Bragging about your sex life threatens workcover benefits

Wanting sex 1,440 times a day may turn heads with workcover judges, case managers and – government officials…

“I am a writer/poet, artist, sculptor, musician, wood artist, wordsmith, businesswoman, mother, ex-wife, retired postal worker, driver, fragrance designer, student, photographer, jokester, painter, and furniture designer. …acts like she is 32, her love meter reads “inferno,” and she thinks about sex 1440 times a day” writes a woman on a social site (see Social Security Disability Blog)

It’s good for the disabled to have a positive self-image and sex life but some people who adjudicate workcover or Social Security might think this woman is faking.

You need to be positive and promote yourself on dating sites like LavaLife but the downside is your enemies may think you are not injured or disabled.

Posting about your fun activities as a disabled or injured person struggling to get by in life may be a pastime that costs you benefits. Some judges, claims adjudicators, case managers and workcover insurance companies have been using Facebook and other social media to find out if you are cheating on your claim.

As the Jonathan Ginsberg, a disability lawyer, says in his article

So, if you use Facebook or mySpace or any of the hundreds of other social media sites, I strongly recommend that you spend a little time learning about the privacy features, and that you restrict access to your profile to people who you know well. You should also keep in mind that anything you post or do on-line may reappear, so be very careful about your on-line activities. 

Make your Facebook profile private and protect yourself. Make it private from everyone but your real friends and that does not include you ex-spouse, or past friends who might be jealous and try to turn you in.

Don’t laugh. I get emails weekly from nut balls who think I am pretending to be injured/disabled. There is a significant part of the population who display latent hostility and anger towards the injured or disabled in general.

I call also report that I get two or three emails a year from unhappy ex-wives or ex-friends who would like nothing better than to mess up a former friend’s claim. A couple of years ago, I represented a claimant who was approved, but then had his approval withdrawn when a former friend sent links to his web site to Social Security, which then triggered an investigation. 

Facebook and social media are one of the few regular social outlets for someone too weak to use more than two fingers. Not many people will put a sad sack face on the Internet. Who wants to read that kind of profile? People will put their best foot forward, talking about their hobbies and other fun activities.

One time I put on a social site I like horse riding and scuba diving along with my picture in a wheelchair and my arm in a cast. I have a twisted sense of humor so what? 😉

Being injured or disabled is not fraudulent but it may affect your workcover benefits!

This article is not intended to help fraud artists who are only a tiny fraction of the millions Australians with injuries or disabilities needing assistance. However, there is a negative thought process in the establishment working to deny Social Security or workcover and other benefits to the injured and the disabled. We are branded shirkers or malingers which is another form of hatred displayed towards the injured/disabled.

I don’t know anyone who would chose to be injured/ disabled. It’s not fun. We’d all rather be working and making a decent living not scrounging to live at the poverty line.

If you are injured or disabled you know what activity you’d like to do but can’t. Some days we want to rage against life but that’s a waste of time. Some of my friends says I’m lucky to be able to “advocate” for the injured and the disabled and prick a pin in politicians and the pompous. Now that’s a sense of humor 😉

[View original article here: Can Your Facebook Profile Hurt Your Social Security Disability Case ]


30 Responses to “Bragging about your sex life threatens workcover benefits”

  1. I don’t blame them either, like I keep saying, the problem is politics.

    I’ve been busting myself wtih effort, at great pain, trying to convince people, here and elsewhere that political action needs to be undertaken to fix this, and we need to have leverage as citizens to be able to threaten politicians with or they will simply ignore us (as they have other lobby groups applying pressure they can’t ignore — in those difficult circumstances, the ignorable will get ignored)

    However everything I’ve tried has failed.  I do not know how to convince people this needs changing.  As far as I can tell, the average joe is happy with the system as is (perhaps it doesn’t affect them yet? — they’re making a “good for themselves” vs “good of society” tradeoff in their direction) — in a society filled with selfish high pressure games, it’s hard to blame them for that either.

    But the citizenry also the only ones that can really change it.  Stand up for what’s right, not what you can get away with.  Take the right road, not the easy road.

