Erin Brockovich visit to Workcover Victim – more pictures

Yesterday we received a package in the mail from from Matthew White at Shine Lawyers, who accompanied Erin Brockovich on her personal visit to Workcover Victim. The package not only included a signed and dedicated copy of Erin Brockovich’s famous movie, but also a copy of the high resolution version of the surprise visit’s moment as well as some pretty good pictures from Erin’s visit.

Erin Brockovich visit to Workcover Victim – more pictures

As I said, I kept touching Erin to make sure she was real and I wasn’t just dreaming 😉


This is Bobby, my 1 year old eclectus male parrot, who was quite frankly besotted with Erin Brockovich!

Discussing the dirty tactics of workcover insurers in Australia… Bindi – my 2 year old eclectus female parrot was listening in 😉

Note that Erin Brockovich is so down to earth that she chose to sit next to me on my day bed! That “elephant” on the left is used by me as a support pillow to prevent my shoulder of dislocating backwards when I lie down! It’s very good cos it’s got these “legs” that I can put exactly in the right places (like just behind the shoulder blade etc)… took me ages to find something suitable and not too ugly 😉

I have been wearing this sling for about 7 years now! And full-time for the past two years (24/7)!

Bindi couldn’t wait to get onto Erin’s shoulder! Did I tell you that Erin let her have some coffee out of her very own cuppa? She loves parrots. She had three African Grey parrots. Bindi loves being kissed on the belly! In fact Erin told me this really funny story where she kept on of her Africn Greys in her bedroom when she was still married… and we were talking about how well parrots mimic sounds… lol 😉

Erin also brought me some very yummy chocolate cake and then fed Bobby some – he loves nothing more than sweet stuff! Bindi is more into savoury and junk food like chips, pizza and spaghetti!


Me, Erin, Tony (my defacto) and Claire (my lawyer’s brilliant assistant).



Thank you Matt for the great pictures and oh Boy what an unforgettable day it was!






4 Responses to “Erin Brockovich visit to Workcover Victim – more pictures”

  1. Hi wcv thanks for sharing your pics

    its fantastic to see your cause validated and supported by Erin

    Kind regards to all


  2. Thanks for posting.. you look great WCV =)  Still buzzing about this.. you so deserve all the good things that WILL come your way. xx

  3. Thanks for posting the photo’s & telling us all about your wonderful day. You are very expressive & I can feel your excitement. These are the positives that you need to be reminded of when the other stuff becomes hard.

  4. Your first book making of a legend