Erin Brockovich radio interview

Erin Brockovich’s name has been made world famous by Hollywood, but she is the type of woman who had and would have achieved greatness regardless of movie star attention. Steve Austin (ABC radio Brisbane) spoke to Erin Brockovich.  He began by asking her if she had a “special friend” in Australia?!

Erin Brockovich radio interview

Please take a moment to listen to this great and inspiring interview/chat with Erin Brockovich… It starts with Steve Austin asking her whether she has a special friend in Australia… Erin says she is married to the community, to the people… and some of her very special “squeezes” include the Great Barrier Reef…


Just hearing Erin’s voice gives me goosebumps all over again…


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One Response to “Erin Brockovich radio interview”

  1. It’s always great to listen to someone who is so passionate about what they believe in. Thanks for putting the link on the page.