    And it’s a leap too far, as people are thoroughly sold on the high pressure games of the modern world and are unwilling to make a sacrifice for the common good.

    And that keeps victims utterly trapped, no leverage, no union, no lobby group, no advocacy group, and barely with the help that friends and family offer up as tokens from their own high pressure, modern-busy lives..  Until they stop.

    I hope I’m not demoralising anyone from having hope.

    I’ll wont be posting any more, thanks for the ears that have listened.



  2. Practically all of the doctors I’ve seen I’ve paid for cash out of my pocket and claimed it back.   Deny, delay, lost paperwork, certified, registered, reconciliation spreadsheets, partial payments, incorrect payment amounts entered in their systems…  Insanity that is a mental stress I don’t cope with on so many levels.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that the litigation has hamstrung doctors ability to treat us.   The only solution I can think of other than political change to remove the incentives to abuse from the system, is to privately hire a lawyer and have a strong legal threat to sue the doctor for negligence you make on the first day you see them that if they aren’t fully acting in your interests, to the fullest extent of evidence-based-medicine, then they’ll receive a negligence suit (and what ever other charges can be dreamed up – financial advantage through deception perhaps?)

    The intent being not to be unreasonable towards doctors, but just simply to counter the standing legal threat that hamstrings doctors from being doctors — balance the threat evenly from both sides, so it’s balanced.

    I can think of many reasons why it won’t work, but I’m at least trying to find a solution still, rather than giving up.

    What do you think?


    • I think the biggest underlying issue is that the TAC and WC don’t pay the doctors well (not as well as a full private fee) for our treatment, then pester them with ridiculous amounts of paper work and reports for which they are NOT paid, not to mention the the telephone calls and the outright abuse they cop from case managers. My own surgeon has had the displeasure to be told by my medically untrained pond scum case manager that she does not believe what he says and she has, on many occasions, counterpointed his opinions, diagnoses and treatments (on the phone!). He has personally told me that “she clearly has it in for me”. And then comes the frustration these well meaning doctors face with all the insane red tape, weeks, months waiting for a prescribed MRI, for surgery that is needed etc. It’s very demoralising for them (I have been told on many occasions) as they  feel powerless against these insurance companies and are not able to offer the best treatment/or to have to see their patients getting worse and worse because that surgery can’t be done in a timely manner etc etc. If you then add the risk of litigation or having one’s precious time sucked up as a potential medical expert to testify… not to mention all the other medico-legal reports they have to write for the defense… well, what would you do, given a chance? Business is business and if you can see 5 patients instead of 1 or 2 WC or TAC and not have to deal with paper work, abuse, red tape, insults… I do understand them.

      So basically the problem lies in how the doctors are being treated by the insurance companies, and how our own government lets this happen….

      It’s like if you were asked  to do an IT job for an insured party and they (the insurance) would give you hell doing the job, not pay you well at all, suck up your time, make you wait yonks for the parts you need to get the job done, tell you that you don’t do it right… wouldn’t you also, in the end, give up, even if ultimately the job you’re doing is for a poor bastard? If that poor bastard then came along and threatened to sue you directly instead if you weren’t going to take on this job (for which you would not be paid well and suffer a hell of shit), how would you feel then?

      I don’t blame them.

      Yet, the fact is we do need our good doctors and thus we must advocate for a change: decent pay, no red tape, autonomy, let the doctor judge how and when to treat the patient without interference from numpties,not have their patient’s physio cut off when they actually need physio etc etc.

      Does this make sense?

  3. Chris Pullen wound up refusing to see me at all simply because I had a TAC case, regardless of my willingness to pay upfront for his services in cash.   Even to the point of agressive legal posturing against me.

    I think it’s clearly discrimination against a minority group, who most need the help of the medical profession, yet the goverment once again has a policy in place to declare it legal to discriminate against people with disability any way you like because they aren’t specifically written into the discrimination act.   Insanity.

    Are you encouraging me to lie to Simon/Stewart about it being a TAC case, or do they take TAC cases who pay for their services in cash?


