Injured worker left breathing through a straw

aworkcovervictimsdiary received a very compelling story from an injury worker today. He is basically left with a severe respiratory disease, a skin condition and sight problems and, two and a half years later he is still waiting for justice. His wages are about to be cut and he relies on his family to buy his medication…all the whilst he’s feeling like he is breathing through a straw! Shame on you workcover, shame on you!

Injured worker left breathing through a straw

The injured worker’s story – his own words

I was a long distance truck driver carting dangerous goods from WA, SA, NSW and QLD when we had a drum leak. To save the company the haschem fire etc call out fee I was orderd to get in and clean it up” it will only give me a headache” I was told. Then with chemical still leaking we drove from SA through NSW and into QLD leaking all the way…

I now have respiro disease skin condition and sight problems with 60% reduced oxygen up take – hold your nose and breath through a mackas straw that’s what its like!

Never mind the people who may have come into contact with this crap as we drove past.

2.5 years later still waiting for justice.

My wages are about to be cut I have not been paid for medical in about a year and have to rely on family to pay for my meds.
This is the system everyone has rights except the worker and no one wants to take responsibility for it .

Sorry about the spelling can’t see the keys properly but thanks for letting me give a very short version of events and to vent…

[Name omitted].

Shame on this employer for grossly breaching occupational heath and safety rules, and great shame on you workcover and insurer agent for not paying this terribly injured worker’s medical accounts and medication!

And this is the REAL workcover, folks…really!

Thank you for sharing your experience, mate – we’re a tad lost for words – you are in our thoughts and we’re crossing our fingers and toes for you.

Please consider naming the workcover insurer so we can SHAME them publicly!



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  1. OMG Charles, this reminds me of the houndred and thousand’s of dollars spent on advertising, ordering people to go and do something from their employer. This ad makes me sick, and I often have the thought that when the stacking pallets fall on you and break you neck, don’t worry cos no one will be their for you, least of all workcover. I am so sorry that this happened to you.

    • Charles

      Never mind – the system reminds me of the German coastguard – here’s a laugh

      • John mc Sorry for being a bit cagee didnt want to give to much away out of fear

        My company has been paying but u are allocated so much once tht goes they can go to wa workcover to get wages teminated as has happened to me

        yes u are right the insurer is sorpossed to be paying medical but if they decide not to’ laywers so they say’ cant force them

        What does that means is 100% cut in wages i have to go on disabilty or live on wits my partner is my carer but she will have to find work and i well not sure havnt figered that part out yet

        As for my legal team im  wondering who they work for me or the insurance company


  2. Truckies are always under the pump from bosses – talk about a major OHS issue.  Charles, are you member of the TWU, and if you are, what are they doing for you?

    Truckies have marched through central Sydney protesting against Coles, saying the supermarket giant is putting pressure on drivers to travel too fast.

    Addressing the rally of about 80 truckies, Transport Workers Union (TWU) national secretary Tony Sheldon compared Coles to asbestos maker James Hardie, saying the retailer was not taking responsibility for road deaths.

    “Coles is the James Hardie of the retail industry,” Mr Sheldon said.

    The building products maker was forced to compensate the Australian asbestos victims of its former subsidiaries after long legal action.

    The rally on Wednesday coincided with a TWU survey showing 55 per cent of drivers in the Coles supply chain say they are feeling pressure to drive too fast.

    The Australian Logistics Council issued a statement during the protest, accusing the TWU of airing claims in the media rather than working with the industry on heavy vehicle national laws which come into effect in January 2013.

  3. Employer

    100% will have to go on disabilty or whits


    • How does that work? The insurer should be processing your wages , medical expenses etc.  What state are you located in?

  4. Hi Charles

    It is good that you share your story – I think it helps. As you can see, you are not alone.   And there are many, many horrific stories.

    Just a few questions:

    Who is currently paying you – your employer or the insurance company?

    What will this upcoming cut in pay represent in comparison to pre-injury earnings (i.e. 80%, 60%)?

    Do you have legal representation?  If so, what are they doing about these issues on your behalf?

    Kind regards

    John Mc



  5. Thanks for the laugh just what i needed

    • Here’s another award – Fill in the blanks and sent it to your insurer form hell 😉

      workcovervictim3 May 30, 2012 at 5:38 pm
  6. Here’s another very unfortunate worker joining the nightmare – hope of hopes he won’t have to claim on QBE!

    Talking about Vultures and Awards – let’s start a public weekly “Vulture of the Week” Award! We’ll set something up in our sidebar with a voting option. Any nominations for QBE?

    workcovervictim May 30, 2012 at 5:12 pm
  7. Hey Charles – re the cartoon, we’re just protecting your ID and hope it does not look like you 🙂

    We don’t believe there is any “cartoon” or other means to paint a picture of how you must be feeling. And it certainly is not a laughing matter. Sound horrendous what you’re going through and not to speak about the insults QBE are adding to your illness and injuries!

    workcovervictim May 30, 2012 at 5:07 pm
  8. Q.B.E was the insure ps cartoon very good cant see likeness though

    • Shame on QBE, they may just qualify for our “Vulture of the Week” award 😉


      workcovervictim3 May 30, 2012 at 5:03 pm