Erin Brockovich meets an inspirational client


Friday the 23rd of March was a very special day for Lisa. She woke up thinking it was just going to be an ordinary day, which unfortunately, due to her circumstances, isn’t very pleasant. The last thing she was expecting was to have the famous Erin Brockovich turn up on her doorstep….

Erin Brockovich meets an inspirational client

The following was published on Shine Lawyers’ blog:

But that’s exactly what happened! And we have footage of the events that transpired.

With the help of her partner Tony and her Law Clerk at Shine Lawyers, Erin surprised Lisa by turning up for a chat. Together they swapped stories, met her lovely two eclectus parrots (Bobby and Bindi), and discussed her situation with regards to her claim. They also talked about how inspirational Lisa had been in setting up an amazing blog, advocating on behalf of many who have been wronged by the system.

A real battler with passion, determination and drive, much like Erin Brockovich herself, Lisa continues to inspire and provides a valuable resource through her blog for others facing similar situations.

Shine Lawyers looks forward to what the future has in store for Lisa and is working hard towards the successful resolution of her claim.

[Note: This article was posted on but can no longer  be read in full on Shine Lawyer’s previous blog, which has been overhauled since.]

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Better yet, you are allowed to call Lawyer John Typaldos, Lisa’s brilliant, very good-looking (!) and extremely friendly, compassionate lawyer if you are in a particular difficult “situation” with regards to your serious injury claim. John Typaldos has moved on and now works at ZAPARAS LAWYERS in Victoria. His contact details are listed on the right hand side of this blog (sidebar) and below:

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With all my love,

WorkCoverVictim  😉


[Dictated and manually transcribed on my behalf]

8 Responses to “Erin Brockovich meets an inspirational client”

  1. “Erin Brockovich makes a trip down under”, published by Shine Lawyers in the Bulldog Bulletin, features Erin’s visit to Lisa and her blog… 🙂

    workcovervictim3 April 26, 2012 at 1:58 pm
  2. Thankyou Lisa and all the people behind the scenes
    who make us all proud
    you have shared a great gift with us all
    I am very thankful for that

    I preach the gospel of aworkcovervictimsdiary daily

    Most people are unaware of our plight

    So I make it my business to get our TRUTHS out anywhere to anyone who has a compassionate ear

    Imagine if we had the advertising budget that these sickos have?

    Can we run for parliament perhaps and mingle with the supposed intelligentsia/elite to get the job done?
    Then get the hell out of there before we become tainted and twisted too:-)

    I have witnessed other smaller interest groups(who have showed political interest (and been successful) in australia be decimated by carefully organized/timed attacks upon their integrity etc by our own government agencies

    Zeig heil

    ie police ,mental health assessments,local court actions,false avos and a myriad of dirty tricks best left for work-cover case manager training modules.


  3. Congratulations on coming “out of the closet” 😉

    YOU are my daily inspiration! A few weeks ago I had to go overseas to a funeral and I could not help myself but visit your site daily – it really keeps me strong and inspires me so much. Thank you for being YOU.


  4. The COS daily magazine published our article on 21 April (22 Apr in Australia)! Retweeted >100K times, shared 572 times to date and time!

    Thank you to The COS daily, again xxx

    workcovervictim3 April 22, 2012 at 4:30 pm
  5. Fantastic, Lisa! I am so so proud of you and what you have achieved in such a short time, and especially considering the horrid injury you suffer and the immense pain you are in. I have tears in my eyes just reading this! You ROCK 🙂

  6. I told you from day 1 that you were an Erin Brockovich ! You ARE MY hero, my daily inspiration and courage, Lisa. I take my hat off to you in total admiration. Keep kicking butt and know that we’re all here behind you!

  7. lisa gets my yay for the day

  8. Wonderful, just wonderful work from all involved!