Xchanging: police may be called upon receipt of a threat via email, phone or mail – a threat includes writing in upper case letters

Following our popular article of yesterday about “things that annoy the sh*t out of workcover case managers“, a severely injured worker contacted us and shared a horrifying letter that was sent to her, after she had virtually begged herself stupid for medical help and support… After being repeatedly denied a legitimate entitlement, and without notice, the case manager had left the injured worker absolutely marooned whilst pretty seriously ill and potentially suffering from a life-threatening surgical complication. That the injured worker, at the end of her tether, and bewildered, had used upper case letters in an email and had allegedly used “foul language” was consequently held against her! They even threatened her with POLICE action, WTF!

Xchanging: police may be called upon receipt of a threat via email, phone or mail – a threat includes writing in upper case letters


 Background story

The severely injured worker tells us her treating doctors had requested urgent taxi travel and home help quite a few months prior to the start of these hellish “communications” with her “horrible case manager”. She tells us she had had major surgery and the surgery had not held. Within a few months of the surgery, things broke down and her surgeon suspected she may be suffering from a life threatening infection. She was also suffering from very severe depression and PTSD for which he was in treatment, paid by Xchanging.

Following the medical request for taxi travel, Xchanging’s case manager initially sent the injured worker to three IME’s for an assessment to see whether she really “needed” taxi travel to and from medical appointments. All IME’s strongly supported this. In fact they all wrote that he was to have indefinite supportive care and that the best and safest way for him to travel was by taxi, or being driven by a person. She was not fit to take public transport in her condition and “driving would be dangerous”.

Doctor 1


Doctor 2


Doctor 3


Doctor 4


Doctor 5


Doctor 6

Doctor 7


Following the above medical evidence, and in particular the 3 Independent medical examiner’s support, Xchanging initially allowed her to travel and paid for about 5 taxi trips. Then, without notice, and without explanation, they left her completely stranded on the evening before he was to travel to a very important special scan (Gallium scan) to see whether she had an infection in the surgical area (joint).

Xchanging did not return her emails and gave no explanation except for one email stating that “they were waiting for further medical information before making a decision re taxi travel”. Needless to say that the injured worker was astounded, given all the medical evidence on file, including the 3 recent independent medical reports.

The injured worker felt extremely frustrated and desperate. She was very ill and running a fever at the time, and needed to get to that important scan and yet his case manager refused to let her travel by taxi, notwithstanding that her treaters and the IME all supported (and asked for) taxi travel. She then also found out that the case manager had denied her the scan!

Given that the injured worker has medical training, she put together her case and reminded the case manager of the IMEs, her injury, and – indeed- the consequences to her (and her case manager indeed) if she could not attend the scan and was found to suffer from that life threatening infection in the surgical area (+spread in bloodstream).

She received no answer to her emails and was getting really really desperate. She did not understand the reason why her case manager had suddenly cut off her taxi travel and now also denied her that scan. She understandably emailed her case manager in a more and more desperate manner, fueled by her desperate state, frustration and real fear of not being able to get the tests and treatment(s) she so much needed.

After a multitude of PLEASE PLEASE emails, she eventually wrote to her case manager that if she would not provide her with the requested and legitimate travel request, she would – regrettably – lodge a formal complaint with WorkSafe, Conciliation and the Ombudsman.

She also gave the case manager a written deadline to get back to her with a clear and valid explanation as to why his travel request, scans (and home help) were suddenly being denied to her. Again, she did not get a reply, and found herself completely helpless, hopeless and totally marooned. She was unable to attend the special scan, she was ill with fever and worried sick. Totally desperate and left in the gutter.

The injured worker never spoke with her case manager via telephone, as there were already intervention orders in place, which were supposed to prohibit the case manager from contacting her directly via email and telephone. All correspondence was to be in writing and opened by his treating psychologist or psychiatrist, who she was seeing for severe secondary depression with suicidal ideation and PTSD, of which some had -in fact- been documented as being caused by bullying ad harassment on the part of Xchanging and in particular her case manager! The case manager, however, had no respect for the orders and in fact breached the orders right up until the day she was eventually, successfully replaced (via her lawyers).


