A gut-wrenching injured worker’s story of extreme bullying by Xchanging and plea for help

workcovervictimsdiary.com just received a gut-wrenching email from a very aggrieved injured worker, alleging extreme bullying, harassment, intimidation and falsifying of material by Xchanging… This letter may cause significant distress to readers, discretion is advised. Please, please help us support this injured worker in any way possible.

Dear Sir / Magistrate

I have the matter listed for the [day] [month] 2012 at [time]. Can I request an afternoon time from 2pm onwards please in a month?

I currently have the flu and am unwell.

I need an adjournment for at least a month as I am still awaiting  legal representation.

I am being harassed by xchanging and there lawyers, I have had the police from [location] Police station at my door [day] night[month] [day]  interrogating me for over an hour and told me that they needed to see my mobile phone. They were intending to take me away and put into a psychiatric hospital, based on falsified unlawful allegations made by an xchanging team leader.

Once they spoke to my flatmate they realised I was not a risk to anyone. She contacted Melbourne [location] Police and spoke to a Constable and then sent [location] Police. I also received a follow up call from Psych department at the [location] .

A source from victims of workcover website  contacted me saying I am one of many innocent victims and She (team leader at xchanging/workcover) has misused and manipulated the mental health act (to avoid paying out many injured workers) by this.

I left her a single voicemail message saying that I couldn’t be in chronic pain anymore and needed treatment via a payout. I am on a disability pension and have been ever  since they cut my treatment off over 4 and half years ago.  she is using  the system, possibly unlawfully. She also has legal representation via very  intimidating  Lawyers who have also threatened me with costs. I do not know if they are aware of her manipulation of the act?

 The team leader alleged to the police that I had left [x] hours of voicemail and left numerous text messages, which stated that I would self harm and harm her. This was a lie and there is no evidence to prove this unless she is falsifying material.
 She has carried out similar actions on other innocent victims also in pain via bullying and harassment confirmed on a website.

The website containing similar reports from others like me http://workcovervictimsdiary.com/ There are a number of pages, listing other victims. I urge you to print and consider the information from this site.

 I am concerned that this type of action is being carried out. I was very shaken and somewhat traumatised by this event.


[we have removed the name]


Dear injured worker – thank you for having the guts to share your letter to the Magistrate with us. We can only start to imagine what you are going through at this very moment. We are speechless.

May we urge you to contact Shine Lawyers – please contact John Typaldos (located on the right hand side in side bar) if you’re located in Victoria.

We believe we do know the Team Leader you mention, and a workcovervictim has herself been threatened by this person, including “police action” for having sent begging emails in “upper case” which never got answered. The injured worker had also emailed to her case manager that she was feeling suicidal by the way she was being treated by her case manager and that she did not understand why her “benefits” were being cut off without ANY reason, nor explanation… For that reason, that team leader sent the injured worker an extremely nasty and intimidating letter back, which also stated that Xchanging prohibited the injuredworker to make any contact with Xchanging (except via PO BOX) and that Xchanging would never answer any “previously raised matters” and would only reply to new matters via writing…All the injured worker did was plea and beg for a taxi trip, and an extremely urgent and important scan of her shoulder (site of injury) which were both denied without any explanation, leaving the injured worker completely marooned, sick, with a fever and in an absolute desperate situation. [FYI, both the scan and the taxi travel were ruled to be Xchanging’s liablity at a conciliation).


Please, please, folks, help us support this injured worker as best you can, mental support, friendship, encouragement, legal advice, anything, please!

We are happy for anyone of you to send us an email and we will personally forward it to the injured worker!

Shortlink: http://workcovervictimsdiary.com/?p=7355

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20 Responses to “A gut-wrenching injured worker’s story of extreme bullying by Xchanging and plea for help”

  1. Who is this lying piece of scum Team Leader from Xchanging?

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    • I will be seeking input from our lawyer in the hope to be in a position to name and shame this – yes- despicable Xchanging team leader. She is extremely evil, intimidating and shameless, that’s for certain.

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      workcovervictim April 27, 2012 at 3:27 pm
  2. Still dumbfounded by this case!  I suspect it is quite common though, but maybe not to this Xtreme

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    John McPhilbin April 27, 2012 at 3:22 pm
    • Thanks, John, for the great resource – problem here however is that the injured worker is being bullied to the extreme by the workcover insurer (Xchanging), and by the team leader (manager of the case manager).

      We believe we know this “lady” as we have had “very unpleasant” dealings with her on a personal level as well…

      The main problem is that bullying at that level, from such a deep-pocketed organisation – is extremely daunting indeed – I mean look at what they’re doing to the injured worker! Police, psych hospital!!!

      We are not kidding when we wrote that Xchanging will threaten with “police action” is you write an email in upper case letters, even if that emails contains 100 x the word “please”.