    • I certainly don’t encourage you to lie about the sad fact that it is a TAC case, but unfortunately, like so many good doctors, I believe they have recently stopped seeing WC and TAC patients – hence if you want a decent opinion you’d have to pay for it privately and try to get a refund…I know, I know it’s wrong but at the end of the day it’s about your body!

      Some people like Pullen and Richardson are very scared of litigation, I know for a fact that Richardson was involved in a nasty case around 2004 that back fired on him…. Maybe that’s why they decided no longer to deal with us….

  4. I’ve been to a bunch of different orthopedic surgeons — to name the names of the main-contenders,

    Chris Pullen

    David De La Harpe

    David McCombe

    Anthony Berger

    There was a surgical conference wtih half a dozen surgeons discussing my case (mostly focused on my hand however — seems it’s common for people with “multiple” problems to have “the biggest” focused on at the expense of every other problem)

    Largely I kept pushing for outcomes during the first few years, averaged 1-2 doctors visits a week, and I was paying them out of my pocket and letting the bills build up, thinking I’ll submit them to TAC, and they’ll pay, it’ll be no stress, they’re government commission, so they’ll be reasonable about paying for stuff.   Since then, and since my finances being stretched, I’ve been forced towards accepting the doctors “accept being stuffed” and towards looking for compensation for my losses.   Obviously induces other stresses as one finds out when one tries to claim what should be a simple administratove procedure.

    So worn down I can barely cope with the though of more tests, let alone surgery.  I want it to all go away so I can have a life back.   But it can’t happen, because of the abusive games and incentives the government has set up with it’s racket.


    • Chris Pullen (together with Martin Richardson) told me that there was nothing they could do to fix my shoulder and that it certainly was not unstable. They maintained their opinion until 2 days before an MRI with contrast was done (by an  upper limb surgeon specialist) which showed a ruptured labrum (from 2 to 10 o’clock), 2 torn rotator cuff tendons, a fracture of the head of the humerus, a wrongly re-attached ligament and a ruptured capsule at the front!!!! They told me that I had a “frozen shoulder” – how’s that, huh!

      I understand that you are sick and tired of doctors and the bills,but if you have some energy left, you should see a top class upper limb surgeon along the lines of Simon Bell, Stewart Proper (but private for they no longer take on TAC or WC cases). Definitely worth a shot in my humble opinion.

  5. PI:  Part of the problem with being ultra-consistent is that socially, by not “pushing through” you’re deemed to be a faker.   So if you spend the 13.5 years that it takes to get to court “being ultra consistent” with doctors advice, you get thrown in the absolute shit socially, and people just don’t want to know about excuses.   Man up and do it, or you’re faking.   The insurance industry very carefully markets this to society with advertising such as “the best thing for injury is to get back to work” messages.   It’s not what they’re saying that’s the problem per-se, it’s what peoples internal message about people with injury becomes.

    Keeping everything about my life private during my claim is also abusive — as every “friend” i’ve got is telling me to “stop being pessimistic, wake up, DO something”   …   the average claim is 13.5 years to settlement, according to the TAC’s own financial reports.  That’s a life sentence of social faux-pas that nobody wants to hear the excuse for.

    You tell it like it is, but the average joe doesn’t know that, and refuses to make allowances.  They want to get on with their lives, and not have to put up with the insurance industries shit.   And neither do claimants.   So they’re left in the impossible position of not having a life, not trying to make the best of it, all to get paid all to little many years later, even if they’re fully vindicated as fully correct, they were owed the money on day 1.  There’s no consequence for the insurance industry in delaying these payments.   And great incentive to delay them (they even brag about how much extra profit it makes them by delaying claims in their financial reports – might be tricky to find, but I have read it and if anyones interested in a reference I’m happy to find it for you)

    We need to join, and demand that these systems of abuse change, the incentives to abuse Australian citizens for profit this way are removed.

    I’m told I need some snappy quote from some famous person here to inspire people to action, but I don’t believe anything will inspire action — largely because people implicitly recognise that they have no power unless everyone jumps together.   I’m still here jumping madly.   All you have to do is join in.  Soon we’ll have the whole planet shaking.