Letter from Xchanging

click to enlarge a bit



But WOW, WOW, WOW! Hallelujah!

Xchanging employees are provided training in the handling of abusive and threatening telephone calls. Please be advised that phone calls may be terminated… In accordance with Xchanging’s policy/training/protocol, POLICE may also be contacted upon receipt of a threat made via email, telephone or mail against any of its employees!

As you can see from Xchanging’s letter, they have used the injured worker’s desperation against her, and actually accuse her of abuse, threats and wrongdoing! What a f*cking joke!!

The injured worker says she rang her case manager’s manager (aka Team Leader) the night prior to the travel to the special scan to see what the problem was and why she was being denied taxi travel (and the scan), and why her case manager was not responding to a multitude of emails sent in desperation for answers.

The Team Leader accused the injured worker of “lying”, when the injured worker stated that taxis had already been provided to prior trips (x 5) and that she did not understand why she was suddenly denied the next trip as well as the scan to seek a life threatening infection.

Proof that Xchanging lied

When the team leader accused the injured worker of lying and also stated that the injured worker was “fabricating” said “support from doctors and IMEs for taxi travel” *WTF*, she went ape. Of course she went ape and she tells us she yelled on the phone and, yes, she “threatened” the Xchanging team leader with legal action for endangering a person’s live and for deliberately obstructing care and legitimate entitlements. She also “threatened” the team leader with taking the matter to “WorkSafe”, the Ombudsman, the media and her local MP!

The case manager was definitely under the mis-understanding (what a kind word) that the scan was for a finger – and not for the injured shoulder, says the injured worker, although her surgeon had already spoken to the case manager and even emailed! I mean can’t case managers even read a prescribed test or what?

Oh and by the way, the injured worker has a very severe injury to her right arm and is unable to physically type, so she normally uses dictation software to type emails. The email that was fully sent in “upper case” – allegedly “yelling” was no more than a technical issue with the voice recognition software. Ask anyone who uses this type of software and you will hear that it is not as straight forward as one thinks, especially not when you are in a hurry and, yes, angry, emotional or upset and not thinking straight.

Here is one such an email referred to in that letter:

How rude is that folks?

Another email: too rude or what? You be the judge



Here is the original “rudest” email they refer to in their letter:

And the injured worker tells us she had sent this last email, after about 9 emails went unanswered, and after she had emailed, very politely (as above) numerous time for an explanation on why the scan and taxi was denied to her without an explanation. The above emails are the last couple of ones as referred to as the “rude” ones – WTF!

In return for this, the injured worker received that *unsigned* (did you notice?) letter from Xchanging – wherein they clearly imply that the injured worker must have done God-knows-what to threaten her with “police action”, how sick! But how fully sick is this, folks!

But, check this out, guys, even the ACCS rules that Xchanging has the duty to provide this injured worker with taxi travel (and the scan, plus subsequent surgery etc)

As we showed in our post of yesterday, talking “shop” with your case manager will drive them insane – in this case, all the injured worker did was discuss the genuine issues surrounding the injury and genuine need for urgent care, and stand up for being denied a legitimated entitlement (focused here on taxi travel, supported by at least 7 doctors, of which 3 IME’s!)

Now, when injured workers get treated like parasistes and yelled at, when they get abused, coerced and intimidated, lied to and denied legitimate entitlements, they do not have the privilege of  writing a rude letter, threatening or implying police action…. God ,no, if they even imply that they will make a formal complaint to WorkSafe, they will get a very, very nasty letter in return.

In what world do we live, folks?

What do YOU think of this?

Have you received or sent a “rude” email or letter to your case manager? Please share it with us!


Note: By the way, through our research and ever growing evidence database (thank you injured workers for sharing your stories and experiences) we have been able to identify this lovely case manager lady and we have also been able to link her already to the following cases:

We hope to be soon in a legal position to publicly name and shame this evil case manager!


