You are a warrior says Erin Brockovich

I asked for her autograph only, but Erin Brockovich left me a wonderful and powerful note instead!

You are a warrior says Erin Brockovich


Needless to say that the note will be professionally framed, together with some awesome pictures of Erin, as it is my wish to hang it above my bed, so that I can read Erin Brockovich’s inspiring and powerful words every night before going to sleep and every morning before getting up… so that I keep KICKING BUTT!

It will become my mantra and I hope it will become YOURS as well 😉

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2 Responses to “You are a warrior says Erin Brockovich”

  1. Erin you rock

  2. Sooo inspirational!!! Erin Brockovich is also my hero!! Thank you Erin for throwing yourself behind this cause!