Injured worker bullied & harassed by Allianz and sent to known IME hired gun

A couple of days ago, “Julie”, a severely injured workers posted a heart-wrenching comment on our blog under our article entitled “workcover case manager tells injured workers she is fat“. Julie suffers from severe physical and psychiatric injuries and has been (is being) relentlessly bullied and harassed by Allianz. She was also recently sent to a so called independent medical doctor for an assessment and writes that after she left the rooms of this IME she was extremely distressed. To her horror, “Julie”  found out that this doctor is a true biased hired gun…

Injured worker bullied by Allianz and sent to known IME hired gun

Injured worker’s (“Julie”) comment as posted on our blog

Recently I was told about your web site, and I am so grateful for the many articles/stories/procedures, which have left me saying, what is the point. I have never been so isolated, and my heart just breaks with all these stories.

I was Bullied and Harrassed. I currently have severe Psychiatric and Physical injuries.

One of the physical injuries recently had to be assessed by WorkSafe Independent Medical Examiner, I was not told what qualifications this person had, nor was sent a formal letter of WorkSafe requirements, only the name of the doctor, the time and address.

After leaving the WorkSafe doctors rooms, I was so distressed and unsure what was being assessed.

Upon finding that this Doctor was an Occupational Physician, I looked on the web site  to see what Occupational Physicians actually did and found an interview from the Sunday Age ” Medicine as a career “,  part of this interview outlines this Doctor’s opinions and views which is attached. (see below)

This woman [Dr Amanda Sillock] is an IME for WorkSafe and on the Medical Panel.

Many days I am unable to shower/dress/feel dirty/unkept and some days my family have to assist me with these day to day living activities, that we used to all take for granted. My family become my carers and also try to protect me from self harm and suicide

Injured worker (“Julie”) further contacted us via email: here is her story

Hello team at this wonderful site, that is giving me some strength to continue to get better and understand this unbelievable system.

I too am like so many, are terrified to share my story which also involves Allianz, as it is so easy to see the repercussions just like you web page has, which too also proves from you page how their are so many people willing to assist.

I looked at the link that I gave you and found that it did not show this article as I had first found it, so I have forwarded to you in confidence.
I have no idea how to set a non traceable web page and I really do not have anything to hide, however, this system has shown that no matter what you provide or tell it is irrelevant.

This interview with this Doctor also proved to me that even the people that I used to highly respect Doctors are no longer that what I thought.
Thank you for having the courage to expose all of this.

The interview from the Sunday Age ” Medicine as a career”

It’s one of those glamour jobs. But is medicine all it’s cracked up to be? By Louise Merrington and Ben Haywood.


Occupational physician

NOTE: Dr Amanda Sillock is -unfortunately for her perhaps – well known to injured workers as a most unprofessional, highly biassed, so called “Independent Medical Examinator” (IME), used by Allianz (and possibly other workcover insurers). In fact Dr Amanda Sillock gives herself away in this interview with the Sunday Age (2005)

How did you get to where you are now?

I started at Melbourne University in 1969 and graduated in 1974.

I did an intern year at The Alfred and stayed on for a further two years. I thought I’d like to become an orthopedic surgeon. I also considered going into general practice, but eventually found my way into occupational medicine. The focus is on work-related illness and injury. There is also a strong preventative focus.

There wasn’t really any postgraduate training in it when I was a medical student, but I did a six-week pilot course run by the College of General Practitioners and the Occupational Medicine Society and decided this was for me.

My first job in occupational medicine was some part-time work at Ford. I also worked for the Victorian Railways, Mobil Oil Australia and Toyota Australia. Since I left Toyota, I’ve been doing consultancy work. I have visited various companies and I also do quite a lot for WorkCover. I assess people with injuries and their fitness for work.

Recently I’ve joined the WorkCover medical panels. The decision of the medical panels is binding. It’s quite a responsible position because you really are affecting people’s lives.

Has medicine turned out the way you expected it to?

When I first started I don’t think I envisaged that my career would take the path it has, partly because no one had heard of occupational medicine, least of all me. I’m gratified to see that it’s now taught much more in the undergraduate medical courses. I think that there’s a growing recognition of the role of work in illness and vice versa.

What are the down sides of the job?

The down side to any job in medicine is that it can be emotionally draining at times. Death is not such a big part of occupational medicine as it is in an emergency room or trauma surgery, but you are dealing with people who are injured or ill, in various states of misery, and who often don’t get better.

It can be wearing dealing with people who do nothing but complain all day. Every so often it does get you down, but then someone comes along who does well or says thank you and that makes it all worthwhile.

What are the positives?

It’s great when things go well, when you find that you’ve really helped somebody, and particularly when they acknowledge that you’ve helped them. But even if they don’t, just knowing that you’re helping them to get better is rewarding in so many ways.

Do you think it takes a certain type of person to do well in medicine?

