aworkcovervictimsdiary milestones and blog design

Today, marks a significant milestone for this blog. has had just over 150,000 page views since it’s launch in August 2011 (8-9 months ago only!). Given its increasing popularity and growing impact, some of us have been wondering whether it’s time to rethink our blog’s design and layout? Make it more official-looking?

aworkcovervictimsdiary milestones and blog design


Today, marks a significant milestone for this blog. It has had over 150,000 page views. When I launched it about 9 months ago, I wasn’t really sure how much interest readers would have in the developments and trends of a system that is -frankly- almost a century old!

As some of you may recall, this blog was started as part of my psychological therapy, prescribed by my treating clinical psychologist and psychiatrist. Given that I (workcovervictim) – due to my workplace accident- am unable to physically write, let alone type, I was not able to commence a paper diary (journal) and had to find a digital “diary”where I could use dictation software… so it became a blog!

The very initial goal of this “diary” (hence the URL chosen: was, believe it or not, to help me vent and turn my rage (oh yes) against my workcover insurer and the Victorian workers compensation system into semi-coherent sentences, in order to prevent it [my rage] from making make me -further- ill!

Born to “help people” (I was an intensive care nurse before my horrible accident), I soon realised that I could still do what I was born to do and that is help fellow injured people, by sharing my experience(s), learned tips and tricks; and by raising awareness. …The rest is history!

Community involvement has been very instrumental in making efforts so successful. I am extremely grateful to our loyal (and growing) readers and the large number of outstanding “guest bloggers” and contributors who have contributed to reaching this milestone. I would also particularly like to take this opportunity to personally thank Actavista, Workcovervictim3, Trinny and John McPhilbin for their invaluable support and for co-authoring some of our best articles.

A very special thanks goes to my treating psychologist and psychiatrist – you know who you are ! I still can’t believe you made me do this 😉 and – of course- to my hero, Erin Brockovich!

Our current analytics reflects that there is a strong interest in the wrong-doings of the workcover insurance companies (i.e. shared stories); health and safety (i.e. OHS, bullying) and the “benefit system” known as workers’ compensation in general. The spectrum of story interest is as widely diverse as the multitude of workcover insurances, schemes (and it’s tactics) in existence.

It is very encouraging to know that the expanding readership base has a growing concern about the manner in which injured workers are being treated by their insurance agents and about worker’s health and safety. Hopefully, as workers’ compensation schemes “mature and develop”, there will also remain a strong desire to create a healthier work environment. My hope is that this blog can continue to provide a voice for injured workers and a forum for creative ideas.

Blog design

Given this milestone and the “status” of, some of us have been wondering whether it would be worth re-designing our existing blog, in particular to make things “more official” looking and created -perhaps – a stronger presence…?


Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated – feel free to add a yes/no question and/or leave us your comments, tips, feedback, ideas and suggestions!

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Love the design and loooove the new enhanced menu – much easier to navigate! Well done folks 😉

John McPhilbin

The photos look great.

Thanks for all your great feedback! Erin Brockovich was utterly amazed with this blog’s down to earth original (self-created) design, which she found extremely appealing and ‘welcoming’ (as itHurts says) to injured workers. I would agree that by making the blog “official looking” it would lose it’s welcoming appeal (to injured workers) and become “just one of ’em blogs”. Besides, like Erin said, it’s about ME and  injured workers – and not to “please” a politician or organisation by looking “official”. Erin told me many stories about the way she used to dress at work for example, just before she… Read more »
John McPhilbin

All sounds good – its evolving – it does need to remain personal rather official.  This blog is about real people not a bureaucratic blurb.



johnny rotten

If it aint broken why fix it

John McPhilbin

Oh, and perhaps create monthly archive files and keep the most recent posts in plain view.  References and links can always be linked from current posts where relevant?

Specific resources – ie. guides to workers comp laws etc may have an easy access link?

This will make it less busy – simply because there are lots of good posts happening and much information to absorb – some people may find it overwhelming.  I know their have been times, especially when I was suffering from depression, too much information often overwhelmed me.

Just throwing out potential ideas.




I think if you made the design more ‘official’ looking, it may make us injured workers feel less welcome. Ive been around computer’s in my workplace so I dont find them intimidating, but I know there are others out there who do. The site may need a little adjusting here or there, but overall I find it easy to move around & I always find the information useful. I like that I may not be well enough to read or contribute each day, but I am able to easily read over what I have missed & contribute if I want… Read more »
John McPhilbin

Actually, I agree with ithurts.  I would perhaps get rid of the cartoon of the guy with his hands in his pockets and keep the photo of WorkCoverVictim (aka Lisa) and Erin as the main feature.

I think that would be truly symbolic of what this site is about.

Diary of a WorkCover Victim

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Photo (Lisa with Erin and cheeky parrot)

I did see a parrot in one photo I’m sure