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      workcovervictim April 27, 2012 at 3:32 pm
      • Sorry, I have never heard of Xchanging – I automatically assumed it was an employer.  Nonetheless, anti-bullying legislation should also apply in this case.  It makes no wonder I thought it was even more bizarre than it already is.

        Kind regards

        John Mc

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        John McPhilbin April 27, 2012 at 4:00 pm
        • Allianz and Xchanging are the worst insurers down in Victoria for sure. Almost all real stories shared on this blog involve one or the other!

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          workcovervictim3 April 27, 2012 at 6:40 pm
          • Not just Victoria, but across Australia.

            Both these companies are multinationals, with internal policies that span the globe, tweaked slightly for local statutory requirements.

            Time and time again we see that Allianz and Xchanging are the biggest bullies and together we must put a stop to them.

            Please everyone, visit https://torproject.org/ download and run Tor from a USB stick. Your web browsing will be anonymised. (There’s a great explanation on the site of how Tor works.)

            Once you’re up and running (and you can be within minutes), point your browser to:

            http://www.pastebin.com and
            http://www.pastebay.net (Select the “forever” radio button on PasteBay to ensure that your paste is retained forever)

            And name names. Name the pricks that do this to us must be named. They must be held to account.

            Google picks up PasteBin and PasteBay within minutes.

            Let the world know of these pricks that ruin lives.

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            Tell the world! April 27, 2012 at 8:00 pm
        • I agree it is a bullying workplace issue. It could be more serious than just bullying. The bonus is this victim has the testimony of the police of this attempted false detention by a false claim. After one hour of interviewing they saw she was not mentally I’ll. Their testamony is important. They have misused the mental health act. I would be taking this to human rights. Equal opportunity. The health minister and Ombusman. Making a false detainment under the mental health act can carry some serious consequences. She needs a lawyer.
          Find out about breaches of the mental health act in your state.


          I’m in wonder in who gives these casemanagers the right to break the law? They certainly have confidence they can’t be called to account for their actions. Who gives them that security?

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          • I agree JoeJoe, I think it is even more criminal because it seems to be government sanctioned.

            John Mc

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            John McPhilbin April 28, 2012 at 1:42 pm
  3. But you are right to state that the injured worker in this case (and all bullying cases) needs to DOCUMENT everything, this also means attending, as a matter of urgency, your local doctor and ensure you obtain a referral to see a psychologist or (better) a psychiatrist. Professionals will be able to further document what is happening to you and how you have been affected by the alleged bullying etc. Remember it will always be “their” word versus “yours”, so get ammunition, seek help immediately (medical and legal).

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    workcovervictim3 April 27, 2012 at 3:36 pm
  4. Hi mate
    stay strong and you,ll be alright
    I,ve had a gutterscum workcover agent try and pull and avo on me too
    It backfired on them
    It is disturbing that this “cross agency” scenario is becoming commonplace during a workcover claim
    sounds to me like this nasty case manager has some mental issues like hypomania or similar

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  5. Note: we are aware that certain information put on rate sites (i.e. rateanmd) about certain people can be removed upon a request made to Google!

    Someone also informed us anonymously that certain important pastebin information has been [forcefully/through intimidation?] removed by Ahh ahhh and similar – obviously via Google. Shows again to what length these insurance companies will go to keep a lid on the truth and to shut people up! It’s pathetic for the world ought to know and ought to be warned about certain practices and certain individuals, which we believe may costs an injured worker’s very own life.

    Whistleblowers need to come forward and ought to be protected.

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  6. Hi !

    Why don’t you all ” insist ” that these case managers produce in writing their qualifications in  psychology and psychiatry . If they cannot produce them, then write a serious complaint to the CEO of the insurance company stating that these case managers are not professionally qualified to make any judgement or decisions on your behalf ( or the insurers ) and that to do so would come under professional negligence . Also go into the insurers website and find their code of conduct policies . Or their own policies and procedures. If you cannot find them insist that CEO send you in writing all the insurers policies and procedures relating to case managers conduct and duty of care responsibilities .


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  7. I myself actually went further than what you have stated . I inquired as to the case managers history of whether the case manager concerned, had they a history of favoring an employer in regards to workers compensation claims over the injured worker and that could the insurance company provide me in writing how many claims the case manager had dealt with that favored the employer. There also is in these lovely insurance companies a board of directors that can be accessible . Usually by fax or email. Email is the choice as faxes can be observed by others.  I had some wonderful responses from the board.


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    • Would you mind sharing some of this correspondence with us?

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      • I will be replying privately to you what occurred to me.

        It was horrendous and psychologically abusive and a criminal component came into my case .  I am extremely fortunate that I had a great support network  as I was very ill at that time.

        I am totally amazed at how these people are ” managers” as they cannot manage themselves . I will contact you shortly .



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    • I would be most interested to hear your story too wannie, I am currently dealing with this for the second time around and unfortunately do not have much support from friends or family, so I am looking for some here…. please help!!

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