Allianz workers compensation insurance relies on false information provided from dishonest employer to deny claim

A couple of days ago (sorry folks for the slight delay, but we’re trying to catch up with an large amount of stories and experiences shared by injured workers, just like you!), we received another anonymous email from an injured worker who has been outright cheated by Allianz workers compensation insurer. In her story, Allianz relied on false information provided from the injured worker’s employer, to deny her claim! How sick! She was and still is being bullied to the verge of insanity, by a manager who has already had a legislative inquiry about injured workers committing suicide!

Allianz workers compensation insurance relies on false information provided from dishonest employer to deny claim

Injured worker’s story: her own words

“Interesting reading about this insurer [Allianz], who relied on false information from the employer to deny my claim, still denied it when evidence that the information was false was produced on review, made my life a misery for over 12 months and only decided to settle on the day of the hearing.

Great I thought, by this time I would have done anything to get away from the pain and suffering they had put me through.

Allianz agreed to pay the maximum amounts for the time that I was off, this included amounts for part time and full time incapacity.

The [Allianz] produced the figures and the dates, these figures and dates were not checked by my legal team, hey this was agreed, who would misinterpret this information? Allianz that’s who. The upshot was that when the reconciliation was done by the employer, who was also in on the scam, I ended up owing thousands!!! AND this is when the real bullying and harassment started…..

The settlement was done by a ‘Heads of Agreement’ which I have a copy of [ but which would very clearly identified the injured worker so we can not disclose this document for obvious reasons].
I went back to work full time after settling the claim, unfortunately I was transferred by the protagonist ‘the HR Manager’,

– who was previously the HR manager of the Ambulance Service of NSW up until 2007, then there was a legislative inquiry into treatments of workcover victims who were suiciding (!) – to a section run by a close friend of his.  My life since has been hell.

Fortunately for me but after 2 years,  various investigations have found the ‘errors’ and this has been rectified as has the 2 years leave that he had misappropriated out of the system to make things more difficult for me.

I think that in the scheme of things I am lucky so far as my case manager has been sympathetic, although astounded at my treatment and the IME is on my side also astounded and I am being paid although my 26 weeks run out in June.

My workplace has already told me that they will not be attempting to find me suitable duties, I am just waiting  to get this in writing at the moment.  My career is over,  I will not have a job, my reputation has been tattered and tarnished,  I am out of pocket for so many things but hey, I am still being paid until June which is more than can be said for some people.  I expect that after June I will lose my home as I am the breadwinner for my family.

I spoke to a solicitor today who said that until the insurer acts up there is nothing to do for my situation.  The last person that this guy treated in the same way was Christine Hodder who suicided it is almost textbook in treatment and fortunately I was lucky to speak to the person who blew the whistle about this and he warned me in advance of exactly what this guy would do.  If you Google Christine it makes for an interesting story about the depravity and bloodymindedness that government employees can get away with and not lose their job.

An interesting note is that the new NSW government has promoted this person to writing  HR policy, even though he has been found guilty of bullying and harassment, misappropriation of leave etc etc.

Keep up the good work, it is great to have a site like this.


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2 Responses to “Allianz workers compensation insurance relies on false information provided from dishonest employer to deny claim”

  1. Again it’s Allianz. Again it’s lies. Again it’s bullying. When will this end?

    Please everyone, the stories are great, but I think documents are even greater. Documents can be redacted so as the personal information of an injured worker is not visible, but so that all those others involved _the bullying Allianz employees_ are visible.

    I think it’s important to see the individuals involved in these discussions and decisions. We cannot allow the scum to hide behind the corporate veil.

    (If anyone has documents and they’re not sure how to redact/delete information from them I’d be happy to provide some assistance.)

    • Well said “Despicable” and we could not agree more that hard evidence is really necessary to back up any and all stories and for ( to take the necessary legal steps to end this vile abuse, ill-treatment and – frankly- FRAUD of workcover insurances such as Allianz NSW in this case. We can assure you that we not only have Erin Brockovich’s full support, but that we also guaranty full anonymity and appropriate censorship of any documents shared. Any and all documents you forward to us will be kept extremely secure (e.g off our hard drive and with our lawyers) and will be part of our growing evidence “database” against workcover insurance companies.You can also censor your documents prior to sending them to us of course!

      Please read more about our intentions here.

      workcovervictim April 7, 2012 at 10:49 am