NSW Government accused of judicial interference

Thanks to our virtual assistant @grathom we were alerted of the following fully sick media article whereby the NSW Government is accused of JUDICIAL interference!

NSW Government accused of judicial interference

The New South Wales Opposition and the Greens have accused the state’s Finance Minister of improper interference in the judicial process.

Labor spokesman Michael Daley says a decision to adjourn WorkCover cases in the state’s Industrial Relations Commission came after a directive from Minister Greg Pearce.

It is understood the commission’s president Roger Boland was furious at the directive, calling it “absurd”.

Mr Daley says it is unprecedented.

“Political interference in the judicial process. I thought we got rid of that sort of behaviour hundreds of years ago,” he said.

“But not any longer. It is back under Barry O’Farrell.

“That is a bit like the Attorney-General asking Commissioner Scipione to stop prosecutions against criminals in the middle of a trial. It’s unacceptable.”

Greens MP David Shoebridge agrees it is an extraordinary move.

“This is the Government directly defying the Parliament and making retrospective its watering down of occupational health and safety laws,” he said.

Mr Pearce was not available for an interview, but issued a statement defending his actions.

“WorkCover will soon obtain an advice on the applicable laws to some occupational health and safety prosecutions,” he said. “There are cases where WorkCover is seeking an adjournment while it gets this advice. It would be the normal course of cases until this is received.”

[source: via @grathom with heartfelt thank you 🙂  –> http://au.news.yahoo.com/latest/a/-/latest/12991314/nsw-government-accused-of-judicial-interference/]

Judicial interference is a negatively connoted term used to describe the actions of courts or judicial officers in matters that are interpreted by some as beyond their constitutionally established role.


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