Yes, definitely. The longer I’ve been in the game the more I realise that it’s not just the high marks that are important. You might be a genius, but if you can’t communicate then you’re in trouble. Most of the time when doctors run into problems it’s due to failure of communication, not because they’ve done anything drastically wrong.

You’re not necessarily seeing people at their best; they can be dirty, they can be smelly, unkempt and unco-operative. You have to be very tolerant, because you come across people from all walks of life.

[Source: The Sunday Age; Sunday March 6, 2005; Louise Merrington and Ben Haywood]

Speak out, yell out

Click for more info

There is no reason to FEAR workcover insurance companies, there is NO need to fear reprisals. Really. Erin Brockovich told us so. She told us to stand up and YELL and KICK BUTT. (Click on the picture for more information about what Erin Brockovich had to say).

Don’t believe us? Hey, go check out [popup url=’’] this website [/popup] for example…Did this injured worker get reprisals? Nope! Did get “sued” for “defamation”? Nope. It’s nothing but INTIMIDATION for the only reason to SHUT YOU UP. Frankly what can they do to you that they haven’t already done?

How many more injured workers need to endure this kind of behaviour, bullying, harassment, intimidation, ill-treatment and dis-respect, just because they went to work and got INJURED AT work, most often because their employer(s) were negligent? Is it YOUR fault that you were injured? Maimed? Incapacitated? Impaired? In debilitating pain? Is it YOUR fault that you have now not only lost your income, career, hobbies but also your DIGNITY? Do YOU believe it is normal to be treated like an animal or a criminal because you were injured?

Do you know that some injured workers are driven to suicide because the way they are being treated by workcover insurance companies? Do you know that injured workers have been known to DIE from stress related heart attacks because of the way they have been treated? Please, have a look and a good read of [popup url = ‘ ‘] this website [/popup], and PLEASE stand up and YELL.

Share your experience(s) and stories. We say, ENOUGH is ENOUGH!





11 Responses to “Injured worker bullied & harassed by Allianz and sent to known IME hired gun”

  1. Vic worksafe scales for paying for impairment assessments:

    Amanda in Victoria would be getting paid $484.80 for a simple consultation and impairment report, psychiatrists get more than specialists $807.90 for a report, better than bulk billing the poor for under $100 each, especially if their waiting room is empty as they the morals and bedside manner of a leech.

  2. Fuck you all just make it too hard for me on who’s first to front the karma bus amanada or bazza or allianz.

  3. Iwas employed as a maintenance fitter with a company that retail goods to large retail companies from day one I was continually put down by all the staff/management on site, the reasons being that they were all stealing from the company and they wanted to get rid of an honest person so they could continue with their many little sceams to make money,every concievable dirty trick was pulled, untill after 3 years 4 months I had heart problems at work, none of the onsite managers would take me to hospital or doctor, hoping that I would die on the way or while waiting, after three months sick leave the company made me redundant while still on sick leave, it took 5 over employee’s to do my work they were so useless.
    while unemployed I came to see what they had done to me. total number of bullies on site 13.
    this company along with its management has along history of b/h wrongfull dismissal etc over10 years,the ceo has been to court over b/h the owner on firearms related offences, unit manager on wrongfull dismissal and b/h, the insurance agents were allianz who threatened to bring to court a QC to defend their case with me having to pay costs because I will loose, the rehab people were in the pocket of both the company and insurer, the only thing that was achieved from 1.5 hour councilling secessions was that the rehab officer got a free supply of viagra, total waste of time

    john bambrick July 21, 2012 at 5:41 pm
  4. I was ordered to attend Dr Amanda Silcock and Dr Jeffrey Smith (Psychiatrist)  by my employer while I was on reduced dayshift hours. I applied to fair work Australia and Commissioner Lewin allowed me to select my own preferred medical experts which I did and good the most expensive most qualified I could who wrote me glowing reports and my employer got the bill. Maybe Amanda charges less for reports against the whingers she has to put up with, she has no respect or concern for victims, little empathy with them and come accidently to be on a medical panel that requires compassion and respect for others.

    Any medical examination must have informed consent. How to object to unwanted psychological or medical assessments.

    Objecting to unwanted medical assessments

    If a Medical expert was picked by my ex-employer’s workcover insurer Allianz, then  I was confident that these IMEs have taken the side of the employers against workers in the past. IME who consisently support injured workers would not be welcome or selected IME by the likes of allianz. But there is always hope for them yet, for example a world famous Cardiologist Dr Alan Goble (Ex WHO expert cardiac panel ) was the Alianz expert for cardiac reports by Allianz and the employer.

    Perhaps some doctors have coloured political views of medicine, like Amanda’s intolerance to injured workers “who do nothing but complain all day” Perhaps she should work in another area of medicine, I digressed, my point is that Dr Goble completely took my side against Allainz and did so in a second report Allianz demanded to try and discredit Goble’s first report. I sure that Dr Goble probably gets less work from Allianz than he did, another professor of Medicine at the Austin stated to me “Dr Goble was the Allianz expert who often rejects workcover cardiac claims, but he accepted yours, why has Allianz not accepted their own expert medical advice”

    They only select IME who generally take their view to deny liability. Allianz only accept medical reports when it limits of denies any liability of Allianz. Many doctors make a good percentage of their living writing such reports.

