Erin Brockovich visits Workcover Victim in Australia


Holy cow, yesterday, the real and famously known environmental crusader, Erin Brockovich, paid a surprise visit to the seriously injured (and opinionated) kick-starter of, here in Melbourne, Australia…who is still trying to recover from the shock of it! In fact Erin Brockovich rendered me speechless for 24 hours!

Erin Brockovich visits injured worker in Australia

Erin Brockovich

Hear, say or see the name Erin Brockovich and you think, strong, tough, stubborn, sexy, inspiration, confidence, HERO. Erin is all that and so much more!


She is a modern-day “David” who loves a good brawl with today’s “Goliaths”.

She thrives on being the voice for those who don’t know how to yell (as in scream out loud)!

She is a rebel. She is a fighter. She is a Warrior. She is a mother. She is a woman. She is drop dead gorgeous. Very down o earth and very easy to talk too. She oozes power and confidence. She is warm. She is funny, witty, and very smart. She loves parrots, dogs, expresso coffee and chocolate cake. She is also you and me. … And she has set me on FIRE.

erin-brockovich-workcovervictim2Holy sh*t, I am still in shock over Erin Brockovich’s surprise visit at home! In fact I was so shocked when she knocked on my door that I did not even recognise my lawyer’s assistant! I kept pinching myself and must have touched Erin about a hundred times (with permission) to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Erin Brockovich was not only interested in my personal injury claim – a rather extraordinary story indeed – but she is also very much interested and impressed in the work I (and my partners in crime) have been doing with (and in Bobby and Bindi, my eclectus parrots who adored her!).

Erin Brockovich’s message is clear and loud and that is that she is shocked that what I have experienced, (and still am experiencing) at the hands of my workcover insurance company. Erin and I (aworkcovervictimsdiary)  strongly believe that there is a systemic pattern of misconduct and abuse, which seems to be the “norm” here and that this is unacceptable.


Erin Brockovich believes and told me that it is high time for all injured workers to YELL out loud and to share their stories.

She says there is no need to be afraid and to fear workcover insurance companies and case managers. You are the power! And together we can make the insurance companies very afraid of us!

Erin Brockovich has asked me to contact ANYONE who will listen and tell them my and your documented stories.

The fact is that many, if not all workcover insurance companies and their case managers treat us like criminals and in erin-brockovich-workcovervictimsdiaryfact by doing so are negligent to the point of putting our very lives at risk. As is made very clear through our blog and its interaction with injured workers, the biggest issue is that YOU are not alone, which ultimately means that a pattern has been established by workcover insurance companies. In the interest of saving big money, insurance companies and their employees turn a blind eye to the treatment of injured people whose care is entrusted in them.

All the while many horrible case managers [and therefore workcover insurance companies] continue to do irreparable damage to you [the injured worker] with no regard for your safety, not to mention to the quality of your life.

To Erin Brockovich, the natural next step would be to file a class action lawsuit against what is a horrible, broken system.

Erin and I ( URGE you to share your stories and experiences! Many of you have suffered equal and possibly even worse atrocities at the hands of workcover insurance companies.

Please come forward, don’t be afraid, says Erin. You don’t have to name names, just share your experience. Aworkcovervictimsdiary will gather the evidence, ensure exposure and media coverage – the whole of Australia (and the world) needs to know what is REALLY going on here.


ERIN-brockovich4We know the number of injured workers like you and me, who have been ill treated and abused are staggering, probably more staggering than we can possibly imagine, especially as the victims, like you and me-  are weak, sick, scared and have been bullied for God knows how long…. making YOU less likely to actually stand-up for YOURSELF.

If you have or haven’t yet seen Erin Brockovich watch it. If you have or haven’t seen WorkCover Victim watch it. This gutsy chick doesn’t apologize for who she is. She has always loved going head to head with the big boys and was never intimated by their bravado and bullsh*t. And Erin is very very CONTAGIOUS!

Power is in numbers, aworkcovervictimsdiary is now giving those of you, previously afraid to speak, a voice!!!

Rest assured Erin Brockovich will be watching what follows with great interest!!


Please be brave, stand up and share your stories and experiences with us!

To Erin Brockovich:

You are the best thing that happened to me. You have no idea what you have done to me. Yesterday was the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. All I can say for now is that you have SET ME ON FIRE and that I am going to “KICK BUTT”!



Erin’s visit was also published by Shine Lawyer’s on their blog. (no longer available) See our referring article: Erin Brockovich meets an inspiring client

About Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich’s official website


Shine Lawyers

Erin Brockovich is also the  face behind Shine Lawyers, famous for “standing up for the little guy”, now one of Australia’s largest plaintiff litigation firms with offices in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia. Erin is Shine’s Strategic Consultant.