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6 Responses to “Xchanging: police may be called upon receipt of a threat via email, phone or mail – a threat includes writing in upper case letters”

  1. This is outrageous behaviour from the part of Xchanging and the case manager and is not only illegal but also very unprofessional. I am lost for words… Yet I have also experienced similar ,and repeated, behaviour like this from Xchanging.

    They do wrong all the time, they lie and scheme and when you confront them with the truth and the legislation, or with medical evidence, even their own evidence (such as IMEs) they will ignore you and refuse to answer your questions and pleas for an answer and help. They deliberately drive you insane. They abuse injured workers every day. I have been yelled at and called a “lazy person” by my case manager, a “malingerer” and that I don’t know “what pain is”. I have been told that when I say I am thinking of really killing myself that I “should just go and do it”. When I tell her that I will make a complaint or that I will record what she says, she tells me “go on, see what you can do to big companies like us”.

    They make people sick. They made me sick. Totally depressed and hopeless like hell. All for denying me $40 worth of home help I desperately need. Which they ended up having to paid for in quadruple at concilitation as I had asked for 1 hr/week and got 4 hours instead + care assistance and transport.

    They are leeches, the most unethical people I have ever met in my life. Also after I threatened them with a complaint to worksafe and the ombudsman and told them to “piss off” I got a letter saying the ban me from emailing them and telephoning them and they will never ever answer any emails and calls I make. They only allow me to write to a PO Box and say they will not answer any “issues” that I have already raised, such as repeated denials of account settlements even though they say they have paid they have not and the debt collectors ring me and send me letters.

    They are completely destroying me as a person

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  2. You must write to the Ombudsman and name the people involved. This is unacceptable. I am horrified.

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  3. and the boofhead politicians think we are sucking the system dry

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  4. Isn’t it very interesting that the letter is unsigned – yet another very typical tactic of Xchanging who knows they are doing wrong (they even refer to emails of a heading “PLEASE”!!!). They do this for 1 reason only – avoiding legal trouble for that letter – not signed = not written, eh…

    Bloody monsters they are, utter scum. And to do that to an injured person who is already suicidal and in treatment and who also says so in their email to the CM! This is sick and actually would consist of putting someone’s life deliberately at risks = crime = negligence!

    Could  you not seek legal advice? Surely something ought to be done about that case manager, she is clearly endangering lives and unfit for the frontline!

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  5. They love doing business over the phone so there’s no evidence of these case managers threatening, grunting and laughing at injured workers.

    What a bunch of patheic bastards they are.

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    • I reckon they destroy those phone calls where they act inappropriately. I have had a couple of extremely distressing telephone calls from a case manager, where she told me openly things such as that I did not need to see the psychiatrist I was referred to urgently “as I could talk to her” and that “she would ensure that I would be CUT OFF of all psychological services” (whilst at the time I was really suicidal!). She has also openly told me, after I had been unlawfully sacked because SHE did not implement ergonomic support in-spite of numerous medical requests, that “she would make sure I would get off my lazy bum and go back to work within days” and that, after one of my surgeries had broken apart and she had received an urgent letter from my surgeon to the effect +request for urgent MRI “she was not interested in my physical condition and that she would make me work”. She has also sent me to a vocational assessment in full crisis (as in plain suicidal) and in receipt of a letter from my psychiatrist at the time stating that I was “to be left alone to recuperate, or else I would need admission”. She also went as far as to force me to attend an IME at 24 hr notice, whilst I had just been at the emergency department that day with a fully dislocated shoulder. She said if I did not attend the IME I would be cut off benefits. I went to the IME fully dislocated and the IME was horrified.

      Unfortunately for this lovely lady, I did record her phone calls. And although I used profane language in one or 2 such a calls (in one I told her to “f*ck off” and hung up) Xchanging and CM NEVER ever referred to those calls and so called “threats” or “foul language”, eh.. interesting.

      They are lying, manipulating, evil bitches (at least 99% of them) and certainly 9 out of the 10 CM’s that I have had appointed.

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      workcovervictim April 20, 2012 at 10:33 am