied out of my workplace  by younger female staff members who thought they could take over my role. This bullying led me to have a nervous breakdown and make an attempt to end my miserable existence, which failed. Subsequently, I got back on my feet, returned to work and after an escalation in the bullying had a second breakdown – that was September [a few years ago].  I have not worked since.   I ended up on Workcover (BIG mistake) and it has taken until this year to get my matter before the courts which resulted in a small compensation payment which I accepted part way through the hearing as I could not stay the distance of the court hearing.

Since [my claim] I have used my savings and my super to live on, finally having to sell my house as I could not maintain the mortgage. I now rent and live on a disability pension and will most likely never be able to return to work, despite being a successful business woman with over 35 years solid employment behind me.  However, I have not lost my ability to write!

My reason for writing today is to ask has the story about the gut wrenching bulling by Xchanging been advised to the WorkCover Minister – Gordon Rich Phillips?

I have been writing to Mr Rich Phillips and his predecessors and other Ministers for some time now on matters related to WorkSafe conduct and the conduct of the Legal Eagles who misrepresent injured workers – and I mean “misrepresent”.

Although not receiving a great deal of satisfaction, I have been replied to several times, and I feel that this Govt. is sympathetic to the plight of injured workers and what they face from their bullies, negligent employers.  At least Tweedle Dum was given the “big heave ho” by this Govt. and I feel that was a great start.  In response to letters from injured workers, Mr Rich Phillips has sent numerous “please explain” letters to WorkSafe that I am aware of during the past 12 months.

 It is my feeling that the Minister should be made aware of each of these cases just so that he knows how bad it is out here in injured workers land.

I have not experienced the same level of bad behaviour from my Insurance Company (QBE) but I am truly horrified at what I read about some others via [your blog].

In addition to Mr Rich Phillips another Minister – Greens member Ms Sue Pennicuick is also sympathetic to the plight of Injured Workers.

 Perhaps the below Victim may care to write directly to these Ministers setting out the details (with full names etc) of their terrible experiences???

I hope this letter has been of some assistance.

You are doing a fabulous job with the Website.  Congratulations.  It is only by uniting that injured workers stand any chance against those who treat them so badly.

Kind Regards


Thank you K for sharing your story and for giving us a ray of hope!

Note: We have attempted to contact you via email several times, however your email address comes back as “non existent”! Perhaps you could re-check your email address?

How to contact WorkCover Minister (Vic)

You can, and we urge you to contact[popup url=’’] Minister Gordon Rich Phillips [/popup]and tell him exactly how you have been ill-treated by your insurance company.

If you don’t tell him your story, he won’t know how bad things really are.

We do know that some genuinely injured workers have had some pathetic response from the Minister, however, this should not deter you from writing to him. We strongly believe the more aggrieved letters he’ll receive the more chances there are that the Minister won’t be able to “look away” any longer…





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  1. Agree -contact ministers .But Lets not be too delusional in thinking the OFarrell gov really give a damn about injured workers and their familes!!

    This is a gov who has Ministers saying “everyone get a prize in the system except WorkCover’!

    Get real! – pain.suffering,harassment from insurers,losing your job ,losing your home…..a prize you moron!

    Injured Workers Support is compiling a submission to go the OFarrell gov as part of the inquiry and welcomes all NSW injured workers  to contact  us with their stories about their experiences- you can remain anonymous -to be included in our submission.The report will be on behalf of all injured workers in NSW .It is imperative they understand the pain caused in a system already broken before they take the knife to iit and make it worse.

    contact us on or leave your story on our web  or leave a message if you want me to call you direct.

    This a chance to have our say


    • Injured Workers Support do a fantastic job.  Please get behind them.

      Thanks Michelle


      John Mc



      John McPhilbin May 4, 2012 at 6:54 am
  2. & I thought the WC system had turned me loopy! Does she use the code name Rainbows because she’s a lesbian?

    Naughty naughty

  3. Could someone send on this picture to the minister please?

    Codename : “Rainbows”

    Naughty naughty

  4. David Shoebridge is having a go on behalf of injured workers in NSW !  Target bully insurers who are hell-bent on protecting profits – good on you David.

    “This committee has clearly been set up to look at cutting benefits for injured workers regardless of the impact on injured workers.

    “With four Coalition members, one Christian Democrat, one Shooter and only two Labor members this makes a mockery of the Parliamentary committee system.

    “The Workers Compensation system needs reform with a close eye on the hundreds of millions of dollars that go to private insurers, before this government slashes the benefits paid to injured people.

    “In the 2010 financial year alone, private insurers ripped $476 million out of the system, which was almost a quarter of the $1.9 billion paid to benefit injured workers.

    “This is clearly part of Barry O’Farrell’s plan to take a hatchet to the rights of working people in NSW, following on from his attack on public sector workers last year.

    John McPhilbin May 3, 2012 at 12:23 pm
  5. Perhaps it is time to start compiling many of the cases presented on this blog?

    John McPhilbin May 3, 2012 at 10:39 am
  6. Mmmh, I tend to agree with you “itHurts” and have been myself been disheartened by writing to the Minister – apart from getting some sort of “apology” or a “promise that it won’t happen again” nothing really changes and I don’t believe the insurers give a  toss either. Evidence: as soon as I get the next CM it starts all over again.

    I believe countless injured victims have written their horrid stories and brought it to “the attention of the Minister” – to no avail. Fact is the Government prefers to stick their heads in the sand and see blind to benefit their own agenda(s) 🙁

    It would be interesting to know how many injured workers have gotten some “satisfaction” from writing to the Minister?

    workcovervictim3 May 3, 2012 at 9:54 am
    • So true,I wrote to the minster end of last year,got a reply in march,he just talked to cgu and wrote back,he was told bully shit by them,he wrote back saying that I can work 15 hours and get workcover payment too,hmmm I have a medical unfit for work..I have asked him to reply again,I’m still waiting..The Minster is useless,I have asked to see him in person,still waiting for an app..

  7. What can he do for us?

    Change the law of ‘bad faith’ that the agents work under! While the loophole exists, we will always be victims. Yes, we want someone to hear us & if possible help us with the criminal treatment by the hands of our WC agents. But if we get help for ourselves, the next injured workers will face the same criminal treatment from their agents & CM’s.