In fact, Shine Lawyers is a firm who shares Erin Brockovich’s passion for helping people to seek justice when they have been wronged. Erin works with them and she trusts them.

They have been fighting for Australians for over 30 years and stand up for people’s rights every day. They take this responsibility very seriously and every aspect of their firm is geared toward ensuring their clients have a positive experience and achieve the best possible outcome – in and out of the courtroom.

Update 20 April 2012

The COS Daily Magazine, a very popular Canadian Occupational Health and Safety on line Magazine published Erin Brockovich’s visit to WorkCover Victim on 20 April 2012 (21 April in AU).

A heartfelt thank you to The COS Daily!


Video clips, more pictures and media coverage will soon be released – stay tuned!



25 Responses to “Erin Brockovich visits Workcover Victim in Australia”

  1. I came upon your site this morning quite by accident and I must say I am enjoying your articles and comments by other victims. However I am not a supporter of Shine Lawyers and their company is part of my nightmare. I lost my workcover review with their assistance and they informed me they would not support my case further as they felt I had no hope of winning against the QLD government so I did it myself in the Queensland Industrial Commission and I won without a solicitor  I contacted Ms Brockovitch prior to my appeal application and begged her to intervene but I had no response. But the most saddest thing is I am a whistleblower of abuse against people with a disability and have an injury now that is far worse than when I stopped work two and a half years ago due to fighting to prove my allegations. I am now in the Common Law stage, with solicitors this time and this fight is far worse than I ever imagined. I know all about the lies, the corruption and how far they will go to destroy and discredit you to cover up their negligence. Thanks for creating this site, its nice to know I am not alone

    • Good to see a few people banding together, I’ve just been given my zero weekly payment notice, which is to finish in 3 months time, because of the medical expenses cut off period to happen 12 months later, leaves me no choice but to chance my arm at surgery now. If I don’t get it done in this time frame ill have to pay for it myself or go on a waiting list, could end up serious if I were to have a flare up and not have got the surgery.

      My advise to every injured person out there, is to not give up, I keep reminding myself that there are people worse off then me which pulls me back into reality. But It can become very stressful, because we basically have lost our independence to provide for ourselves and depending on the insurance companies can prove hard at times.

      • Also document everything, keep a diary and record all sessions with the insurance specialist on your mobile phone, then up load onto your hard drive or pen drive what was recorded. Then listen and make sure there reports are not missing important information that was said or fabricated, this could be a real savoir, good luck all and keep posting don’t be scared we need to hear more and more stories.


  2. Erin B is an absolute hero, she deserves every cent of the 142 million dollars her and the legal firm withheld from cancer VICTIMS.

    Not sure if you actually know what the word victim means but still what a champion she is.

    Sammy Soreback March 14, 2013 at 3:47 pm
  3. Wow I’m unusually speachless, It’s the first time I’ve ever taken a look at how this all started. Fucking awesome

    MP Bernadette March 1, 2013 at 1:08 pm
  4. does any one know when xchanging (work cover )will be faced wth a suit against them ?regards curtis 0411187162

    • Not so fast mate! We’re still hoping to gather enough real stories and experienced from genuinely injured workers who have been ill-treated by their various workcover insurances. In order for us (or anyone else) to approach a barrister, considerable EVIDENCE is needed of systematic wrong doing from insurers like Xchanging, Allianz, CGU, Gallagher Bassett etc.

      If we want to see real change, then real injured workers need to publicly share their stories and back them up with real evidence.We would need many many stories (at least 200-500) before a potential action could be commenced!

      You may want to view the movie “Erin Brockovich” to see what it takes to bring on a class action 😉

      Everybody needs to share their stories, silence is not an option.

      workcovervictim May 22, 2012 at 4:09 pm
  5. It picked me up to see Erin taking such a high profile interest in injured workers.  Recently, I sat with my local MLA in Canada and we discussed how this is a worldwide problem.

    I have been fighting now for over 20 years.  I am living in extreme poverty because of the fraud and massive abuse I have endured over the last 2+ decades.

    I have been contacted and threatened by WCB.  My young daughter has been stalked and photographed and I have documented fool proof fraud committed by WCB.  I have phoned the police many times to ask for help and provided license plates.

    I have kept a journal of most of the threats and intentional fraud that I was able to document and prove over these many years.  There is still no end in sight for me and I know,  and I have also been told by government workers that WCB delays until you die.

    Document everything.  It at least gives you something to fall back on when you are accused later of falsifiying meetings or medical reports. Most important is to write down what these narcistic people do and say to you.  Date it also.

    Good luck and if there ever is a class action in Canada or anywhere else, I’m in and I’ve met a ton of injured workers that would jump at the chance.

