The dreaded Independent Medical Examination: a good video tutorial

New York Disability Attorney Brian Mittman explains in this interesting and very accurate YouTube video to his clients what the dreaded Independent Medical Examination (IME) really is, how it can affect your workers compensation case, how to handle going to the exam and what to expect.

Whilst this blog has already covered many articles, tips and tricks about independent medical examinations this video is a must watch. cannot repeat and stress enough the uttermost importance of being informed about all things IME, what IMEs really are about and how best to prepare and protect yourself for these independent medical examinations!

The independent medical examination


The video referred to in this presentation can be viewed here.

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    It’s not.

    But it’s not wrong with the system the way it is.   It’s just fucking sad that society tolerates — and through their toleration approves of it, and .funnels the money saved for more “socially pleasing” purposes.  It’s theft, and abuse of a disadvantaged minority, and should be no more tolerated by a society with any kind of ethics or morals than slavery by race, or physical abuse of women because they’re weaker.

    The question is, do you, the people of Australia, want to live in a civilised society?  What are you doing about it today?