A former workcover case manager spills the beans


I received an anonymous message via ‘share your story‘ overnight, from an ex workcover insurance case manager, who -understandably- wishes to remain entirely anonymous, also about the workcover insurance company s/he worked for. However, the ex case manager has given us a good insight in what-is-going-on-behind-closed-doors within workcover insurance companies.

Aworkcovervictimsdiary.com would like to publicly thank the case manager for sharing his/her insider’s information with us, THANK YOU.

A former workcover case manager spills the beans

“WorkCover insurance Case managers at are pressured by their supervisors to deny claims or reduce payouts to injured workers as a cost-saving measure”, claims a former [insurance] employee.

“The WorkCover insurance [company] looks for ways to save money by minimising the weekly payments injured workers receive, and by reducing their permanent disability awards (lumpsums)”, says the former case manager.

This is done in very covert ways“, says the ex-case manager, who worked for the [insurance company] from 2001 to 2009.

“You (the case manager) put in an earning loss claim for a worker, and your manager will come back and say no, we can save money if we say the employee is capable of doing some work, when we know he’s not”

“Or you are told to tell the injured worker he had a pre-existing condition, like arthritis in his back and he is not eligible for weekly payments. It’s that kind of thing” S/he said “the workcover’s insurance companies’ prime strategy is  a war of attrition to keep denying and the worker will give up.

“The focus is on liability,  how much liability are case managers able to clear away to protect the workcover insurance fund” said the former case manager.

“Employees who save the insurance company the most money tend to get promoted while those who are deemed to be too generous to injured workers are often forced out of their jobs”, s/he added.

“The system generates a lot of statistics on which case managers are costing the most”, s/he said. “Those who are, tend to get ridden a lot harder by supervisors. There is a lot of constructive dismissal.”

Whilst the above ‘beans’ are not new to me, at least they are confirmed.

I must admit that every one of the above strategies has been and is being used on or against me. It’s funny (not!), when I read this it sent shivers down my spine!



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  1. It is certainly the case that they engage in a war of attrition — aided and abetted by WorkSafe in Vic and WorkCover in NSW.

    Do not give up the fight!

  2. Yeah they put you through the ringer in the hope you’d give up.

    I fought for over two years to just let me have the treatment “their” doctors think is important in my situation.
    They finally agreed then just delayed it

    Now when I’m about to have more surgery and want to suspend treatment that conciliation let them put a use by date on and yep when I could use the treatment after this surgery they won’t allow me too….

    They keep talking about ” self management ” but don’t allow me a smooth transition into it.

    Save a few hundred dollars but make sure I suffer because every (at least ten-twenty) complaint I sent to the VWA gets sent straight to them so they know who and why.

    That’s the first mistake on the process to allow them to see it and not deal with it internally.

    They should expect a lot of complaints if it’s handled this way…

    The ombudsman does nothing either

    All I can hope is that the record is there for ever and one day they will say “he was right”

    I just saw the story of the lady who was driven to suicide on ABC 7:30 (replayed tomorrow,sat) the bastards should be sacked.

    Corruption and Greed November 11, 2011 at 9:07 pm
    • I think it’s very important for you that YOU keep a paper trail of all the complaints you have sent, just in case you may be able to rely on them at a later stage. Also, someone recently have me a god tip via the comment section (and I am in the process of doing it) and that is to FOI the manner in which the VWA handled and “investigated” your complaint. Will sure set some fire under their feet…. if nothing else.

      Re that tragic suicide case (both ABC videos are on my blog now too) – I reckon sacking wouldn’t be enough, those people should be given the death penalty as far as I am concerned. They committed nothing less than murder.

  3. It’s what we ALL knew all along.

    They just don’t give a stuff about us and the pain and financial suffering we go through.

    It might seem like giving in by giving up but I actually think we might be better off without all the stress.

    So they win. But do they?
    There can’t really be much job satisfaction when they all know deep down what they do…

    Every Dog has his day………………

    Corruption and Greed November 11, 2011 at 5:41 pm
    • I tend to agree and firmly believe that “what goes around comes around“.

      As far as the stress goes:The stress is definitely not worth it, except when you are more stressed because you are being denied something very important – that’s how I tend to weigh it up.

      For example that surgery denial saga for the bone infection stressed the sh*t out of me, so I fought until I got it. On the other hand that they wrongfully deny me home help, well I am not going to stress about fighting for 1 hour cleaning service a fortnight or a week to the point of getting sick…

      But saying that I still pray every night that every single one of ’em (or someone very close to them) will get seriously injured on the job and experience the other side for themselves…   ;(

      Have you had your surgery by the way? Or have you got a date yet?

      • Was hoping my gallbladder surgery was soon but now the nurses are striking
        Who knows how long….

        Corruption and Greed November 11, 2011 at 9:12 pm
  4. Makes you wonder what type of person you must be to want to work for a company like that… You gotta be a sicko or a sad f*ck without a conscious, surely?