    There has to be a way to stop these worldwide human rights abusers.

    [note: unprivatized by admin -> very useful info for all injured workers –> thank you, B!]


  6. and… GO SHINE LAWYERS who also represented me. unfortunately chronic pain is a little trickier to fight for and we had no success. but their efforts were phenominal, the support lifesaving.

  7. First and foremost I’m so happy for you, you deserve all this and more. You’ve helped us all so much, you’ll change this shonky system. I’ve been feeling so emotional for you since the news and can’t rave enough about it.

    For chronic pain sufferers The Australian magazine produced a great article for us (based on the great Lorimer Moseley and his research), it’s a huge double whammy!! We won’t be called ‘crazy’ for long.

    Workcovervictim esse, you are a huge power. Enjoy your hardwork and all our praises that will affect our life time (and beyond). You’re changing our world and making it a better place.

    I could cry myself.

    xx soula

  8. I am so happy for you! You deserve it.. YOU are the Australian Erin Brockovich and we are going to KICK BUTT BABY! =)


  9. Bravo workcovervictim esse!

    Keep up the good fight


  10. I must say, WOW!

    When I read the tweets over the last few days I was in shock, now that I have read this story, like you, I am speechless.

    Erin Brockovich, you are a modern day hero. I thank you for taking the time to visit This is a site that has distributed so much wonderful and helpful information about the broken workers compensation system in Australia.

    When our unions, our parliamentarians and many others have let us down, this person behind has shone through despite incredible personal hardship.

    People, listen to Erin Brockovich, it’s time to rise up and fight back. Don’t let the bastards get you down. When you’re feeling down, don’t! Get on this site and share your story.

    Let’s hold these liars and cheats to account.

    Literally teary-eyed! Go and thanks Erin Brockovich! xoxoxox

    • I think I will have to call myself workcover victim-esse (as in female 😉 ) from now on, eh!

      I tell you I am still so in shock, my poor ticker has taken some strain (literally) !

      I have been feeling like in a dream ever since Erin visited me yesterday afternoon at 2 PM.  It was a total surprise (been plotted for a month by Erin and Shine Lawyers and my partner!!!). I nearly fainted when I opened the door, OMG! The PR people were there as well and the cheecky buggers filmed (as in video-ed) the entire surprise!!!! OM(F)G! The video clip will be aired soon, I will let you know where etc.

      We also anticipate some more media coverage soon (i.e. 60 minutes, 7.30, …) and my story will be shared in the hope of hope that all of you will follow in my (and of course Erin Brockovich’s) footsteps… numbers is power! You ain’t seen nothing yet.Watch me, Erin has set me on fire at a time I needed it MOST.

      I am still speech and wordless, it took me ages to get something “on paper” let alone “on the blog”. I am still pinching myself, Erin, and I still have goosebumps.

      Erin is the nicest person – she is just awesome, unreal, she just oozes this…. aaahhhh … see I am just lost for words and am crying from joy…. This is an extraordinary life experience, it is… God…too much…

      Thank you to all of you who BELIEVED in me. I TOLD you I’d do it. But I did WITH your help…….

      None=you are one of the first people who believed in me – I cannot thank you enough, you know that!

      I need to cry now….



      workcovervictim March 24, 2012 at 11:12 pm
      • You know what’s happening right now? This is my best guess:

        1. Xchanging in damage control.

        2. Australian CEO calling in media people and external consultants to advise on media management.

        3. CEO calls for full review of your file, including dirt file to be created and available at the ready in case you need to be “dealt with”. Remember that no matter what Xchanging is still bound by privacy legislation!

        4. CEO calls meeting with WorkSafe Victoria for briefing on case history and potential responses to media inquiries.

        5. Lawyers are readying “confidential settlement” and non-disclosure order. (Please don’t agree to remove this site in the event of settlement. However, of course, you do what you think is best for you. If you’re gonna be gagged, I want a copy of the site beforehand for republishing if you agree! Look at the Vodafail dude, he settled with Vodafone but did not remove the site.)

        6. Your ex-case manager is weeping in a heap on the floor.

        You, my friend, are truly my hero! I have goosebumps as I sit here typing this to you.

        [unprivatized by workcovervictim = it’s time to YELL!]

        • I could not agree more – and feel like you do. I think your comment is worth publishing (unprivatize) – remember ERIN BROCKOVICH says we should STOP FEARING the workcover insurance companies and their employees! Start YELLING out LOUD! XXX

        • don’t let them gagg you. i was gagged by my income protection insurer while in a very desperate situation. chose my health over another fight. i regret it. if anyone makes you an offer it means you DON’T NEED TO BE GAGGED and they’re backed into a corner. AND they need to change their ways. there are other ways to making money than screwing injured workers.


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