A workers compensation private investigator tells it all

I have worked as a [workers compensation] private investigator for approximately 7 years, handling Worker’s Compensation and Third Party Injury Claims. During my work I was aware of matters that I consider pertinent to this inquiry:

A workers compensation private investigator tells parliament how it really is

  • Collusion between Investigators and / or Company staff occurred with medical practitioners examining injured claimants, information on such claimants being passed on for identification, location and other purposes. In other words, these medical practitioners were not acting independently of the Insurer.
  • Film evidence was conveniently edited and / or destroyed if it was not of suitable material for disputation of alleged or claimed injuries.
  • Bluff tactics were undertaken to persuade claimants to settle their claim. An example of this was attending Court with large film spools casings containing small rolls of film evidence. I also have evidence of:
  • Doctors providing grossly misleading medical reports to the Insurer’s, such evidence supporting and / or reinforcing an attitude of working in harmony with the Insurer’s as opposed to being independent.
  • Doctors medical reports and interviews not corresponding,indicative of gross error / corruption / bias on the part of such medical practitioners.
  • Doctors being unwilling to make amendments to such grossly misleading medical reports when brought to their attention.
  • Ignoring of cover-up of facts between Doctors / Lawyers / Investigators.
  • Investigators providing written reports to the Insurers that do not correspond with film evidence, thereby being misleading in their content,yet ignored by Doctors / Lawyers / Court when screened for evidence either prior to or at Trial, thereby indicative of what I perceive to be and evidently tantamount to corruption within the Court/ Legal system, pertinent to Injury claims. An example of this is where a claimant displays restriction in movement and expressions typical of experiencing pain, yet such evidence is ignored.
  • Selective use of video surveillance by Investigators, in what appears indicative of a cover-up.
  • Allegations/charges of fraud against the claimant when in essence I believe that the means employed against the claimant were tantamount to fraud.
  • Claims by a Worker’s Compensation agent, based upon confirmation from the Investigation company, that certain film evidence taken for identification purposes has been discarded, when in fact the company policy reveals that such evidentiary material is never discarded.
  • Attempts by a Worker’s Compensation agent not to reveal what it terms “sensitive information on the file that potentially could jeopardise the success of ~their~argument which will have ramifications for the management of (their) file and potentially the ‘Scheme’.
  • Film evidence presented to the Court being largely edited, in what was termed “presentable form… (and / or) abridged into a version” together with corresponding written notes, indicative of questionable procedure within the Court / Legal system, pertinent to Injury claims.
  • Factual evidence/ exhibits presented to the Court being fabricated for the specific purpose of disputing an injury claim, indicative of questionable procedure within the Court / Legal system, pertinent to Injury claims.

I have compiled cases to this effect for the specific purpose of exposing what I believe to be corruption within the Court/ Legal system, pertinent to Injury claims, and for assisting others to be aware of the true state of affairs within the Court / Legal system. My compilation is continuing. I rely heavily on the Whistleblowers Protection Act 1993 in doing so.
It is my [the workers compensation private investigator] belief, as a result of these experiences, that:

  • the alleged high cost of disputing alleged fraudulent claims is unnecessary, if not entirely lacking in honesty/ integrity / benevolence/ altruism to society in general.
  • the methods used are extremely questionable, if not fraudulent themselves, as they are based upon deception of a higher degree by an industry that largely claims itself to be a victim of fraud.
  • such methods/ aspects require exposing thereof in the public interest.

Peter Reynolds

[Source: http://www.aph.gov.au/house/committee/ewr/wkc/subs/sub09.pdf]

I say, good on you, Mr Reynolds, for exposing the truth – wish more private investigators would!

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