Xchanging case manager rudest email ever

Today an injured worker (who is protecting his/her identity ) received the most shocking, rudest, vilest email ever from his/her workcover case manager! Enough to make anyone sick, really….

S/he received an overdue account notice in the mail for a heart test s/he had done in hospital on the day of his/her last surgery in early December, with a “nasty little reminder letter” attached to it, as well as another cardiac service account. So s/he scanned and sent them off to the “return to work coordinator”, basically the guy who deals with her/his paper work at his/her former workplace . The injured person  liaises with the RTW coordinator on a regular basis (and has been doing so for at least one year, and sends him for example my certificates of capacity, accounts and questions via email. I started doing this ever since his/her nasty case manager blocked his/her email!

Here is the email s/he sent to the return to work coordinator

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Pretty harmless, or? Well s/he did ask him to tell my case manager that she needs to let him/her know within 7 days whether she has paid the accounts (one of which is overdue) or else s/he would involve WorkSafe and possibly his/her lawyers.

Why did s/he write this? Simple, because his/her nasty case manager has a long history of not paying accounts,to the point where s/he had had debt collectors knock on their door! Chances are real that the case manager will again ignore this overdue account.

It is worth noting that the injured worker did fax the overdue account in December 2011 and that their case manager, to date, did not settle the account.

Xchanging case manager rudest email ever

Within an hour or so, the injured worker received an email from said case manager. The sickest email ever. I think it was supposed to go to the return to work coordinator but came to them by mistake. Check it out:

Said case manager writes:

We don’t want to feed her behaviour again…..

Once again she is becoming demanding with her emails and I will not be responding….


Consider this: injured woker’s last correspondence with Xchanging case manager

This is the injured worker’s writing style…. very demanding as you can see, they even wish the bitch a merry Christmas and sign off with Kind Regards.

What the f*ck has the injured worker done wrong now to deserve to be insulted like this behind their back? How lovely to receive these kind of (supportive) emails when you are in terrible pain, feeling unwell (heart failure), stressed and already pretty depressed.

The injured worker tells me they have sent a copy of this email to Xchanging Management, Xchanging Customer Service, their lawyers, and treating psychologist and psychiatrist. They will write a complaint letter to WorkSafe as well.

What do you think of this kind of behaviour from your case manager?



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  1. Holy cow, I am In shock over what I just read. As I am American the laws are vastly different. But I am v.v. sure that what you have experienced is a pattern of misconduct & abuse that was commonplace if not the norm for W.F. I believe that you should contact ANYONE who will listen & tell them your story, the fact that you have documented it is invaluable beyond belief. While clearly your caseworker was negligent to the point of putting your life at risk; I believe the BIGGER ISSUE is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Which means a pattern has been established & condoned by W.F. Who, in the interest of saving money, has turned a blind eye to the treatment of people whose care is entrusted in them. All the while this horrible caseworker has done irreparable damage to you with no regard for your safety, not to mention quality of life. To me the natural next step is filing a class action lawsuit against what sounds like a horrible, broken system. You don’t have to name names, just share your experience ( perhaps your news station has an investigative segment ) & wait for the flood of others who have suffered equal, & possibly ( death??) greater atrocities. I hope beyond hope that some type of action is possible for you & any others who have been abused as you have. People who do BAD THINGS & THOSE THAT ENCOURAGE IT BY DOING NOTHING SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!! I will be sharing your story in America with my friends & hope that life becomes easier with this unbalanced person out of your life. Please don’t disregard my suggestion, the fact that YOU kept accurate records, that your Dr.s can corroborate them, & most importantly that they changed your caseworker one day after your lawyer sent a letter is an pretty good indication that W.F. was not only aware of how poorly you were handled, but also a CLEAR indication that they are in ‘damage control mode’ meaning that they (better than anyone) understand how badly this could affect them. I imagine the numbers are staggering, especially as the targets are weak, ill, frightened & have been bullied for who knows how long…. making them less likely to actually stand-up for themselves anymore. Speak to your lawyer, & if you have or haven’t yet seen Erin Brockavich watch it. My family lived in that town for about the first year after I was born. Neither of my parent knew anything about the situation until they watched the movie. Power is in numbers & given those previously afraid to speak a voice!!! I will be watching what follows w/great interest!! Best,
    <3 Alli

    • Wow. thank you so much for your POWER comments – you OOZE power and “BUTT KICK” – that’s a term Erin Brockovich uses! It is people like YOU, BUTT-KICKERS that I/we need to bring those kind of insurance company’s vile tactics to its knees. I am FED UP with being treated like a CRIMINAL, a PEST, a RAT, a SECOND CLASS CITIZEN just because one day, I went to work and was beaten to a pulp by a total stranger.

      I was extremely fortunate today to have met THE real Erin Brockovich, who came to visit me at home! She visited ME. By visiting ME, She visited US. She visited the [Australian] INJURED WORKERS!!!

      And I tell you what, she told me NOT to be afraid, she told US not to be afraid and to STAND UP – I pinched myself about a hundred times, and touched her about a million times to make sure I wasn’t DREAMING. rest assured.

      Erin Brockovich, my HERO, LIFTED my spirits and has SET ME ON FIRE. I am ready to KICK BUTT and I want all of you to JOIN ME to KICK BUTTS! No more, enough is ENOUGH.

      Watch this space- we are RISING UP.

      workcovervictim March 23, 2012 at 10:00 pm
      • Ive got a feeling this just keeps playing in my head and ive got a feeling we will do more than just kick butt and a thank you to the five star genral

  2. The individual who wrote the offending article – should be named without fear, including her supervisors – they should be all taken down to Port Arthur, placed in refurbished stocks, and have rotten eggs, fruit and vegetables thrown at them for a full 24 hours before being asked if they wish to formally apologise.

    I have had the grossest insults imaginable and also my medical team, we had one in the Doctors Surgery on a case conference who was given a thorough dressing down and strongly abused – never had any comment afterward – they break easily – and need to be treated with utter contempt and abused – any other method will not work.

  3. Figured it out — my ad blocker was blocking their petition.  Should have thought of that earlier, it only clued me in when you said “picture” that it might be blocked 🙂

    I’ve also shared it on facebook.  Not that I have any friends left to share with.


  4. If you get her prosecuted criminally for her actions, I believe there’s also a “victims of crime” fund the state can pay from (I think from memory it’s capped to around $100k though)