  5. “Recently I’ve joined the WorkCover medical panels. The decision of the medical panels is binding. It’s quite a responsible position because you really are affecting people’s lives.”

    I might not have worked as a doctor but regardless, I always took my work and my clients very seriously. I always wanted to be honest and provide the best service possible. My reputation was crucial to the success of my company but above all to ME so I could face myself in the mirror every morning. I was liable and responsibile, I took my position seriously.

    I wonder about medical panel and IME doctors and what they might be thinking when for example, they make statements as above. It certainly is a responsible position and it reflects the professionalism and ethics of the practitioner and although they state that and excuse themselves that way they seem to forget the crucial fact that the very ‘measures’ they have for assessment are inaccurate and out of date.

    My point is, Dr Amanda Sillock, simply ask yourself if you had an injury would you find it acceptable to be assessed against the very limiting guidelines you use when assessing Injured ‘dirty, smelly, unkempt‘ workers? It has nothing to do with smelly or unable to communicate, but everything to do with YOU and the system YOU choose to assess us. We certainly had better things to do than meet the likes of you. We were happily working.

    Credible Doctors refuse to participate in this ugly system because in their own words, ‘I won’t be told how to write reports’. And I haven’t heard that from 1 or 2!!

    • Also, this Dr Amanda Sillock forgets that many injured workers may be smelly and unkempt because they are either totally depressed, either they are DENIED the care and help they so much need.For example some of us here, behind the screen, are unable to get dressed or shower without help, and yet are DENIED home help & assistance by ALLIANZ and XCHANGING, notwithstanding our medical reports and independent medical reports (obviously not by Dr Amanda Sillock) state we NEED supportive and palliative care indefinitely…. Maybe Dr Amanda Sillock ought to think about that, eh, before accusing injured workers of being smelly, dirty and unkempt, for Christ’s sakes. Shame on you, Dr Sillock we say.

      workcovervictim3 April 5, 2012 at 10:51 pm
  6. OMG, I too have been sent to this IME, Dr Amanda Sillcock (Silly Cock!); she was an outright bitch to me and really had her nose up as if I was the lowest of animals. And yes maybe I was unkempt, but hey what do you expect when ALLIANZ keeps denying me home help and assistance? I am unable to get dressed or undressed on my own and unable to shower without assistance. I am unable to wash my hair or iron my clothes,let alone hang them up on a washing line. In addition this bitch’s report was extremely biased and full lies. If you ever get sent to her, please refer to this article – you now have EVIDENCE that she is biased and unethical. Take it to your lawyer and demand you are sent to a truly independent doctor.

    Thank you so very much Julie for sharing your experience and for finding this news article – what a treasure.

    You have also given me the courage now to share my own story, which I just sent to aworkcovervictimsdiary.

    POWER to US

    • Anyone with a bit of time could seek information about complaints (from the state health complaints board under FOI) made about this doctor to see if there’s any pattern of behaviour which requires further examination.

      I would strongly encourage any injured workers who has been mistreated by a doctor to lodge a formal complaint about such behaviour. Doctors, like anyone else involved in this largely corrupt system must be held to account for inappropriate behaviour.

  7. Dear Julie – thank you for sharing your story with us. I am so sorry you have also experienced such unacceptable treatment from these insurance companies.

    Hopefully together we can all make some lasting changes – but it starts with people having the courage to share – thank you for having it.


    • Hi Julie; just read your story ; allianz; what an evil dispicable fraudulant company . they have to be held responsible for their corrupt behaveour . the whole show is a tag team affair. these people ( scum) that participate in this workcoverup scam . are driven by greed ; dominance over their fellow men/ women . i consider them to be sick nasty malicious , sycophants. the tag team are doctors ; lawyers ; polaticians ;businessmen and any other parasite who can pick a good scam to make a quick buck. i know exactly how you feel julie . it is sickening to think that the arseholes that are responsible for running our country ; are the architects of this evil . GREED is the biggest driver behind this scam . OHS is a complete and utter joke . workcoverup attacks your health and safety in the workplace . they are creating a slave class . these doctors have to be pulled into gear ; they use their positions of trust and authority as political platforms ; they are a disgrace to their professions .it;s pretty sick when you are fearfull of doctors , because they are bullies . we have to unite and stand up to the parasite bullies .what a joke our politicians are . there;s an old saying julie THERE ONLY THERE TO FEATHER THEIR OWN NESTS. AND THEIR ALL TARRED WITH THE SAME BRUSH .they are liars in the extreme ; sly devious pathetic excuses of humans .Actually julie the thought of going back into the workplace makes me feel sick in the stomache; as much as i would like to.